A Little Souvenir…

My mom just got back from Houston and brought me back a little souvenir.  Well, not the typical souvenir you would imagine!

She emailed me an inspiration photo of a room vignette that she saw at a shop there called Boxwood Interiors (one that sells Farrow and Ball wallpaper and paint.)  She snapped a photo of the room for me so I could live vicariously through her jaunt around Houston visiting all of their cool shops and showrooms.

I am OBSESSED!  I wouldn’t have ever thought to put all of those different patterns together in a room and would have been afraid that it would get “way too busy”; however, for some reason, it works here.  I really love all of the individual elements and that wallpaper is amazing!  I predict that the bold blue hue above will replace the turquoise fad (at least I hope so! I love turquoise but I’m so ready for a new blue to take over.  What about you?)