Domestic & Curated

I recently attended a book signing in conjunction with the Design Excellence Awards by Paper City Magazine (a must read for those living in Dallas or Houston) and we picked up a signed copy of “Domestic Art: Curated Interiors” for the office. Browsing through it today (it’s a fabulous book) this entry by Jan Showers caught my eye. I’ve always loved the contrast (and that the art would be SO easy to replicate) but I had never seen the rest of the house belonging to Kimberly and Justin Whitman.

Sorry for the poorly scanned image, but this living room is TO-DIE-FOR. Perfectly “curated,” it of course has Jan Showers’ signature glamour factor without any of the Hollywood Glamour cheese.

The lamps by Hinson are perfection as is the framed woven paper work by artist Rusty Scruby.

Interior Photos by Ka Yeung Photography.