Lucite: If you Build It, It Will Come!

A few months back, I was looking everywhere for the perfect lucite coffee table for my client, Becca.  As you know, lucite is not inexpensive and can often be difficult to find.  We searched high and low for the perfect 42″ square acrylic table (one that wouldn’t break the bank) and finally ended up going with online source, Plexi-Craft.   I hadn’t seen the table in her home until today and I absolutely LOVED it in person!  The quality was great and it looked beautiful (exactly like the inspiration photo she had shown them).

Plexi-Craft can apparently create anything that you dream up (within reason).  You can design it and order it custom….

Or go with one of their pre-made lucite pieces…

Either way, what a great, affordable acrylic source where you can get EXACTLY what you have in mind (and if you are anything like me, I always have a very specific vision in mind.  Whether or not I can find it ready-made, well, that’s a different story…)

I’m keeping Plexi-Craft on my lucite radar for sure!