I found this image on Tobi Fairley’s blog and was instantly captivated by it.   The room was definitely love at first site for me!  It includes all of my favorite elements that were executed to perfection- sunburst mirrors, icy blue + bright orange combo, houndstooth print, funky lamps, graphic shapes, white sofa, metallics…this room has  some serious charisma!


This project is the childhood home of Actor Clark Duke and was featured in the May edition of At Home in Arkansas magazine.

Congratulations Tobi- this turned out amazing!

“The place is like a museum. It’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything.”


I’m sure this statement made by Ferris Bueller would be a great selling point today for Cameron Frye’s house.  This home, made famous by the legendary 1986 movie,  just went on the market for $2.3 million.

Remember this house? It’s not too easy to forget!  Cameron Frye sent his father’s cherished Ferrari crashing through the walls of the steel and glass pavilion and into the woods.


Yep- that one..”The 1961 Ferrari 250GT California. Less than a hundred were made.”  His father spent three years restoring that car.  “It is his love, it is his passion” and….as Ferris quoted, “it’s his fault he didn’t lock the garage.”


The home, on the other hand, is still in good condition.  The 5,300 square foot house, in Highland Park, Illinois, is filled with art and beautiful architecture.  Apparently, there has already been a lot of interest in this house.  It even comes with a wall of Ferris Bueller movie memorabilia.









For more info on this 370 Beech Street house, click here!

Guess who?

Designer…produced geometric carpet designs and graphic color combos…liked to mix contemporary with classics…influential in the 1970’s/1980’s…British.

Hmmmmm…who could this be?


{Photo via Patricia Gray}


{Photo via Style Court}

I’m sure you won’t be needing to phone a friend or use a lifeline on this one…who else could it be other than the iconic, uber talented designer- the late David Hicks.

David Hicks’ legend is now being carried on by his son, Ashley through the multi-line interior design showroom, Studium.


David’s classic, graphic patterns from the 1960’s have been reproduced as marble and limestone flooring.  Are these not incredibly stunning?!

The flooring can be customized and is available here– starting at $75/sq ft.  What a great way to add lots of pattern in an unexpected place!

I’ll take them all please! Ok maybe just a sample…

I have always thought the below chair from Anthropologie was adorable.  I love it as an outdoor piece of furniture (has a matching table!) and it’s actually on sale for $149.95 as we speak!


The Conran Shop offers a similar look for about six times the price in more of a turquoise color.  Would you shell out the extra cash for the more rounded version below or does the above one from Anthro fit the bill?


It’s no secret that I hate to cook…I don’t own a spatula (which I found out the other week), I drink out of teacups with no handles, and if you open my kitchen cabinets, pots and pans from my college days are thrown inside in a messy disarray.  (Ok maybe this is TMI) but this really is the one room in my house that I just don’t care enough about to organize and spend money on.

So needless to say, open shelving would NEVER be an option for me in my kitchen.  Talk about embarrassing! I would never willfully let people look inside my cabinets.  But I have to give credit to those people who can pull it off- the ones that keep their shelves looking nice and organized with crisp white dinnerware displayed in a manner that looks like Eddie Ross popped into your kitchen for a consultation.


{Design by Jonathon Adler}


{House Beautiful}



{Traditional Home}


{Traditional Home}




{Country Living}



{House Beautiful}

So the big debate- to expose or not to expose? (You already know my personal vote) but which do you prefer in your own kitchen?

iPhone applications are usually either one of two things: practical and productive…OR entertaining, but complete time- wasters.

Getting the weather reports (The Weather Channel), movie times (Showtimes), local restaurant guides (Urbanspoon)- all productive in my eyes.

Changing my hair with iStylist to look like Kristin Cavallari, molding my friends faces with Face Melter, stalking people on Loopt, and waving a pretend lighter in the air (Zippo Lighter)- not so much.


Today I found one that is fun, but also handy! It’s called ColorCapture Ben (named after my boyfriend or Benjamin Moore- either one)  What it does, is you zoom into a color in a photo you’ve taken or uploaded onto your phone, click the “match” key and then multiple Ben Moore color chips will come up that match the color you originally clicked on.  Cool huh? And if you are on a mission to get that paint color, the iPhone will even direct you to the closest Benjamin Moore store (using its GPS) so you can purchase the paint.  And my favorite part…it’s free starting June 1st.

