Aerin Lauder has released her first book, Beauty at Home. The inspiring coffee table book takes you into her stylish Manhattan apartment, Hampton home and Madison Avenue office.

aerin lauder

I’m so excited she has given us all a glimpse into these private spaces and personal tips on how to recreate her look in your own home.

Beauty at home 1





Being the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, Aerin is familiar elegance and sophistication.  She talks about her iconic grandmother throughout the book and what lessons she taught her.  Aerin has taken those words of advice and created her own “effortless style”.  The beautiful photographs in her book display many items from Aerin’s home collection.


Beauty at Home is available on You can also shop her home furnishings such as lighting, rugs and fabrics.

Is there any field famed designer Nate Berkus has not tried to conquer? There is no need to answer that because we all know he is popping up everywhere. Oprah has given him his own talk show, he has a bestselling book, and still has time to manage a firm. Host, author, designer- he wears many hats and can now add to that list because his new fall line for Target just hit stores!

This post is paying homage to all his career roles.

He has a great approach to how he conquers residential design. His philosophy is that the rooms should tell the story of who the owners are and reflect their personalities.

Imagine working at his Chicago firm in this open environment!

This just seems like the coolest space to make dinner in each evening. I love that he made the industrial finishes appear so warm.

The play with color, lighting, and shape makes this bathroom very fresh and fun.

The modern art pieces selected really help exagerrate the angles and length of the living room. And who else can make a silver bean bag not seem tacky?

I love the mix of textures and rich tones. The different patterns all compliment each other to create something visually interesting.

I am probably a little biased since I am a sucker for yellow but I wish this was my master walk-in closet!

You were warned about the yellow! Berkus also has fabric lines with fabricut and calico.

I can’t get over this print and color combination!

This honeycomb wall art is part of his new line for Target. Hexagons may turn out to be the shape of the year!

If you are looking for something riskier, this gold and black pillow for Target would do the trick to add edge to your room!

Since Nate is constantly reinventing himself, pushing his talent and clearly not afraid to try new things I cannot wait to see what he does next!

If there are two things I completely obsess over, it is great design and celebrity gossip. I too often get carried away catching up on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. So naturally,  I was thrilled to discover (via Elle Decor) Cameron Diaz had enlisted Kelly Wearstler (our idol) to bring a taste of Hollywood to her Manhattan apartment. Consider it, West Village meets West Coast.

Cameron just took on the role of Artistic Director for the fashion-accessories label Pour La Victoire and so she already knew the space needed color. A lot of the signature pieces in the living room, including the stunning chandelier, are vintage.

Wearstler considered Diaz as more of a collaborator in this design rather than a client since she was very involved with the process.

The rooms reflect her personality- “innately sexy but not overly flashy” (-KW).  Lighting plays such an important role in this design story and the richness of the emerald green cabinets, along with the mirrored walls definitely give off that movie star vibe.

The bedroom really showcases the glamour and true to high-end couture, no detail is overlooked. Even the chest drawers are lined with raw black silk!

I love the glass tiling and metallic finishes used in the master bathroom!

If this guest bathroom does not scream luxe, nothing will! The apartment transitions from rich tones in gold and green to subtler palettes reminiscent of 1970’s fashion and I am sure Team Kelly and Cameron have now created new trends to be inspired by and follow!

It’s that time of year again… The weather is hot and sandy shores with glistening waters are calling your name.  Or perhaps the cool mountain breezes are beckoning you to the mountains.  Maybe it’s the call of the open road with the top down, to head to an unknown destination to see what adventures are in store for you.  What ever your fancy, it’s summer time in the good ‘ol U.S. of A, and it’s vacay time! (for most of the general American population anyways).


Above view of a couple driving in a car.


I have always dreamed of owning a vacation home of my own, but alas, if that day ever comes it will be quite a long time from now.  In the mean time, I’ll just have to save my pennies so that I can rent one every once and again when vacation time or a trip rolls around.

Clean Lines Beach House

I’ve always admired beach homes that have clean and simple lines.  I feel like there’s nothing to distract from the view of the beach and the ocean.  It sure does look like a lot of glass to clean though!


Modern Beach House

A semi-outdoor entertaining area like this would be the ultimate for me!  Doesn’t it look relaxing, and welcoming?  Your guests would never want to leave! Who could blame them?

