A Bedding Book Must-Have

Jackie Von Tobel, of the Jackie Blue Home blog, is definitely one of the hardest working designers/bloggers that I know.  If it’s not one project, it’s another.  I don’t know how she keeps up with it all- I am really in awe of her talent and dedication.

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Most recently, she has written a design book entitled The Design Directory of Bedding (and no, it’s not her first book either! This woman is on a roll!)


Her new book consists of so much great information in the bedding department.  It is a serious must-have for any designer or homeowner’s library.

And can we just talk about the 1,000 + illustrations that Jackie hand drew herself?  Quite amazing!  You will be so blown away by all of the detail in this book.  It is incredibly organized too which is a plus- sections are divided into bedding components such as decorative pillows, pillow shams, pillowcases, bed skirts, bed covers…you get the idea!





{Illustration pictures from The Decorating Diva and The Design Directory of Bedding}

There are just too many lovely bedding ideas in here to count.  Jackie is truly an inspiration to all of us other designers. I love how creative she is AND am so jealous she can hand draw all of her ideas out.  What a great visual tool for clients to get to see what is brewing in that mind of hers!


As most of you can probably tell, I love to read (books OR magazines)- anything I can get my hands on really.  I am always wanting to learn more and soak up as much design information that I can- so up next for me is reading Jackie’s The Design Directory of Window Treatments!

If the information in here is just as extensive as that in her bedding book, I’m surely in for a treat!