“Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Panel”

While perusing F!D Luxe the other day, I came across a Schumacher wallcovering collection that I hadn’t ever seen before.

It comes on panels and is called “Nest”.  This richly colored collection is comprised of twenty four wallcoverings created entirely from feathers!


Designers all around the country are raving about it…in this month’s House Beautiful column entitled the Next Wave, at least two designers named it as the “most inspiring thing they’ve seen lately”.

Being the wallpaper fanatic that I am (and I am using that term lightly), I may have to take a trip down to the design district just to get a look (and maybe a sample or two if they have it!) of this fabulous wallcovering.


All of that color+ all of that texture= so very drool worthy!

(And, according to Schumacher, these feathers were in fact gathered humanely, so hopefully we won’t get any comments on this post from PETA!)