Colour Advice from a True Expert

I’m sure you all know by now how much time I spend with my mom- and 99.9% of that time we spend together, we end up gabbing about design. Ever since I started Material Girls, she has gotten really into design blogs. She will often call me up and tell me about a new one she discovered. Her latest blog obsession is “the color lady”. She has been talking about the color lady for weeks. “Emily, this lady gives THE best paint advice! Haven’t you ever heard of her? Colour me Pretty? Wait, I think it’s Colour me Ecstatic? No, that’s not it…” Great description mom! I’ll be sure to google “colour me something”.

Ends up she was talking about Colour me Happy. I have since become just as obsessed with Maria’s blog as she is! Maria has been in the decorating business and specifying colors for over 10 years. She spreads her color knowledge throughout her blog and gives some really great advice…you have to read one of my favorite posts of hers here– she takes her readers on one of her color consultations and my other favorite (which rings SO true) is here

So I know I should go to sleep at some point tonight, but reading her whole blog from start to finish is too tempting. It’s so refreshing to find someone else who loves color and paint as much as I do- and someone who knows what she is talking about!

Be sure to check her blog out. We loves!