I don’t know about you, but I find accessorizing one of the most challenging parts of the design process.  It’s partly because you have to get the right “mix” of accessories. There has to be a balance between textural and smooth, shiny and matte, colorful and neutral, etc.  It can also be difficult because you might find the perfect accessory, but the scale is totally off…or maybe it’s the fact that it’s the last step in the process and if you are anything like me, you are a perfectionist and won’t quit until you find those amazing last touches for the space.

But above all, I truly believe that accessories can be so frustrating because of the lack thereof.  Of course there are a lot of accessory showrooms in Dallas, but  not very many that will let you take things on approval to test out and that is KEY with accessories (buying more than you need, playing around with the arrangement at the residence to get the perfect balance and then being able to return anything that just didn’t work out).  This past year I re-discovered IBB Design Group, a 40,000 square foot showroom who lets you take on approval, has up-to-date/ stylish accessories and has a warehouse FULL of them!

And if that’s not enough to convince you, here is proof-

Shay Geyer and her mother, Beth Rafferty are the brains (and beauties) behind the thirty year old showroom.  The duo’s knack for creating inspiring commercial and residential interiors, as well as stocking their showroom full of goodies from markets around the world, has kept their clients coming back for more.

{Shay in front of one of her favorite pieces}

Not only do they have accessories galore, but they also stock furniture from tons of different manufacturers such as Baker, Henredon, Lee Industries and Vanguard.  The best part? Everything is available for purchase off the floor!

As you can see, they have tons of mirrored pieces. I recently bought two John Richards mirrored etageres from them that are to die for!

Their colorful, patterned vignettes are constantly changing as things move off the floor very quickly (and I have to say this keeps my visits really interesting!)  You never know what they will be up to next

They also have great abstract giclees at amazing prices for the size!  Most of them are really large and already come framed.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with these.

They use really fun patterned fabrics on their pillows and accent pieces….

They sell tons of lighting too…lanterns, drum shade chandeliers, crystal lamps- you name it.

See what I mean about the art?

Did I mention the bedding yet? So luxurious! All you need is a matching silk sleeping eye mask to complete this relaxing scenario.

I’m normally not a huge fan of leather chairs, but I could totally do a pair of these-

Their chairs never lack detail.  Whether it’s a back with a contrasting fabric, a shiny set of nailheads or patterned tape trim, you can count on them to give you designer quality furnishings.

This one here is from their own line…isn’t it great? I love the gray fabric mixed with the gold nailheads. Very unexpected yet so chic.

On my last visit, I snuck back to the warehouse to look at even more inventory and came across this turquoise chest with fabulous oversized hardware-

I love these chairs because they are traditional but with a modern funky flare.  You’d expect the chairs to be all neutral right, but a patterned ikat back?  Only at IBB!

Come visit them! Monday through Saturday- 10-5pm

5798 Genesis Court, Frisco, TX

Looking for fabulous home accessories, vintage furniture, clothing, jewelry or even some free goodies this upcoming weekend? Then be sure to stop by the Dallas Flea event taking place at South Side on Lamar here in Dallas on September 24th! It only comes around four times a year, and trust me you do not want to miss it! Here are a few pictures I snagged from their website…

Mary’s Finds is one of my favorite vintage stores here in Dallas, and her booth looks just as great!

Loving the neon!

They have some seriously amazing accessories. I am in love with these large rock crystals and nature-inspired artwork.

Graphic artwork done by local artists, so fun!

This place is huge, and they really do have everything!

Pillows made from recycled bags… green and chic! (And how cute is that little girl?! Loving her whole outfit.)

And finally, a booth after my own heart… Geometric fabric, turquoise accessories, and a glam quatrefoil mirror, love it!

Bring the whole fam and come to the Dallas Flea for new and vintage finds, tasty food, and live music! See you there!!

I always love it when the blog leads me to something new.  Whether it’s a vendor, client, product, or another blogger, I’m always amazed by the people and things that are introduced to me via MG!  The other day a local Dallas artist commented on one of our blog posts, and since I have been looking for art for my living room for the past twelve months (no kidding), I knew it was fate that brought us together!  The artist was Lindsey Meyer and she was exactly my style.  I wanted something bright and colorful (a piece that would give my living room some life). It was starting to feel like a dark cave in there (definitely not good).  We worked together to create the perfect piece (actually, who am I kidding- Lindsey worked to create the perfect piece, and I just waited patiently for her to call me and say it’s ready!)

{Piece I commissioned from Lindsey}

When I picked it up, I couldn’t help but notice Lindsey’s house.  She has a great eye for color and an amazing sense of style! Her home incorporated her own colorful abstract artwork mixed with fab vintage finds (deals so great that I was a tad bit jealous).

{Lindsey’s own home}

Check out some of Lindsey’s other work- (most have sold, but not to worry, she can just paint you something totally new :))  There is no doubt that this gal loves color as much as I do!

