Egg Pod Chair – Here’s the Cheapest & Best Replicas Online!

Egg Pod Chair – Here’s the Cheapest & Best Replicas Online!


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There’s not a shortage of designs that we can thank the late designer and architect Arne Jacobsen for.

His brilliant mind has really taken the simplicity of modern design to the next level with all the different chairs that he actually masterminded.

Most of his designs are still popular  even in our day and it just keeps being reinvented by new designers.

In the previous guide, I talked about the Arne Jacobsen Oxford chair which had some really functional design aspects.

It combined mid-century looks with modern curves and simplicity which has become a hit through the years.

But as I have already mentioned earlier, there are some other chairs that Jacobsen has designed and one of them we’re going to talk about in this guide.

They’re called the Egg Pod chairs and back in the time when they were invented, they looked really futuristic and they still do even up to our day.

But just like any other authentic designer furniture, egg pod chairs can be a bit expensive but thankfully, there are high-quality replicas that can be found in the market.

But before going through each one of them, let me first give a brief history of these modern designs by the great designer and architect Arne Jacobsen.

The Origin Of The Egg Pod Chair

egg pod chair

Egg Pod is actually a design variation of the original Egg chair which has been designed by the Danish designer himself, Arne Jacobsen back in 1958.

He made it for the Radisson SAS hotel located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is manufactured by the company Republic of Fritz Hansen.

The design features of the egg reflect the typical Jacobsen style which uses state-of-the-art material to ensure durability and performance.

Many believe that it is inspired by the “womb chair” which is a design by Eero Saarinen because of some traits that appear to be similar but no one really knows except Arne Jacobsen himself who designed it.

Its closest relative in terms of design is the “swan chair” which has been designed along with other chairs like the Ant, the Grand Prix chair, The Cigar, the Drop, the Pot, and the Giraffe.¬†

Top 5 Egg Pod Chairs on The Market

The Egg has had plenty of design variations over the years but the overall form and shape remain the same.

So let’s start exploring the market for the best egg chair brands which look and work great without the expensive price tag.

Let’s start with the best ones I found:

1. Ovalia White Shell Egg Pod Chair

Via Walmart

The Ovalia Egg Pod chair has been around for decades and some even say that it is as old as the “chicken and egg debate”.

The design is the brainchild of Henrik Thor-Larsen and it is based on the Aarnio Ball Chair with the uniqueness primarily resting on the fact that it looks distinctly like an egg.

If you were able to watch Men in Black then you would surely recognize it from one of the scenes in the movie.

It was first produced in 1978 and most replicas that you’ll find at present are made using the same hollow fiberglass shell with the interior portion being covered by a fabric of weave wool.

Inside the pod lies 2 foam-filled cushions that add comfort to its overall performance.

  • Dimensions: 54.6 inches (H) x 35.1 inches (W) x 28.1 inches (D)
  • Features a 360-swivel mechanism
  • Works great as a centerpiece especially in spacious rooms having multiple focal points
  • Weave wool fabric upholstery with two foal-filled cushions
  • Durable hollow fiberglass shell material
  • Perfect for both home and office use

It’s important to note that this chair is quite huge so be sure that your doorway is at least 29 inches just to be on the safe side.

2. Ovalia Black Shell Egg Pod Chair

Via Amazon

This next chair comes from the same manufacturer but features a different color instead of light pastel colors, this one exudes more vibes of masculinity compared to the previous one I just gave.

It’s perfect for light-painted rooms which need a piece of furniture that provides contrast. It may also serve as a centerpiece in your husband’s man cave at home.

When the original version of the Egg pod chair stopped production in 1978, replica chairs started getting into the market which used the same hollow fiberglass shell to help make transporting the chair a lot easier.

The interior material uses weave wool fabric which is made more comfortable and cozy by two foam-filled cushions.

Its overall design makes it fit for both home and commercial use though enough care needs to be observed especially with kids since they’re fond of spinning swivel furniture around.

The Ovalia Black Shell Egg Pod chair works great as a centerpiece or when combined with other furniture especially in a room that has a wider area.

  • Dimensions: 54.6 inches (H) x 35.1 inches (W) x 28.1 inches (D)
  • Beautiful Black and Red color combination
  • Egg shape ergonomic seat design
  • Features a 360 degrees swivel seat design
  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • Works well as a centerpiece
  • Blends well with other chairs
  • Durable hollow fiberglass shell with weave wool fabric interior
  • 2 foam-filled cushions for added comfort

The door for your home or office must be at least 29 inches so that this egg chair can enter in smoothly. Its shell features a sparkle finish so it exudes elegance like no other chair can. That’s what makes this chair perfect for those who want to have a design upgrade.

3. Modway Encase Egg Swing

Via Amazon


Egg chairs are not only made for use inside the house, but there are also those that can be used outdoors and the Modway Encase Egg Swing is just one of them.

It offers a cozy place to relax while you’re lounging outside of your home. It’s a perfect piece of a chair for your patio especially during the summer season.

