Furniture Friday: Slipcovered Sofas

This edition of Furniture Friday is a little bit self-serving. I’ve been looking for a new sofa for…ev…er… and I know I can’t be alone. I think this piece of furniture has to be one of the hardest. Even though I truly agree with Celerie Kemble who basically said: the sofa is like the potatoes, you wouldn’t build a whole meal around a starch, so why build your whole room around a sofa?!  Okay, I butchered the quote but my point is, the sofa must still must live up to a lot of expectations. Timeless, durable, comfortable, washable, the list goes on and on. My search for the perfect slipcovered sofa is not over, but I thought I’d share the different styles that I’ve found.

Contemporary with Graphic Touches:

Ondine from Top Design used a similar (non slipped) sofa from Plantation in one of her rooms. I would love to use this in a black and white room. This is the “Contemporary” sofa from Quatrine.

“New Contemporary” also from Quatrine gets its punch from contrasting piping.


Pottery Barn’s Square Grand Slipcovered Sofa

PB’s Jackson Sofa

Clean Lined with Scooped


Best Slipcover Company’s “Charles” Sofa…I love this one!

“Grace” by Quatrine

Charlotte by MG+BW (who, BTW, is having 20% off custom upholstery orders right now)


I have a weakness for English Rolled Arms…this is a new sofa from Restoration Hardware.

The fabulous, Windsor Smith’s slipcovered sofa.

A sofa from Lee Industries, they have the most comfortable eco -friendly sofas, I hope to own one.

Pottery Barn’s Comfort Grand Sofa, I like that you have the option for a box cushion back.


I really like this one from Quatrine, it’s simple but still has a little pizzazz!

I’m positive this sofa is by Lee, but I actually found it here.

“Luzerne” from the new, Bernhardt Interiors line.


“Taylor” by Bernhardt.

MG+BW strikes again!

So do you have a favorite?  Any more sources for great slipcovered sofas you’d like to share??