Metallics Team Up!

I always have to add a little bit of metallic to every room that I design.  It just never feels complete without this element…but oftentimes, I battle between silver and gold.  Do I want to design the room in predominantly silver? Or is this room more of a gold room?

Windsor Smith shows in the new House Beautiful, that it never hurts to add a little bit of both!  Who ever said it was a crime to mix? I am loving this chic combination with little touches of color here and there.


Windsor’s bedroom suite is perfect in my eyes- walls and ceiling are upholstered in a soft metallic printed fabric.  A gold sunburst contrasts nicely with silver pillows and a silver vase.  She definitely isn’t afraid of a little gold/silver action!

And let’s not stop here!


The silver/gold combo is carried into her bathroom area as well.  The vanity is covered in a gray/white silk skirt (from the Silk Trading Co.) and the antique French repousse mirror adds in some gold sophistication.

And Windsor isn’t the only designer that’s integrating both gold and silver into her designs…there are many more out there who adore this elegant mix.


{Jan Showers}


{Southern Accents}

tobi{Tobi Fairley}


{Elle DecorVicente Wolf}


{Elle Decor}


{Elizabeth Dinkle}


{Angie Hranowsky}