White Modern Beach Interior

I’ve always found that the majority of beach vacation homes have light colors throughout the interiors, and are full of refreshing natural light which I love.  It’s so revitalizing and invigorating!  This space just feels so fresh and clean!


This Malibu beach house has a perfect living room.  The wood cocktail table and built-in cabinetry add an excellent element of texture.  Take a look at that panoramic view! It’s like a giant painting on a wall.  This room doesn’t even need any wall decor because the view does all the talking!

Outdoor Dining Beach House

When I’m on vacation, one of my favorite things is to enjoy a wonderful fresh seafood meal right on the beach.  How fabulous would it be to dine at a tablescape like this one with a gorgeous chandelier made from beautiful seashells!

If the beach isn’t quite your scene, the mountains are always a great escape for cooler weather.  I love mountain cabins, and their cozy environments with commanding views of majestic mountain vistas.

Mountain View Modern

The majority of mountain retreats that I’ve visited are usually have a great rustic feel that really makes you feel like a part of all the natural surroundings.  This particular living space is a little different, in how it combines both rustic elements with contemporary furnishings and sculpture.

Dining Room Lodge

If I were lucky enough to own a mountain get a way, I would just die for a dining space like this! The soaring ceilings make a perfect shelter for the quaint and simple white dining table and chairs.  I totally adore the book shelves in the area too!  It’s almost like dining in a library!  I love how the white chair upholstery adds a new and fresh touch to the old, rough floors and ceiling.

Mountain Living Room

This cozy living area is in the same home of the one pictures above.  The mix of furniture styles, along with the contrast of wall and ceiling colors, make this room have a curated feel that I would love to curl up in! Especially with that Hermes throw and a good book!

Another marvelous vacation destination for those with distinguished palates for wine, is Napa Valley.  A good friend of mine just returned from there with her husband.  They told me that the scenery was amazing, the wine was fabulous, and the houses they saw there where breath taking and calming.

 Napa Valley Exterior

This Napa Valley home has some great outdoor rooms to relax by their amazing pool, while they can take in the views of the vineyards below.

In House Wine Cellar

Most of the luxury homes in the area of the country wouldn’t be complete without a grand wine cellar to hold all their vintage labels of their extensive wine collection.  Not sure what to serve with the foie gras you’re having for dinner? Just call the sommelier, he’ll tell you!


Now this is the kind of solon you’d expect to see on your way up from the wine cellar.  The beautiful crispness of the white accented with gold, and the baby grand in the corner, would be excellent for entertaining an intimate group of friends while sipping on a delectable wine.  I’m really digging the furniture placement in this room.  It’s not stuffy at all, and allows a few different areas for guest to sit and mingle at.

Napa Valley Bathroom

After you’re done entertaining guests, you can retire to your grand bathroom and soak in the tub overlooking the vineyard below. The large floor to ceiling windows may be too much for someone on the modest side, but it sure does make a great view and allow for maximum natural light!


Recently, Beverly Hills House Wife Lisa Vanderpump, her husband Ken Todd, and their dog Jiggy, moved into their newly remodeled Beverly Hills home…. well, mansion.  At 8,000 square feet, it’s a downsize from their 15,500 square footer they just moved out of.  Lisa’s reported net worth is valued at $65 million.  So, with that being said, it’s no wonder she lives a life of lavishness!  With pink as her trademark hue, she’s tricked out her new princess digs in the pretty color.  Take a look at some of these “Before & After” shots of this glammed out Real House Wife of Beverly Hills super sumptuous pad.

Here’s the entry before:

And after:




Definitely a massive change!  The mirrored walls, and lighter wall colors with Lisa’s touches of pink, totally brighten this baby up!

The formal living room also “had a little work done”!

Lisa’s new Formal Living Room:

Darker hardwood flooring, lighter upholstered furniture, painted trim work, chandelier and mirrored furniture transformed this once dark living area into a room fit for even Marie Antoinette to receive callers.


Next on the list is the dining room.  Here’s what it looked like before:

And after:


The next area that got a major face lift was the outdoor living areas.  Check out the before and after’s of this part of the estate:





Talk about a night and day difference! Love how you can lounge outside, yet still be under a fabulous chandelier at the same time! And, I’m totally obsessing over that infinity pool with it’s view of the famous ‘Hills’!

