The Ultimate Eye Sore

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there (including my own!)

This post is dedicated to all the men, like my dad, who insist on picking out one and only one piece of furniture for their home…the piece that means so much to them- the recliner.


If done the right way, a recliner could be a nice asset to a living room; however, if chosen wrongly (or simply put- if a male’s recliner was originally bought during his college frat days or inherited from a long lost family member) it could ruin a room.

I know this from experience- because of my dad’s neck surgery last April, he decided to purchase a more “comfortable” recliner on a whim.  Well, let’s just say his recliner makes the one below look good!


It’s not so much the color of his recliner- but the style.  The back is so high it looks like a king’s throne and it doesn’t just disappear into the living room it stands out horribly and looks like a medical chair.


We thought eventually (once my dad was feeling better) he’d agree to moving his recliner to another room.   We told him “it would look darling in the closet” or “didn’t you always want a sitting area in the attic?” But nope- the recliner has stayed put in their living room for over a year…he loves it.  The electric motor, wheelchair back, and matching adjustable neck pillow make it just too hard for him to give up.  My mom wanted requests from readers on how to make it disappear?

With all the recliner obsession out there among men, pretty soon this will be the new fad…


Recliners as transportation? Your man would never have to leave his chair to get to work!



With all the bad recliners out there, I’m sure some of you can attest to a few recliner horror stories- we’d love to hear (and see!)

Ahhh the below is much much better…dad, how do you feel about cowhide? 🙂