The Bachelor Life

I don’t often think of young 30 something bachelor pads as having much more decor in their apartment or house beyond a futon, pool table, and Cubs flag (Sorry Sox fans).  But then I came across my friend Daran Puffer’s chic bachelor pad that somehow remains friendly to both genders without looking bland or effeminate, and certainly evades the afore mentioned stereotype or the other “ideal bachelor pad”…dark paneled wood, leather seating, and an ashtray full of cigars.  The developer’s Wicker Park home featured in Chicago Home + Garden not only has eye catching interiors, but also has a breathtaking outdoor deck that is an astounding 1,550 square feet. (the same size as the condo itself!)  Hey, it wouldn’t be a true bachelor pad without a grill, now would it?  I am very impressed with Daran’s subtle yet chic color palette and his uninhibited use of unusual pieces, like the bright orange dining  room drapes…so impressed with his style that I have purchased several pieces from him  and his shop, Den, to furnish my own home! It doesn’t take a pool table that doubles as a dining room table (remember this idea from “The Breakup”?) to create a bachelor pad for a cool guy and his buddies.  Let’s just hope this warm weather in Chicago sticks around to put such an amazing outdoor space to good use!

As an orange fanatic, this room belongs in my “Orange Fantasy” post!

This color palette in the bedroom reminds me of the interiors in the restaurant Otom I featured in a previous post.

(Interiors at Otom}

Can I join? I spy a grill… 🙂