Can’t wait to see how this thing works!

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Nina Campbell proved that even bookcases can be dramatic!


I’ve always loved this idea (featured in Veranda)…it’s hard to imagine the bookcase without the mirrored divider.  The mirror serves to break up the stacks and stacks of books and takes the built in from simple…to stunning!

I have been going going going for the past few weeks, and this calming pink and white room is the perfect ending to a hectic Monday.  Thanks Southern Accents!


We thought we’d start our new blog site off right- featuring an interview with Chicago designer, Nate Berkus.

The Material Girls had a chance to ask him our most pressing design related questions and he was so kind enough to answer them all!


What do you consider your “signature” design elements?

I don’t think I have a signature element.  I’m more about layering your home with the things that you love and finding a way to make your home your own, whether that’s showcasing a folk art collection or a Picasso, it’s about the lifestyle of who lives in the space.

What is your favorite way to address windows…to drape or not to drape?

It really depends on the space.  In my den, my less formal room, I have drapes.  It makes the room feel finished.  But, in my bedroom, I have wooden blinds.  You just have to go with what feels right in the room….but, please, I beg of you, no puddling the drapes.

What are your “go to” paint colors?

I am obsessed with Farrow & Ball, Railings, high lacquer.  I used in my NY apartment and it looks amazing.

What is your color forecast for Fall 2009?

I picked this color of blue, almost a dusty Mediterranean blue, as well as a curry color that has a truly golden cast to it for my sheets.  I’m in love with both of them, especially how they look together.

What are your favorite fabric lines?

I wouldn’t say that I have one go-to line that I use, but I do have several go-to fabrics like linen and silk velvets. They’re classic and work on anything from a sofa to headboard.

What is your favorite material for kitchen countertops?

I’m torn, I love marble, but, stainless steel is another great option.  It’s industrial and cleans up really well for anyone that’s a real home cook.

What is your number one city to shop in?

You ladies are tough….I’m too much of a shopper’s shopper to narrow it down to one city.  Mabye Paris.  They’ve got fashion covered.  They’ve got antiques covered.  Plus, I speak French and get to feel cool that way too.

What is your favorite room to design?

I love tackling the great room.  Ever since builders built the first great room, people have been stumped.  They don’t know how to paint the walls.  They don’t know where to put the TV.  They’re just stuck.  Then, I show up, paint those white walls and drop in way more furniture than a couch and a TV and bring a bit of shape to this oversized space.

What is the trend you wish would go away?

I wish people would stop trying to keep up with the Jonses’.  Just because the neighbors down the block are French Country, doesn’t mean you have to be.  Take a moment to learn about yourself..what do you like and what don’t you like and decorate your home for you and how you want to live there.

What is the trend you will never tire of?

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of mixing eras and looks. I just love a well-traveled, well-edited room.

What is your favorite fabric to upholster a sofa in?

Linen. It’s such a clean looking and classic fabric.

Which interior designer has inspired you the most throughout your career?

I don’t really have a favorite.  I take a bit of inspiration from a long list of designers, artists and fashion houses.

What are your favorite stores to shop when budget is a concern (ex: favorite big box retailers

I’m partial to my own line.  Nothing makes the cut that I don’t love and the prices are really reasonable.

What is your favorite flea market?

My favorite flea is marche Paul Bert in Paris or Parma, Italy

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Oprah just joined the social networking site, Twitter.  It seems that tons of designers and celebrities alike, have gotten very into this site in order to stay connected.  Do you have plans on “tweeting” any time soon?

My team is trying to make me join, but I’m not sold just yet.  It just feels like a chore to me. Plus, I don’t think that my ordering Thai food for dinner is really interesting to anyone, besides my dogs who might get the odd noodle here and there.   But, I’m sure I’ll come around eventually.

Last but not least…since we are the “Material” Girls, we’d like to know- what is your favorite design “material”?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one.  I’m going to take a bit of leeway and say that “life” gives you the best “material” for those design projects.  Getting out there, traveling, being with family, being with friends….that’s what informs my choices and inspires me.  That’s where all the best ideas come from.


Be sure to check out his fabulous line with HSN– affordable and chic!





And if that wasn’t enough eye candy for you, take a look at Nate’s gorgeous Chicago apartment in this video from People.com!