Check out the master bedroom. Major pink transformation!

Even Ken’s closet got a make over!  I love how all the white and mirrors can still be made to feel masculine.

And here’s his closet after shot.  I guess the love of pink is a mutual thing! Looks like he has more pink shirts than I do!

And now, without further ado, I give you the piece de resistance….. Lisa’s closet! (although, I feel like “closet” isn’t the correct terminology for this palatial dressing room).  I don’t know whether I should stand and stare, or go shopping!  This thing is so big, it needs not one, but TWO chandeliers!

OMG, am I in Hermes? Oh, no, wait, it’s  just Lisa Vanderpump’s private closet! Check out all those Birkins! My mouth is watering!

And here’s just a little sampling of some of her bling:

Clutches, purses and bags, Oh My!

Well folks, there you have it.  The life of the the rich and famous!

The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics, was indeed quite a show.  We certainly enjoyed watching all the festivities, especially the Queen’s awesome entrance into the stadium! Another great highlight was watching the parade of champions.  This year’s summer games ushered in some fantastic inspiration from fashion.  Fashion can be a marvelous muse for creating an unforgettable interior space.  Here are some of our favorite inspirations from this year’s Summer Games:

Cobalt, Orange & White: Holland



This year, Holland totally rocked their bold color pallet of cobalt, orange, navy, and white.  Each athlete was exquisitely tailored in these designer outfits.  A wonderful touch and homage to their homeland’s national flower, can be seen here with a tulip pinned to each athlete’s lapel.  These colors are a fresh and trendy way to spice up any interior.  The contrast that these colors make next to each other creates a statement that is sure to impress.

Mixing patterns with these exciting  colors works well, and adds even more look to this stimulating mix of hues.

These deep navy walls with accents of orange is striking and at the same time, elegant and fun.

This luxurious cashmere blanket by Hermes is a definite must have statement maker.  The unmistakable, classic Hermes orange and white will not go unnoticed!  Also, these orange and cobalt painted vases would be fabulous on any mantle.

Aqua, Sunshine Yellow, & White: Sweden

Sweden’s athletes were definitely noticed at this year’s opening ceremonies.  Their bright yellow and aqua stripes with white pants were definitely “spot on” for summer fashion.  Even their sneakers made a statement, blue with yellow laces. Great attention to detail.

This delicious dining room makes great use of yet another bold color pallet.  Beautiful,bright bamboo chairs in a cheery lemon yellow are definitely a focal point.  The black accents of the doors and the chevron pattern rug help add a touch of chic to this fun dining space.

Add some colorful light and sparkle to your space with this amazing yellow chandelier from Cyan.  This piece brings fun antique whimsy with its classic shape that is sure to liven up any space.

Check out this brightly colored room! The yellow sofas and bright blue pillows are festively summer, and help give this room its own signature look.

Kelly Green & White: Nigeria

Take a look at these fabulous white and green outfits worn by Nigerian Olympic competitors.  Kelly green makes a luscious color statement against bright white.

This gorgeous green upholstered head board transforms this bedroom into a tropical retreat.  The simple bedding with a classic green stripe is simple and refined, making a calm compliment to the statement making headboard.  The bedside lamps with a clear glass base add interest to the room, without taking away from the clean, crisp feel of the space.

Another clean color pallet of green and white makes this living room feel swank.  The modern floor lamp and glass top cocktail table make this space feel expensive, without going over-the-top.

The metallic accent pillows and chrome side table really adds some glamour and flash to this tropical living room.  The palm tree is also a great touch of natural color.  We also like the white cow-hide rug turned on an angle under the cocktail table.  Definitively chic and modern!

Red, White & Blue: U.S.A

Who better than to dress our American Athletes than Ralph Lauren? This classic American preppy look was a fantastic representation of fashion directly from the USA.  Navy blazers, white trousers and knee length skirts with berets and ties definitely has an Ivy League spin.  Feel like standing up straight and saluting the flag?  With and outfit like this, I sure do!

