Bloggers’ Homes- UNVEILED!

Reading design blogs has become a daily ritual of mine (and I’m sure most of you out there can identify with that statement!) Well, maybe not so much of a daily ritual, since I am up at all hours of the night trying to squeeze in some more time on the computer catching up on my favorite blogs.

{This tech-savvy dog and I must have been separated at birth…}

A lot of these bloggers, I have come to know pretty well- even though we’ve never met in person. My family likes to poke fun at me for having a lot of “virtual” friends. Ok, maybe I need to get out more!

But I honestly feel that my day wouldn’t be complete without checking up on my favorite design blogs and the bloggers themselves! I find myself having conversations with my mom about the latest Cote de Texas post or using words like “blogosphere” in normal conversation when out to dinner. Although, I usually get the “deer in a headlight” look from friends, there is a group out there who knows what I’m talking about. They’ve got endless style, creativity, and loads of inspiration on their blogs. They are my partners in procrastination- the design bloggers.

These 9 guys and gals were kind enough to invite me into their homes (virtually) and give me a peek at some of their favorite rooms. (and if their rooms are just as fun as their blog posts, then we are surely in for a treat!)

One of my favorite blogs that I read religiously is Elements of Style. Not only does she have great posts about interior design (and she is in fact, a designer), this girl knows her fashion too.

My favorite is the “art” above her bed- she framed two pieces of vintage Schumacher wallpaper.

Erin has even been featured in the Boston Globe! What I love about her condo is that it’s chic yet practical. She knows a good steal when she sees it but she’s also not afraid to splurge on something that she loves and has had her eye on. She uses her home as her design laboratory and tends to mix high/low and traditional pieces with modern.

Her blog certainly keeps me entertained and on top of the latest fashion/design news day in and day out.


There aren’t enough good things that I can say about our next blogstress…she’s a hoot. She lives in New Orleans and on top of being a designer, she is also a writer, and currently Director of Marketing for Julie Neill. It doesn’t stop there- she also teaches tango lessons and writes for her own blog, Visual Vamp. She is one of those people that you wonder- what can’t she do?

{Cue Magazine- Oct 08)

She is always revamping her home. But no matter how busy, Valorie is always accepting new gigs- writing, marketing and design projects.

PVE captured her walk in closet, dressing room and even her little dog Chloe, in a fun illustration.

Master Bedroom with a fabric wall behind her headboard

Joni of Cote de Texas had a solution for her shutters- hang a wall clock!

Another must-read blog is Things that Inspire. Her blog has been featured on the Washington Post’s Blog Watch more times than you can count! The beautiful images that she presents on her blog really do serve to “inspire” readers- those that have a fascination and love for interiors.

Here is her gorgeous front entry hall- light and airy, it pretty much makes me want to redo my entire house in creams, golds, and neutrals.

She’s an interior decorator who resides in Idaho and owner/writer of the Simply Grove blog. Kirsten definitely knows how to put the fun in funky.

Her home has just as much personality as her blog does and you can definitely tell that a design enthusiast lives here!

Her colorful wall of letters is so much fun!

Her dining room is very retro glam. A splash of red brings in a touch of color to the room and a pretty tone on tone wallpaper give the walls a little bit of a sheen.

I am so completely obsessed with glass tiles and the black, white and gray of hers provide the backsplash with a nice graphic punch. What a perfect backdrop for yellow and white salt and pepper shakers!

Decorative but not serious, this next blogger often has me LOL- ing at his every post. Yep, I literally laugh out loud at Maison 21’s posts. On top of being hi-larious, Maison tends to lend sophisticated glamour to his designs (a huge plus in our book) He is an interior designer in “real life” and often shows his readers the rooms he is working on- which are nothing short of gorgeous!

My funniest encounter with “Maison” was when I heard his real name for the first time. It felt like the last episode of Sex and The City where Carrie reveals to all that Mr. Big’s name is actually JOHN! It was a crazy moment for me to hear that Maison is actually not referred to as Maison in the real world- he has a real name!

His house is just as real. “100% recycled” as he likes to call it, everything outside of a few accessories purchased new from Target, was once owned by someone else. Some things were inherited from his family but most were purchased through antique shops, flea markets, yard sales, ebay, etc. And at least one item was pulled out of a trash can!

He is always rapidly changing things around his home too (like most other design bloggers). We can’t just seem to keep things in one place, can we? I, too, am very design A.D.D.

“Le Garage”- once a plain ordinary garage, now the beautiful M21 showroom!

The next blog belongs to Canadian Jessica Claire. That name might ring a bell as her well known lifestyle blog is called The World According to Jessica Claire. Jessica is so very creative and her daily musings serve to inspire us all.

Where do bloggers spend 90% of their time? Their desk! Jessica showed us pics of her work space/bedroom area. (Having them be one and the same makes it just that much easier to wake up in the middle of the night and check your email! Yes, I do that)

I spy a ghost chair!! Jessica’s graphic and continuous color scheme of black and white gives the room some edge while punches of orange provide a nice colorful accent to the room. I love the sloped ceiling- makes the room look so cozy.

We love Desire to Inspire’s blog. Jo and Kim (an Australian and a Canadian) started this delightful design blog. It was first brought to my attention by a designer friend of mine who claimed it was one of her favorites. It has since then become a Material Girls’ favorite as well!

Kim shared photos of her home which has undergone a huge transformation (especially her kitchen!)



I am such a color-lover so I truly admire her bold color choices in her home. A pink kitchen? You know I loves! Would my apartment leasing company ever let me paint my cabinets pink? Probably not so I have to live vicariously through others who can.

The hot red chair really pops against the cool turquoise walls.

A few of her living spaces….

How much fun would a room like this be for parties and gatherings?

Another friend of ours in the blogosphere is Joni of Cote de Texas, a Houston designer who is as funny as she is gracious. Her blog posts will keep you at your computer for hours and you can always count on her to be just an email away to answer your question or provide some designer insight (and she’s a night owl like myself!)

When I asked her to send photos of her home, she sent me her bedroom and said “I don’t know why you’d want it- yuk”…is she crazy? It’s beautiful! I love the color of her bedroom- it’s so soothing.

Joni loves her electric sconces! And they must always be on too! Her little desk area is so quaint. Her guest bedroom and daughter’s bedrooms are just as pretty too- I have a feeling her guests feel right at home when they visit!

She’s a huge fan of slipcovers too!

Joni is truly one of the most influential designers in our little network of design bloggers. If I had to nominate a blogging president, it would probably be her! She’s a great mentor and if you haven’t read Cote yet, you need to- the best advice on French design (on the Texas coast) around!

Ronda, founder/editor of All the Best blog created this online guide to stylish living. Aside from design, she covers all sorts of topics- travel, shopping, fashion, food, wine and art. There really is something for everyone at All the Best. Not only is Ronda talented, she’s also incredibly sweet.

I love her idea here of putting art above doors- it draws the eye upwards and gives the visitor something interesting to look at- most people would have left it blank- but Ronda’s house is all about the details.

All of her accessories are perfectly placed. A nice balance of taller objects with lower objects.

How quiet and peaceful does her sitting area look? Curl up with a good book (or laptop) and Ronda seems to have it made in this little nook! Lots of natural light and a nice view complete the space.

Hope you enjoyed visiting the bloggers’ homes as much as I did! And thanks again to all the bloggers who took the time to make this post possible!