Sexy MASCULINE Decor (no sports posters)!

I usually write about very feminine interiors because that is what I do, but I also have a love of the more masculine spaces that the male  gender puts together so effortlessly. They have  a way of expressing their masculinity and intellectuality through the use of perfectly straight lines, dark brooding colors, rustic  and earthy accesories, mind easing symmetry, and a sophisticated edge that says “I am Man, hear me DECORATE!”


Our first subject is the work of Thom Filicia. One of my favorite designers! I love this sleek cottage that he put together for himself.  Notice the super straight lines  in the upholstered chairs as well as the beams on the ceiling which he accentuated by painting the rest of the ceiling white.  Speaking of white, I’ve noticed men prefer an off-white over bright white or a white with a hint of grey. This keeps things a little more muted for them, which they like. I know my husband sometimes wishes I was a little more “muted”!


This is the entry at Thom’s cabin. Again he adds the rustic elements with the stone floors, antique wooden console.  He mixes the old and the new with the contrast of the modern chrome table lamp. Very classy! It says I am down to earth, but still very sophisticated and refined at the same time.  He had said he put the bar in the entry to let people know that this is a place to relax, have a drink, and enjoy yourself, but the way he does it you know he isn’t planning on having a beer pong contest!


This is one of my very favorite spaces by Thom. It is his own living room in NYC! He uses a similar color pallete with the dusty grey-blues, taupes, and tans. He repeats the use of the straight lines in the coffee tables with the lines in the partition wall behind the sofa and behind that in the lines of his four poster bed. He adds the earthy elements in the gorgeous jute rug. What straight guys need to learn is that a home can really say a lot about who you are to your guests. If I walked into a guy’s house and it looked like this, well, let’s not go there, plus I’m married, but WOW! Notice there are no sports posters, leather recliners, or HUGE obnoxious flat screen tvs!


Another amazing designer whos interiors always ooze in a sexy, sophisticated masculinity is Robert Passal. Notice, again, the straight lines are making a bold presense and not just in the most obvious way.  I love the old architectural drafts that he framed as art on the wall.  The colors scheme is similar to that of Thom’s but Robert’s decor is a little more daring with the bold pattern on the floor and the faux fur upholstery on the armchair. This is definintely a room that could make a girl weak in the knees!


This is another amazing space by Robert Passal. This was at the Kips Bay Showhouse in 2005 and I was lucky enough to see it in person and it was GORGEOUS! So luxurious, and elegant, but with strong masculine undertones. I love how Robert uses his art collections to express his sophisticated sense of style, and again he uses a graphic funky rug to liven things up and show that he isn’t taking himself too seriously all the time. The colors are AMAZING in this space. Muted!  That’s what gives it the sexy smoldering appeal that gets our hearts racing. This room has the class and sex appeal of the Sean Connery/James Bond era that seems to be fading in men of the 21st century. Sorry guys, the truth hurts!

A few more examples which repeat the ingredients to a sexy, masuline space that we have discussed…




So Sexy Guys! You know what women want ,so do us a favor and open up a help-line for all those beer bellied, sports worshipping, socks-throwing-on-the-floor, men that we get stuck with.



**This article in no way represents my wonderful husband who I am no longer allowed to write about. He does not have a beer belly (mainly because he has incredible metabolism) he does not throw his socks on the floor (fingers crossed behind my back) and even though he locks me and the girls out of the room while watching sports so that we don’t “jinx” his teams in no way means he is a crazed sports fanatic. It is not his fault that he doesn’t know the difference between “asking nicely” and “nagging” and it doesn’t make him any less lovable.  It’s just a horrible disease that you were born with as a straight man, but  don’t worry, your loving wife is here to help you overcome it! 😉 Love you Sweetie! xoxo

…I am going to get in so much trouble for this! LOL