Using red judiciously is key in this bedroom.  Red is a powerful color, and helps define the headboard, bedding and bench.  The gold pendant fixture definitely adds a designer touch to the room.

Adding adventurous patterns makes these living rooms come alive.

This patriotic painted chest with gold accents demands attention.  Finding unique furniture such as this, really adds a great deal of character to any room, and is sure to serve as a conversation piece!

Although we’re always on the lookout for fun, creative showrooms, it’s sometimes hard to find one whose character truly stand out from the rest. But West Palm Beach, Florida-based resale shop Circa Who has done just that with its wild selection of colors, fun trimmings, and collection of whimsical pieces from artichoke lamps to dolphin candlesticks.

Circa Who manages to fulfill your wildest design fantasy, while not going tacky-overboard, and the store’s owner and buyer Tracy Deramus describes the pieces as “20th Century furnishings meets vintage Palm Beach.” We love the mix of fabrics and colors that the store offers, with more than enough pieces to satisfy even the most avid of bamboo-lovers.

Here are a few of our favorites…

Orange ‘X’ Benches


 Pair of Clam Shell Lamps


Hollywood Regency Mirror

Cyprus Root Console

Faux Bamboo Chippendale Arm Chairs

Greek Key Headboard

Faux Bamboo Barrel Chairs

Pagoda Mirror

William Haines Cabinet

Artichoke Lamp

We asked store owner Tracy a few questions:

When did Circa Who open, and what inspired you to open your own store?

 The store has been open since 2004. While buying things to put my own house together, I realized there is so much FAB merchandise out there with so much LIFE left. I started buying all the things I loved and hoarding them in my husband’s warehouse and he encouraged me to open up a shop.

What inspires you to find “20th century-meets-West-Palm-Beach” pieces?

  I love the 20th century design, and how it was interpreted through Palm Beach details, especially in the 1970s!

Do you have a favorite room in the house to decorate?

The entrance/ foyer.

Who would you say are your ‘typical’ customers?

DIY decorators.

What is your favorite aspect of owning your won business?

Doing something that I LOVE to do!

Anything else you would like to share with Material Girls readers?

 I always tell my clients that it is the piece I fall in love with, not the color or the fabric. It’s the new life that I leave up to them!

Check out the site for more information on the store and its playful pieces!

Every designer in Dallas has their go-to vintage stores that they frequent for the best deals and hidden treasures. EJ Interiors would like to share one of our personal favorites for finding the best in vintage furniture and accessories – Antiques Moderne! (We are not alone, this is even Barbara Bush’s favorite spot for vintage furniture shopping!) They are a one-stop shop – you can pick your piece and they will refinish, restore, or reupholster for you as well.

John Bacile is the owner of this 20,000 square foot space that is packed full of furniture, art, lighting, and accessories. He has a workshop in the back where they are busy restoring, upholstering and lacquering unique pieces for their wide range of clients. John finds some of the most amazing pieces that you just can’t find anywhere else, and he’s always got the history behind each piece! This guy really knows his furniture.

Take a look at some of the furniture pieces our clients have purchased and the amazing job that Antiques Moderne has done refinishing them –

Wing Chair BEFORE:

Wing Chair AFTER!:

We refinished the wood in a glossy white and reupholstered it in a fun gray and white fabric with shiny silver nail heads. Didn’t their team do a great job? Our client just loves it, and we do too!

This credenza stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it. I completely fell in love, and our client did too!

This is it BEFORE:

And here is the AFTER!:

We had John and his team lacquer this piece in a gray-blue color to coordinate with a fabric in the room. It looks absolutely fabulous now!

For the same client, we purchased two wing back chairs that were in need of a little T.L.C.

Here is the BEFORE:


We had Antiques Moderne reupholster the pair in a vibrant orange velvet to pop in the navy room. They turned out amazing!

If you live in, or ever visit, Dallas you must stop by Antiques Moderne to see their huge inventory of great vintage furniture. You’re sure to fall in love with something!

Their address is 1208 N. Riverfront Blvd. Tell John we sent you!

For some reason I feel like all of my projects lately have had one thing in common… ottomans! Random I know, but it seems like these multi-purpose pieces have solved some big design dilemmas for us at EJ Interiors! Whether we are working on a family room, bedroom, home office, or even an outdoor living space, ottomans have been the perfect solution when we are tight on space or need the room to serve several functions! I searched my go-to sites (Pinterest and Decorpad) for some fabulous examples of how ottomans can transform ANY room.


