Fun for the Whole Family!

Who says that just because you are an adult means you must have a “Grown Up House”?  I have always loved using bold, bright colors, patterns and textures throughout my projects, bringing a sense of fun and whimsy that is not just limited to children’s quarters.  In the darkest days of the bitter Chicago winter, its always nice to have a warm, cozy place to go home to. When I can take a design risk that evokes a smile- I am there. Add to that a lighting frenzy that allows a mixture of fixtures and moods alongside multi media nationally acclaimed art.  Whoa!

One of my recently completed projects, a modern brownstone in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, incorporates this fun, eclectic mantra in a family home.  Adults and children alike can enjoy the house…after all a house is not a home unless you can have fun in it! The family that inhabits it is amazingly awesome. The perfect client’s…lucky me.

It is a great time to be thankful for the wonderful design that I have been allowed to share this year with my fantastic client’s and my BID team- Paulina, Shannon, Whitney, Amy, Colette, Nancy and Marla. You all rock it.

Happy Holiday’s to all!