Sep 3, 2008

Material Girls Design Contest- **EXCITING UPDATES!**

We have exciting news about our Material Girls Design Contest that we posted a few weeks ago.

Swank Lighting so graciously decided to donate some of their gorgeous lamps to our contest! Their lamps are only the best of the best and we are so happy that one of our readers will get to display a pair of these beauties in their home! Later this week we will be posting pictures of the Swank lamps on our site that one lucky reader will get (retail value of at least $2,000)!

Same rules apply to the contest; however, one new rule:

**You must include a pair of Swank's lamps in your virtual board's design!**
And look how many there are to choose from:

If you haven't seen it yet, Lauren posted her virtual design board that she did for Spencer and Heidi's Love Nest- she used a stunning pair of Swank's lamps to complete her design.

We are pushing the contest back a couple of months so you guys will have lots of time to make awesome boards!

All boards are due November 1st. Winner will be announced on November 15th!

Judges will be Lauren, myself, Doug and Ed of Swank Lighting, and one guest judge!

You can submit a virtual or scanned in design board of any type of room you choose- feel free to go crazy with fabric samples, furniture/ lighting pics, paint colors, cut outs from magazines- you name it! (and hey if you are a good artist, feel free to include a drawing!) A small description describing your tv character's room and why you chose the decor you did, would be much appreciated-send all boards and descriptions to [email protected]

ANYONE is allowed to enter- that means bloggers, readers, students, designers- it's fair game! Just make sure that you create a design board for a well known tv character based on his/her personality and lifestyle. The Met Home Showhouse is a great example of how they used Showtime tv shows to influence each room's design.

We are excited to see what you come up with!


Paloma said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see the entries. I may just have to enter myself!

Joyce said...

I love the lamps! This is my first visit so it was fun to pop in on a contest. I don't envy your job it is going to be tough to pick one! I look forward to seeing all the talent out there!

Topsy Turvy said...

Wow, what great incentive! Thanks for the extended deadline.

-Lana Maegan said...

how exciting! If those lamps are the prize, count me in!!!!

niartist said...

Sorry, this may post twice. My browser is acting a little funny. I'd love to be a part of your blog contest (I love your blog by the way) but I want to design for a show that is no longer in production, rather syndication : Will & Grace. It would be for the character Jack, and I'm just not sure if maybe you'd like something a little more relevant to today's prime-time spots? Please let me know. I'm excited about putting it all together.