Your house is never fully complete until you have a dining room (casual or formal) where you, your friends and family can sit down and enjoy good food and good company.  It’s the one place in your home that brings everyone together so why not make it the one place that everyone enjoys and wants to spend time in.  Take the time to think about the style and design of the space.  Should it be cozy and comfortable, bold and colorful, a mixture of old and new?  Whatever look you’re trying to accomplish, make sure it’s well lit and there’s plenty of space for everyone to gather around.

This is a great blend of old and new

Perfect contrast between the table and chairs

A beautiful airy room in Malibu

A modern square is the perfect table to include everyone in the same conversation

Light and bright by the sea

Traditional with a twist of modern

A smaller, city friendly scene

People often think of the color grey as boring and dull and lump it in the same category as black and white (which is also by no means boring and dull).  In decorating, grey can add an element to a room that you never knew existed.  Just because you’re not adding bright reds or oranges doesn’t mean your room will be any less exciting…and if you’re dying to add that bright punch, grey is the perfect color to play off of and accessorize with.  Take a look at some of these beautiful designs done with the color grey:

This beautiful bookshelf was “grey-washed” and has the perfect balance of rustic and elegance

All the greys and natural materials (wood, glass and metal) play off of each other to create this romantic Living Room

The grey tufted headboard paired with calming whites keeps this bedroom very serene

The grey floral wallpaper and crushed grey velvet tufted ottoman make this otherwise dull room shine!

Ahhh…grey (possibly velvet cut?) damask against stark white contrast trim

A Design Star duo from HGTV created this innovative Dining Room with this geometric pattern on the walls and floor.  Talk about making a statement!

The men from this season’s Design Star on HGTV created this space using grey on the walls and added a focus wall of bright colored stripes

Definitely don’t be afraid of charcoal lacquered walls

It’s all about the contrast in this entry hall

I’ve been shopping for ceiling fixtures for clients a ton lately and I’ve come across a lot that i like.  I even dug up my old source book and found some of my favorite fixtures that have caught my eye in the past.  The dining room and kitchen are two rooms that are begging for great fixtures centered over the table.  If your table isn’t lit up with an eye catching fixture, it’s time to shed a little light on the situation.

So, I was on one of my mad Craigslist hunts for a diamond in the rough piece for one of my clients (I love the NYC craigslist! You can find some amazing stuff, but that’s a different post)

….when I came across this image of an apartment of two young artists/designers who were selling off some of their furniture to pay for classes, books, and other college paraphernalia, and I was really, really impressed! I mean, this apartment could  be in a magazine!

…or at least a really cool blog!  😉

So here it is! This is the home of college students Jorge Gomez and his boyfriend Craig Warfield. They are an amazingly talented, young NYC couple whose futures are sure to be bright!




View of dining room. I love the green chairs against the leopard print rug and the contrast of the mod accents with the traditional French armchair in gold gilt on the right.  I also love how they aren’t afraid to mix the gold and silver accents.  I don’t know how many times I have told clients that, “YES! It’s ok to mix gold and silver!”  Here is proof! I’m saving this picture for the next time someone questions me!

Ok, so not only is their apartment way nicer than mine ever was when I was in design school, but  Jorge is also an AMAZING artist!  Check out some of his work below which is completely my style and I am definintely going to buy a piece!

…right after I finish renovating my really old house…might be a while 🙁

These remind me of all the old vintage Parisian fashion posters that I love with the style and color schemes he uses, but of course he puts a modern twist on them! Wow, I wish I was this talented!


l: “cote d’azur”
acrylic and swarovski on canvas
30″ x 40″

This one reminds me of the Material Girl’s Marie Antoinette caricatures! Love it!


l: portrait series [untitled 5]
acrylic, gold leaf, and swarovski on canvas
30″ x 40″
r: portrait series [untitled 4]
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
30″ x 40″


l: portrait series [untitled 5]
acrylic, gold leaf, and swarovski on canvas
30″ x 40″
r: portrait series [untitled 4]
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
30″ x 40″

And here they are!  Like I said…SO YOUNG! But also SO, SO, SO, so, so, so.. T A L E N T E D !

I can’t wait to see what these two will doing in 5 years! Good luck guys! (NOT THAT YOU NEED LUCK!)

studentspicLeft to Right: Craig Warfield, 2nd year student at Hunter College, and Jorge Gomez,  Senior at Parsons.  Both are fine art students.

So, I was looking through some old files I had on my computer of rooms I had put together a few years ago when I had just started my business. They weren’t for anyone in particular. I was just anxious to start creating beautiful spaces, and I guess I must have been a little bored. Two kids and two businesses later, I can’t even remember what “bored” feels like.

Anyway, this was one of my favorite room designs that I came across. It is for a dining room concept. So take it, it’s yours! Put it to good use and if anyone actually does it, just send me a picture please!


Oh how I do love YELLOW! Any bold graphic wallpaper will work in this room!

Dining Chairs:

These weren’t in my original design, but a client sent me this photo the other day of two chairs she found in Soho at Penine Hart Antiques but they had been sold so she wanted me to reproduce them. It was love at first sight for me! I told her that even if she doesn’t order them I am going to make them for myself!


I love a good zebra print rug! Nothing like a nice bold graphic pattern to make a statement in a room! The Rug Company also make a gorgeous uber-expensive zebra print by Diane Von Furstenberg. (Why do all designers have such cool names except me…Hilary Mary White…BORING! And if I take my husband’s last name it will be Hilary Mary Mayer! Oh, hell no! But I still love you sweetie, just not your boring last name!) xoxo

Moooooooooooooi Chandelier:

Available at Unica Home, but there is a cheaper knock off sold at Modani in Miami, but be careful with Modani, two of my client’s complained about their customer service. Apparently they are a little snooty (DON’T BE SNOOTY! WE HATE SNOOTY!) …but their furniture is so cool and their prices are great too!

Dining Table by Oly Studio

I’m a sucker for a claw foot and a good lacquer!

Lamps by Barbara Cosgrove:

I saw these first a few years ago at the ICFF in NY. I’m sure they aren’t cheap, but they are really a showstopper! Very Kelly! (Oh, you know who I mean!)

Buffet by Vanguard Furniture:

They are really starting to get trendy with their pieces! Of course, you can’t go wrong with black and white!

Then I would accessorize with a funky mirror over the buffet. Maybe a starburst ( I know, they are so overdone, but I love them anyway!) or something ornate. I’m not sure what color drapes I’d do…any suggestions???