Curl-up in it and feel the soft and smooth feel that the foam cushion provides or grab your favorite book and the egg swing will be a perfect place to read in.

  • Dimensions: 43.5 inches (L) x 40 inches (W) x 71 inches (H)
  • Perfect “Patio Refresh” piece which upgrades an ordinary patio into a place that offers rest and relaxation
  • Durable and sturdy frame that’s powder-coated so it can be protected against the elements. The seat material is made up of synthetic rattan which creates a luxurious-looking place for relaxation
  • The woven texture that this outdoor egg chair swing has gives it contemporary style looks with its gentle curves, texture, and overall organic appeal
  • Eye-catching design that is perfect for the poolside or even inside your home
  • Stylish lounge spot chair where you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine
  • All-weather cushion has a cover that’s machine washable
  • Water and fade-resistant cushion so you can enjoy lasting comfort
  • Comes with a sturdy steel stand and a durable hanging chain

With this chair added to your living room, poolside, or patio, achieving a modern-style lounge will surely be an easier thing to achieve.

It allows you to embark on moments of rebirth and metamorphosis with its exotic design.

It’s a total transformation from the usual chairs that you already have and will definitely take your overall design to the next level.

The hanging egg chair swing is also made to be sturdy and durable so you can enjoy lounging in it for a long time.

4. Kardiel Modern Ball Chair

Via Amazon

The elongated form of the egg chair has taken a new design variation in this Kardiel Modern Ball Chair. Fill your home or office with one or more of these funky-looking furniture and everything will surely change from normal to awesome!

It looks very much like the “space-age pods” that you see in sci-fi movies.

It is originally designed by Eero Aarnio back in the 1960s and it’s intended to be a chair for him and his wife.

The design basically takes away the usual corners of a normal chair and molded it to form a sliced sphere that has a hollow part on the center which is meant to be a space for sitting and relaxation.

  • Dimensions: 49.3 inches (H) x 49.3 inches (W) x 28.7 inches (D)
  • Can accommodate as many cushions as you want
  • Curl up, twirl, then you’ll get the feeling of floating to your own planet in it.
  • Turn it to a wall or place it in a corner and it will result in a sound-blocking effect which works great if you share the home with some overly active kids or noisy people
  • Made from fiberglass that is painted on the inside then upholstered using wool fabric that is hand-stitched together to form a pattern that resembles an umbrella
  • Soft foam is used to fill the cushions and the covers are removable and washable
  • Cast iron base to provide stability and it is rounded off with a ball bearing to support the swivel mechanism so spinning in it would be easy

With this awesome piece of furniture added to your home or office, relaxing and lounging would surely become a futuristic experience.

And with the help of its soft cushion and sound-blocking capability, you’re sure to find a perfect space to relax or even sleep in especially after a day of busywork.

5. Simple Modern Fashion Living Room Ball Chair

Via Amazon

Another example of how egg chairs can transform into a more futuristic design that resembles a spherical spaceship capable of inter-galactic travel.

That’s what the Simple Modern Fashion Living Room Ball Chair is ready to offer.

It features a durable plastic sphere frame that has a soft and comfortable interior with size different color options.

Its unconventional design and durable construction have helped it secure a place in homes and offices around the world.

One of the awesome features that the round egg chair has is its sound-blocking ability especially when you turn it to face the wall.

It’s a perfect way of staying away from unnecessary noise especially if you want to relax and read your favorite book.

  • Dimensions: 46 inches x 44 inches x 32 inches (LxWxD)
  • Made of durable painted plastic chair frame
  • Features a soft interior that is available in red, orange, green, blue, light blue, and gray cashmere finish
  • The sound-blocking ability that it has makes it a perfect lounge chair for reading and relaxing
  • Can serve as a centerpiece or as an accent chair in your living room
  • Offers a great comfortable seat feeling and a safe enclosed area when you feel tired and stressed
  • Fits well in sitting rooms, study rooms, leisure area, bedrooms, club, offices, etc

Some Amazon sellers offer free shipping for this ball chair so be sure to do a research first to find which one really has the best offer in terms of price and overall transport cost.

In terms of quality, you will never go wrong with it because it’s one of the top-rated egg/ball chairs that you will ever find online.

And just like any ball/egg chair, you will need to see to it that your home or office door is wide enough to let it in or you’ll need to spend more on making the door wide enough to fit the ball in upon delivery.

High-Quality Egg Pod Chairs That Costs Less

Interior design and making your home or office look modern becomes an easier job when you have some futuristic design chairs like the ones I gave above.

The egg chair may have been around for more than 50 years but its timeless design still proves to be effective even to our time.

But just like the other designer chairs in the market, finding an authentic one can be hard and most of the time, they’re too expensive.

That’s why most people go for the replicas that cost much cheaper but still work great.

The smooth shape that the egg chair has perfectly captures the futuristic design and feel which fits perfectly in most modern design houses.

Have you tried getting a replica egg pod chair?

Where did you find one and how much did it cost you? What do you think about its overall performance? Please feel free to share with us your experience in the comments section below.

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