Design On A Dime 2012

It’s no surprise that renowned interior designer Genevieve Gorder from HGTV designed a fabulous vignette at this years Design on a Dime event.  She shows us how easy it is to pull a room together using almost everything from Housing Works thrift store.  The key ingredient: Valspar paint.   It’s truly amazing what you can do with a can of paint and some thrift store finds.  All you need is a little imagination and the desire to freshen things up a bit.  I had the opportunity to speak with Genevieve and found out exactly where the inspiration came from and how she was able to pull it all together so perfectly.

Here’s Genevieve’s DOAD vignette.  How amazing does that Luscious Green look on the walls? (Valspar 6010-7)

Q:  What was the inspiration for your palette?


A:  I tend to go through phases where I’m obsessed with certain colors and at the moment, it’s emerald green.  I’m also really drawn to golds, yellows and peonie pink so I was ready to bring out  all the big players and really make the room come alive.  I of course had to work in the neutrals to balance everything out and make sure one color complimented the next.  The seasons also help to inspire, as do the latest colors in fashion.


Those Golden Delight chairs are a ray of sunshine (Valspar 3005-1A)


Q: Did you use spray paint or was everything brushed on?  How easy is it to re-purpose the furniture?


A:  The emerald green on the walls was rolled out like you would with any wall but all the furniture was sprayed using Valspar’s non drip spray paint which is truly remarkable.  It really doesn’t drip which makes refurbishing furniture very easy and gives each piece an even finish.  You can do anything with this paint and truly turn anything dull and tired into something fabulous



Q: How did you decide on the accent colors?


A:  It was all about being really graphic and using bright pops.  Accents are made to be colorful



Q:  Are all the pieces in your vignette from Housing Works?


A:  95% of it is from Housing Works on 17th Street.  My original thought was to create a living room but when I got there and realized they didn’t have a sofa I could use,  my vignette became a dining area.  Regardless of the room you’re designing, you can always find great pieces at Housing Works


Not only is her room stunning but so is she.  A very pretty woman on tv but even prettier in person


Q: What’s your favorite piece in the room?


A:  These Falcon pendants.  Who wouldn’t want these, right?  When I bought them they were full of terrible color and looked tired and dated so I sprayed them with a high gloss black which instantly made them cool.  Now they really stand out and add a great element to the room


Amazing!  I believe Genevieve bought these herself because she was so pleased with the transformation! (color: Valspar Lincoln Cottage Black 2009-2)


Q: Is there anything people should know about Valspar paint in particular?

A: The thing I love about Valspar is they have a love your color guarantee.  If you don’t love the original color you put up, you can purchase another color and get reimbursed for the first one that didn’t work out.  It’s amazing.  They really know how to take care of their customers.

 Visit Valspar Paint for more information on their Love Your Color Guarantee

In addition to Genevieve’s vignette there were many other colorful rooms thanks to Valspar Paint.  Take a look at some of the creative designs and goodies that were selling like hot cakes.  A lot sold on opening night but I went by the sale on Saturday with a client and there were still great deals to be had.  If you missed Design on a Dime this year, be sure to put it on your calendar for next.  It’s a great night for a great cause and you won’t go home empty handed

Tilton Fenwick designed an adorable kids’ room with lots of color and a fabulous wall treatment done by TalkingWalls.  Daybed: The New Traditionalists, Striped Rug: Merida Meridian

The Tilton Fenwick team looking beautiful as always!

C Wonder’s beautiful blue and white table (with splashes of red)


Nick Olsen’s colorful space including that gorgeous Spitzmiller lamp which went home with Stylebeat – lucky girl!

So many things to swoon over – I was lucky enough to snag that black and white pillow for my own home

Harry Heissmann Inc

Housing Works

Matthew Patrick Smyth

Miles Redd

Flair – I know the proud owner of that smashing desk

Tiger Lily’s Greenwich

Amanda Nisbet

One of my all time faves – Lillian August

Lifestyle by Maria Gabriela Brito

Dering Hall

Neal Beckstedt Studio

High Falls Mercantile

So many amazing designers and fun people to see at this event.  Most importantly all the proceeds enable Housing Works’ efforts to end homelessness and AIDS.  It’s a win win for all.  Enjoy the beautiful designs from this years benefit and join us next year for another bound to be successful party.