The Royal Nursery

The countdown has begun!  There’s a brand new royal on the way, and the baby prince or princess is expected any day now.  July 11th is the official due date of the future monarch of the United Kingdom (third in line after the baby’s father and grandfather).  According to tradition, the news of the baby’s birth will be posted on a gold easel outside Buckingham Palace and there will be gun salutes, flag flying, and bell pealing.  With so much hype going around about The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, we can’t help but ask ourselves the question, “what does the royal nursery look like?”

According to acclaimed British interior designer Oliver Burns,  the nursery is expected to be of a traditional nature, which should come as no surprise.  Mr. Burns has actually prepared a few sketches of what he expects it to look like.


Royal sketch 1

Royal sketch 2

The royal baby will have its own suite at Kensington Palace Apartment 1A, just like the baby’s father and brother.  The new Kensington Palace baby suite is said to have cost an estimated $1.5 million!  Im sure it’s filled with the finest of everything!  After all, would you expect anything less for the future king or queen of England?

We may not have royals here in the states, but, we’ve got the next best thing… celebrities!  And boy do they like to have babies!  Here’s a peak at some of my favorite celeb nurseries that just might give Kate and Wills a run for their money!


Mariah Carey’s nursery is full of pink and green for her twins.  Check out that huge giraffe in the corner!  I’m loving the drapery treatments around the cribs!


Jennifer Lopez’s nursery for her twins is pretty regal if you ask me!  The crown like canopies over the cribs and the chandelier and fixtures dripping in crystals would definitely make any royal baby feel right at home!

Dr. Phil 1

Dr. Phil 2

Dr. Phil and his wife recently renovated one of the rooms in their home for their baby granddaughter.  Just look at those flowing blush pink silk curtains, and the damask wallpaper!   If my room looked like this at my grandparents house, I’d never leave!

Baby Bed

Kim Kardashion is rumored to have been looking at this bed for her new baby’s nursery.  All that silver leafing and detail! Wow!

I’ve always been a fan of Restoration Hardware’s baby nurseries.  If you ask me, I think they’re regal in their own right!

RH Tuffted Crib

RH Blue