Lindsey was such a pleasure to work with and I hope that we get to collaborate on something again very soon!

If interested in her art, email her here.

Last weekend was the bi-annual Roundtop Antiques Fair, in Roundtop, Texas.  You might remember my trip out to Roundtop last September, which I blogged about here.

Anyone who has been to Texas in September, knows how unbearably hot it can be, so after my last trip down there in the Fall, I promised myself that I would go back for better weather (85 to 90 degrees) the next March.

Well, the weather cooled off and March 2011  rolled around.  I couldn’t wait for my adventure to Roundtop to begin!  I had my room measurements and fabric swatches ready to go; however, there was just one small detail that had to be ironed out before the show- I had to bribe my sister into going with me!  Now let me just tell you about my sister, Catherine. She has always had an amazing eye for fashion, but has never really been much into interior design (which is the complete opposite of me).  I could care less about saving up for the “it” bag or switching out my winter wardrobe for new Spring clothes.  I instead, look forward to the new “it” fabric and switching out my pillows for Spring.

I never thought in a million years that Cath would come to Roundtop with me, so was extremely surprised when she said “I will come with you, if you promise a beer, a bathroom, and some unhealthy food”.   Substitute bathroom for “porta-potty” and she had herself a deal!

{No trip to Roundtop is complete without a visit to Royers! Above, picture of Bud Royer}

When we got to Roundtop, I told her my list of things that I was trying to score on this trip.  Here is how the conversation went-

E- “I am looking for an animal head for my wall”

C- “A what?”

E- “An animal head!  Don’t be silly, I don’t want one with a face!  Just one that’s cast in resin.”

C- “Who would want that?”

E-  <Sigh> “People like me.  I also want a bust.”

C- “Excuse me?”

E- “You know, a bust.  But only a woman bust, not a man bust, or Ben might get creeped out.”

C- (shakes her head in confusion)

So thus began our trip to Roundtop!

It dawned on me that the things I constantly see in magazines, on blogs, and in showrooms (things that most of us bloggers/designers are already tired of), were all new concepts to a design newbie like Cath.  I decided to make it my mission to get Cath out of her retail, mass produced, interior design bubble and show her the things that (whether you hate ’em or love ’em) people are putting in their houses….

#1- Ginormous Foo Dog– Ok, I can’t say that this would be the first thing I’d choose to put on my doorstep to greet visitors, but it was fun to see the look on her face when she saw this enormous red Chinese guardian lion.

#2- Elegant Bust (pearls included?)- Cath had to get a pic with her new lady friend….

#3- Oversized Crown- Cath admired a crown accessory fit for the Jolly Queen Giant (he he)

#4- Animal Head- I think this was the thing that shocked her the most (and she is still skeptical to this day…)   I promised her that she will think it’s normal once it reaches Pottery Barn next summer.

#5- Cowhide- Cath got “Cowhide 101” and literally had to “pet” the rug

#6- Suzani– Cath enjoyed taking her time checking out this Suzani (I got excited thinking that she and the suzani might have connected, but I think it more had to do with the fact that this was the only booth with A/C)

#7- Clam Shell– If there was a cartoon bubble above her head, Cath would be thinking “You don’t see these mammoth clam shells lying on the beach every day in Cabo…”

#8- Mystery Glass- Here Cath is, weighing in on the mystery glass (literally).  I actually bought one of these for myself to put on my entry chest and am so in love with it.   Granted it’s not Kryptonite like the booth owners originally told us, but it comes in close, as colored glass from a glass plant overseas.

#9- Nude Figure Drawing- Another piece Cath had a hard time understanding.  I think at this point, she’s not liking this blog post game anymore and is begging for me to stop thumbing through original art sketches brought over by an adorable French couple at this booth here.

Now she’s thinking…”We’re finally done!  Take me somewhere in Roundtop that I really want to see.”  So off we went to the worlds’ smallest Catholic church!

{Thanks for coming with me Cath and for being a great shopping buddy! I’m putting you down for next year’s tour.. :)}

Back in 2007 when I started the Material Girls blog, there weren’t a ton of design blogs on the scene just yet and my blogroll included friends that I considered the group of “early adopters”.  It’s funny how I can still remember exactly who those bloggers were.   We all bonded over a shared love for interior design and the blogging platform, Blogger.   One of the first people I remember “meeting” was Franki Durbin of Life in a Venti Cup.

Back then, she lived in St. Louis, so our communication was limited to emails and back-and-forth blog post commenting.  Though we had never met, I’d always imagined Franki would be just as fabulous, fun and stylish in person, as the voice behind her blog.  And guess what? I was right.

