Mixing Science with Design?

A new study published 2/5 (and written about in The New York Times) found that red makes people more cautious and detail-oriented and blue makes people more creative.

Hmm well my office is painted blue- so does that ultimately influence my creative sense and make me a more imaginative and artistic designer? Well, according to the study, it just might!

But on the other hand, just reference Alessandra Branca’s bold red office, I don’t think she of all people is lacking in the creativity department!

I think along with being creative, designers have to be detail-oriented and on top of things- otherwise our projects would never come to fruition! With all the invoicing, material samples, purchase orders, measurements, specifications, taxes, and about a million other things that we have to keep track of (along with those extra things that keep piling up on our desk!) most designers seem to be very meticulous anyways- whether their office is painted red or not!

Mary McDonald must be soaking up all of that creative energy within her pretty blue office.

Most days I need to use my right AND left brain. It seems that no matter how creative a person is, a designer still needs to be on top of her game! No wonder Drew Barrymore is so smart AND inspiring- her office is red AND blue!

So apparently certain colors “do a mind good”…there’s no doubt that Drew has the best of both worlds in here!

And that concludes our science lesson for today…