Beauty in NOLA

This is one of the best entryways I’ve seen in a while! I love everything about it. The dramatic and irresistable chocolate brown wall color, the glam sunburst mirror, the abstract paintings, the funky zebra pillows, and the hot pink French sofa put this entryway right in my personal “style book” that I keep handy for inspiration.

{Close up above from Bayou Contessa}

This mansion was featured in this month’s House Beautiful. It’s in the heart of New Orleans and belongs to designer, Ned Marshall.

The display on his fireplace mantel is completely unexpected, and looks very “designer”. He artfully placed each piece and made sure he balanced higher objects with shorter objects, natural pieces with more glamorous ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love one large mirror or piece of art over a fireplace, but I also admire those people who can creatively arrange many objects on their fireplace without making it look junky and cluttered. He did a fantastic job here! And you can definitely tell how much he loves brackets- they are all over his house!

The second floor entry hall contains a faintly painted wall of silver and gray stripes. If you notice, silver isn’t the only metallic added to this space. He went ahead and added in gold as well- great example of how you can mix the two metallics in a room without it looking gaudy!

Another mantel arrangement with a wide variety of accessories…can you believe those candlesticks are just from good ole Pottery Barn?

The dining area is just as cozy as the rest of the house. FYI, all the dark brown walls in his house that provide such coziness are Bittersweet Chocolate by Ben Moore, in case you were wondering!

I don’t think my orange phase is ever going to subside! I’m still crazy for this color. Especially in this room. Its wall color was inspired by the orange leather on his armchairs- reminiscent of an Hermes box.