Fab Stripes!

Seeing the photo below in this month’s House Beautiful, reminded me of how much I love a good WIDE stripe!


{Wallpaper is Millennium Stripe in Beige and White by First Editions- design by Meg Braff}

I think wide stripes just make so much more of a statement than a narrow stripe.  My belief is that if you are going to stripe it up, you might as well do it to the extreme.  Make it bold!  Wide stripes look great just about anywhere- on headboards, painted on walls and ceilings, on wallpaper, on pillows, on chairs, on window treatments and on rugs!  There is nothing better than a wide stripe (ok, maybe a fun geometric) but you get the picture!

Of course, wide stripes don’t look great everywhere- you certainly have to choose the right application.  Scale is very important in this case!  You need to make sure the repeat of the stripe isn’t too big and overwhelming for the piece you are putting it on.

Take a look at these whimsical rooms below, that decided that in the right application, going wide is the answer!

Bringing the stripes all the way up on the ceiling, helps this bathroom feel much taller.



Horizontal stripes helps to widen a room.


{Miles Redd}

Wide stripes on roman shades make a fun, graphic statement in this playroom.


{Traditional Home}

There is no “coloring between the lines” here!  The designer decided to take the stripes all the way out to the exterior border of this headboard.  Never would have thought to do this, but it works wonderfully here.


{House Beautiful}

Wide stripes can look fabulously graphic on a black and white rug.


{Visual Vamp blog}

Wallpaper is one of my favorite applications of the wide stripe- go bold with red and white or keep it simple and understated with a tone on tone neutral stripe.


{This is Love Forever blog}

Stripes even look great on the ceiling- especially in a nursery!


{Apartment Therapy}

Or how about wide stripes on the floor?


{Point Click Home}

Or even alternating colors on the wall?


{Coastal Living}

I adore wide stripes on furniture…and I’m talking WIDE! The settee below takes wide to a whole new level.



Green and cream stripes are repeated throughout the room below.  This repetition is what makes this room so interesting and cohesive.


On the right chair, a wide stripe fabric can look really lovely. Normally I am not a red person, but the chair below is so rich and fabulous!  The more contrast in color that your two stripes have, the more of a statement you will make!


{Patricia Gray Blog}

Since wide stripes are more whimsical and playful in my opinion, doing them in a nursery or playroom is a great idea.  Julie Richard of Shelter blog, created this nursery for her son, which was featured on La Dolce Vita’s Personal Style, Defined series.  Perfection!


{Design by Julie Richard of Shelter}


These photos make me want to go get some painters tape and start striping whatever I can get my hands on!