I must say that my favorite use of the ottoman is a square ottoman set on the diagonal placed between four chairs.  This seating arrangement makes for a very cozy conversation area-

{Traditional Home}


Sometimes you just want to put your feet up when on the couch watching TV, but this is never as relaxing with a regular coffee table.  With this layout, you don’t have to feel guilty kicking back and relaxing and it’s super comfortable too-

{Elle Decor}

In this situation, I like a tray on the ottoman- one that can hold books, vases, and other random accessories-

{Elle Decor}


J Lo chose to put a coordinating ottoman between her two two matching chairs.  This ottoman can serve a few different purposes…it can be pulled up in front of one of the chairs as a foot rest, could be an extra seat, or if it had a tray, could pose as an accent table to hold drinks.


This ottoman poses as a foot rest and/or coffee table between these two chairs in this gorgeous gray library-


You never know when you are going to need extra seating at a party, so the placement of this ottoman is a great solution for when you have to accommodate larger groups. Not to mention, this ottoman just looks good as an accent under the console table and softens the lines of it.


This is the most obvious place for an ottoman, in front of a chair..however, where the chair and ottoman are, couldn’t be more unexpected- in a master bath!


These round and oval ottomans are pretty fab and are a great way to add extra seating to your living room. Usually placed right in front of a coffee table, these ottomans provide a place for guests to perch and enjoy their cocktails!

Jamie knew what he was doing when he added this huge round hot pink ottoman-

{Jamie Drake}

And here he did it again!

{Jamie Drake}


Ottomans in the bedroom are perfect for breakfast in bed! (or more realistically, a good spot to sit and put on your shoes!)

{House Beautiful}

{Tobi Fairley}


Ottomans in an outdoor living area add seating without blocking the beautiful view OR they could serve as footstools for days when you just want to lounge!

{Architectural Digest}

{Windsor Smith}


How amazing is the Rousseau storage ottoman from Lilly Pulitzer?? 16 storage pockets inside for shoes!! This is seriously every girl’s dream…


Well actually, maybe THIS is every girl’s dream. Great use of it, wouldn’t you agree?!

And another…just so I can live vicariously through these women with their big closets!

So I guess the question is- is there anything you can’t do with an ottoman?!!

In Texas, you come across a lot of houses with massive stone fireplaces or stone walls (particularly in newer homes…ones that were designed by home builders).

Some Texas sized fireplaces and walls for your perusal…(before photos)

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas….seriously!

I can’t say that I’m particularly fond of them as I think they make it a little more difficult to decorate around.  I much prefer a smaller, crisp, white fireplace with a stone surround like this one below, as I love to decorate with whites and grays- (but that’s a different story)

When I get a project with a massive stone fireplace, it does present a little bit more of a challenge (but EJ Interiors loves a good challenge) so we tell the client in most cases that you don’t have to call in the bulldozer and that we should look at fabrics that complement the stone and try to work with it first.

I met with a client today who has a big stone fireplace and so I proposed a Thom Filicia fabric from Kravet (for sofa pillows) as a starting point to bring out the neutral tones (browns, beiges and grays) in her fireplace and she loved the idea!

Fireplace +

Existing Granite and Cabinets (that have to stay) +

Pillow Fabric=

It was like it was meant to be.  Add in some other pops of color through artwork and accessories, and we have our room plan!  I think the key with stone fireplaces is to not go crazy with pattern in your upholstery fabrics because the stone in itself is already very busy.

As you can see from the photos below, these designers and home owners did the exact same thing.  They selected textiles and furnishings that enhanced the stone, rather than ignored it.  The stone no longer stands out like a sore thumb, and instead, it blends in and flows with the rest of the space.

{Basement by Candice Olson}

{House Beautiful}

{Elle Decor}

{anyone know the source on this one?}

{House Beautiful}



{Coastal Living magazine}

{Veranda Magazine}

The funny thing is, that after the project is over and the decorating around the stone fireplace is done, clients usually tell me that they don’t hate their big stone fireplace anymore.  I guess that means my work is done!