To Chop or Not to Chop…

I want to know your answer to the age old decorating question…to chop or not to chop? What on earth am I talking about, you ask? Karate chopped pillows! Do you love? Do you hate?

Examples of “The Chop:”

{image from Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper}

Phoebe Howard does it…

{image from Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper}

{image from Simple Style}

You often see karate chopped pillows on pillow-back sofas (see above).

Palmer Weiss did it.

Renea Abbot of Shabby Slips chops.

{Elle Decor May 2007}

This living room has long been a favorite, and the pillows are indeed, chopped.

Pillows, Sans Chop:

I’ve always loved the headboard in this Domino bedroom,but I just noticed that the pillows lay pretty flat.

This photo from the Dovecote website shows a pillow-back sofa with no chopped pillows.

{photo from La Dolce Vita}

These pillows just gracefully lay softly on the sofa…no chop necessary.

{Ms. Howard Personal Shopper}

The gals at Mrs. Howard switch it up on this bed, and goes no chop.

{Gary Spain via So Haute}

“Subtle Chop”:

{Photo from La Dolce Vita}

I decided to take a third category for the pillows that are just barely karate-d…it looks like the chopper showed a little restraint to the chop-ee.

{via Habitually Chic}

In the San Fransisco store, Sarlo, the pillows are moderately violated.

{via Porchlight Interiors}

A side chop! Interesting!

Ahhh, one of my favorite living rooms ever by Gerrie Bremmerman. The pillows are simple, but the color really makes a statement.

{photo from Blueprint Bliss}

You must check out Fran Keenan’s entire house as seen in the late Cottage Living, but the pillows on her sofa have just a hint of chop.

So do you have a strong opinion on this “hot topic?” C’mon, I wanna hear it!