{Franki’s original blog header when she first started blogging}

What a nice surprise it was, to receive an email from her a few weeks ago telling me that she had recently moved to Dallas, was practicing interior design also, and had an idea for a new series on her blog, called “Show Me Your Dallas”.  The idea was for her to meet up with different bloggers from the Dallas area and have them “show her their Dallas”.  If there is one thing that I love, it’s exposing friends to all of the hidden gems that Dallas has to offer.  Of course I agreed to Franki’s proposal right away and got started planning our day of shopping!

I couldn’t wait to meet her and find out who the woman was behind the Venti-

You can read about our whole shopping excursion HERE in Franki’s new blog post feature- Show Me Your Dallas!  Also, our day of fun is “to be continued” on her blog site tomorrow, so be sure to check back for more shopping fun!

The picture above of Franki and I was taken at one of my favorite showrooms in the Design District, Leslie Taylor.  I was first introduced to the showroom through fellow blogger/designer, Abbe Fenimore, of Studio Ten 25.  She had cited it as one of her favorite places to get overscale abstract art (and since Abbe’s design aesthetic is similar to my own, I knew I’d love LT).  Franki quickly became equally obsessed with it too!  We snapped some pics of their vignettes yesterday to show you how gorgeous everything in there is. If you are a designer who is planning a trip to Dallas, it’s definitely a must-see!

I’ll take one of everything please!  And if Franki’s hubbie is reading this, she would like a Neiman Marcus Pop Up Book and a mirrored table from Leslie Taylor for Christmas 😉

Ok I haven’t really met artist Sally Benedict in person, but I was just “introduced” to her website via an article on House Beautiful.com.

I perused her amazing work on there and loved everything (and I mean everything) that I saw!

I am just a tad obsessed with all of her colorful abstract paintings.  They are the exact hues, in which I’ve been trying to find art for my living room (the bright oranges, pinks, greens, blues mixed with neutrals- black, white and gray)

Don’t these paintings make you happy?

Now this one was definitely something I haven’t seen before.  The colors in it are truly energizing and the way that she included the animal heads in a more subtle fashion, is what make this painting so unique.

Sally also sells smaller works on paper.  Love it all!

Serena and Lily’s Bazaar is now officially open!  Featuring one-of-a-kind goodies from around the world, this unique display of furniture, art, textiles and accessories closes in just six days (Thursday, 1/27).  I already went looking for art on there and a bunch of it is sold already!

Here are some pics of what’s still available for the taking-

{Bamileke Stool}

{House with Purple Sky}

{Kuba Pillow #1}

{Upholstered Foot Stool}

{Austrian Schnapps- Gift Set}

I borrowed Mad Men (seasons 1-3) from my grandparents a few months ago, and let me just tell you, I’ve been HOOKED ever since!  This isn’t the first time an MG has blogged about the set design from this addicting AMC show, but there is one element from the set, that hasn’t been pointed out here yet.

The Curtis Jere wall sculpture that you see above the sofa in the photo below really caught my eye for two reasons- 1) it’s amazing and 2) I’ve seen it many times before but just now discovered that it’s a vintage piece.

These pieces of wall decor are not just things of the past (50’s, 60’s, 70’s) …they are incredibly hot right now!  C. Jere pieces are being sold on 1st Dibs and Ebay and according to Elle Interiors-  “the value of (Curtis Jere) wall sculptures is increasing all the time and should prove a great investment.” You’ll also notice that a bunch of designers as of late have incorporated his sculpture into their projects.

{Sterling Cooper’s former lobby}

Here’s the skinny on these fabu sculptures-

-They were first created in the 50’s by Jerry Fells and Curtis Freiler.

-They are hand-made and constructed out of metal.

-They come in abstract designs and also scenic designs.

{Palmer Weiss Interior Design}

{Elle Decor}

{Metropolitan Home}

{Brass Curtis Jere Raindrops wall sculpture via 1stDibs}


{Anch Construction Services}

Where would you put this little piece of eye candy if you had it?

Today’s obsession lies in Joe Cariati’s Decanters. I spotted these blown glass beauties on Vogue.com.   The article was in reference to Lauren Santo Domingo’s loft and how you could recreate the look of it in your own home, by using variations of the pieces she used.

{Colorful glass bottles from Lauren’s home}

{Vogue pointed out that Joe Cariati’s glass decanters, above, will give you a similar look}

These colorful creations make gorgeous accessories, don’t ya think?  Aside from the fun colors, I also love the variance in heights.  Those interesting shapes (alternating with tall and short sizes) definitely keep your eye moving!

My client, who is a close friend of Laura Day, sent this video to me via YouTube called “A New Spin”, which features Laura getting crafty with markers and paper plates.

Make sure you watch until the VERY end to see what Laura does with this paper plate-

Is she not the cutest?

Click below to see what fabulous piece of room decor Laura makes from this bold paper plate!

For step by step instructions, the video shows exactly how Laura came up with this colorful creation! Loves!