My Kind of Plant!

As a busy workin’ girl running two businesses, I find it hard to do anything but work sometimes.  When I get home from being out all day at client meetings, I still have a huge to-do list on my plate- answering emails, updating my Quickbooks, drafting blog posts, etc.  The list never ends!  My home is still not completely organized since moving and my backyard? Let’s not even go there.  I wish I had time to garden, or let alone have a few thriving indoor plants, but who has the time?  Sure, watering only takes a few minutes out of the day, but that’s just one more thing to add to my ever-growing daily to-do list.  That is probably why I prefer anything inanimate…Mitsumata Branches, anyone?  These branches are the only natural looking pieces of decor in my home and I preferred to keep it that way…until now!

I recently heard about Grobal self watering pots and they are pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

For only $24.95, you can be the proud owner of one self-sufficient plant.  This candy-colored potted plant will water itself!  No more worrying on vacation if your plant is getting enough nutrients from your plant sitter.  The Global will take care of itself and leave you stress-free.

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These little beauties were designed by Karim Rashid and make being a plant owner a breeze. If you aren’t ready for a huge commitment yet, Baby Grobals are also available!