Painting Walls & Trim the Same Color


My apologies for the lack of creative post title, but it expresses exactly what I want to talk about.  I absolutely love when walls/trim/cabinetry are painting the same paint color, preferably in a high gloss!  Now this isn’t for the faint of heart, and it sure helps if you have very strong architectural “bones” to begin with.  The first designer that comes to mind that does this frequently is Miles Redd, the second is Katie Ridder – probably because I’m obsessed with her use of turquoise.

Miles Redd

A fabulous room by Miles Redd.

katie ridder

katie ridder 2

Above two rooms by Katie Ridder.


Not sure who designed this room but the black walls don’t seem so imposing when you through in a dash of pink!

427184_10151314704221896_825597908_nScreen shot 2013-03-01 at 8.18.50 AM

If lighter colors make you more comfortable, the above two images show more pastel hues.  I especially like the soft pink room because I have  feeling everyone’s complexion just glows in this space much like in candlelight.

041_Bowl_9780307266224 237424211576613815_SHKtNzOd_cmunger interiors

I also like warm whites or putty tones in spaces of architectural perfection.  The perfect way to highlight beautiful paneling, like in this Dining Room above by Munger Interiors.  


And then there’s everybody’s “Dream Paris Apartment” look.  Herringbone wood floors and white paneling with intricate detail is something you just can’t fake very well.  Le Sigh.  So would you do it, could you commit to one paint color everywhere?  I sure could!