Stuhrling Watch Review (Are They Good Quality Watches?)

Stuhrling Watch Review (Are They Good Quality Watches?)

Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Dive Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Dive Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Self-Wind Skeleton Wristwatch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Self-Wind Skeleton Wristwatch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Dress + Casual Design 3997Z

Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Dress + Casual Design 3997Z

These days, watches (more specifically, wristwatches) are taken for granted.

In the old days, having a watch meant you weren’t just a regular person; having a watch signified higher financial standing and symbolizes affluence.

Not everyone could easily acquire a watch back then.

Today, in the age of technology, watches are so common than most people have more than one.

Why? Because the watch needs to fit the occasion it’s going to be attending.

It’s no longer the essential time-teller it once was because you can see the time almost everywhere you go.

Even your smartphone can tell it to you, out loud.

It is now in the category of fashion accessories.

Stuhrling is relatively new in the watch industry. Its target is the mid-level market.

Their watches have designs that could be considered innovative but also affordable.

Although Stuhrling wants to be considered a leader in trendsetting, they also want to be attainable by the common public.

With a combination of revolutionary assembly, applied modern technology, and even parts selection, Stuhrling can certainly achieve a status in the world of watches.

But would Stuhrling be a good watch for you?

Let’s find out in the next few minutes.

History Of Stuhrling Watches

If you just look at the name, you would think that this is a European-based brand.

Well, there is some truth to that as the name is based on Max Stuhrling, an expert horologist who resided in Switzerland in the late 1800s.

But that’s where the European comparisons stop as Stuhrling is actually an American company that entered the watch-making industry to cater to the needs of the mid-level market.

As previously stated, Stuhrling would be no more than a child in the watch industry.

Compared to the other watch brands that have been around since the 1800s, it was birthed in 1999.

Chaim Fischer started the Stuhrling brand in New York that year.

However, because of the speed of the evolution of technology and the internet, Stuhrling immediately went into the online market strategy in 2002 (just 3 years after it was founded).

In fact, it was a partnership with George on Burg and Stuhrling’s very own great-grandson, Max Stuhrling IV, who initiated the internet marketing.

Where Do They Make Stuhrling Watches?

The brand claims that they use “traditional Swiss watchmaking” processes.

However, they have gotten some bad rep from critics because most of their watches are manufactured and produced in Hong Kong. 

Compared to the other “Swiss-made” watches, or even the Japanese quartz movements, Stuhrling would be lower on the totem pole as some of the Stuhrling watches use Chinese movements.

The assembly, components, and even the actual manufacturing are all done in Hong Kong.

Stuhrling doesn’t claim to be “Swiss-made” therefore we can safely think that it didn’t adhere to the 60% Rule of Swiss-made products.

To be fair, they do have models that use the Swiss movement, but nothing else is Swiss.

If you are somewhat concerned with the socioeconomic status your watch will bring you, then maybe t would be better to invest in a higher-end royalty watch such as Omega or Rolex.

But if you only want a nice-looking watch that definitely has durability and can still get you to most social events, Stuhrling is definitely a good option to consider.

Are Stuhrling Watches Good Quality?

The first thing that catches your attention when shopping for a watch would undoubtedly be the design.

Stuhrling has some superb artists when it comes to designing gorgeous and exceptional watches.

It’s a guarantee that people will give a compliment when they see the Stuhrling watch you’re wearing.

In addition, not only are the watches aesthetically appealing, but they are also designed to fit the user’s wrist to be as comfortable as possible.

It is highly possible that you would buy a Stuhrling watch just because of how it looks on your wrist without even looking at the movement and other parts yet.

Stuhrling cases are made from top-notch stainless steel (surgical-grade, in fact).

If you need something with more class, ceramic cases are available for limited edition watches or for their collection of the highest-priced Stuhrling watches.

And the band is not too shabby as well.

It comes in either custom-made rubber straps (for the more chic-conscious), leather (formal events), or stainless steel (the most popular).

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even choose to get crocodile or alligator straps. 

Due to the fairly affordable prices of Stuhrling watches, you can purchase one that you’d want to use daily, and another one with a little bit of pizzazz for those special occasions.

Stuhrling watches are some of the best bang-for-buck watches in the market today.

If you are an avid follower of watches, then you would know what tourbillon watches actually cost.

Let’s just say that they’re not you’re regular run-of-the-mill products.

For example, a “regular” authentic Swiss tourbillon mechanical watch would be in the (ready?) $50,000 to $100,000 price range.

Stuhrling has its version of a tourbillon watch and sells it for a “relatively” cheap price in the $1,300 level.

So if you want to get a premium collectors edition watch but don’t want to file for bankruptcy, then you might want to take a look at the Stuhrling Tourbillon Watch.

As with all watches, Sturhling or not, you can easily change the straps to something that would fit the mood better.

You could easily do it yourself (Youtube has some great training resources) or you can visit the closest watch service center if you have no time to tinker with it.

As for the critics’ concerns with Stuhrling watches, most of it is in the fact that they are produced in Hong Kong.

Although not the worst place in the world to manufacture a watch, they are certainly not in the ballpark of the Swiss, Denmark, or even the Japanese quality movements.

Comparable watches with the Stuhrling design are Fossil or Invicta. When it comes to pure quality, watches like Seiko or even Citizen might be better although Stuhrling designs are definitely more pleasing.

Another issue with Stuhrling watches is that some of the models’ cases are fairly thick.

The design of the said watch would be exceptional, but the case would be sometimes uncomfortable for the user.

Other complaints include problems with accuracy, which is a pretty big thing when you’re talking about a timekeeper.

These are more evident with automatic watches, which have been known to have a disparity of a few seconds every day.

Corrective measures include resetting it more frequently to get the correct time (or in this case, as close as possible).

To be fair, Stuhrling isn’t the only brand that struggles with this.

Stuhrling Industry Reputation

Stuhrling watches are somewhat of an anomaly in the watch industry.

They sell their watches exclusively online, meaning there is no physical store that you can go to test it out and see how it feels in your wrist (other than maybe going to the factory in Hong Kong).

If you are simply looking for an affordable everyday watch that looks great but can also pretty much survive the daily grind, then Stuhrling watches are a no-brainer.

They have models that are priced at $100 (or less) that will still catch the attention simply because of its beautiful design.

However, when you are a person who simply needs to have the best watches in the premium or high-end spectrum, then this is where Stuhrling falls short of the industry standards.

Stuhrling watches are categorized as a fashion mid-level watch, nowhere in the level of the high-end brands.

You can’t even call then a “cheaper Omega”, for example.

The one thing going for Stuhrling watches are their amazingly beautiful designs.

Critics and customer reviews are very mixed.

There are those who praise the brand because of the craftsmanship put into the design concepts; there are also those who have a negative evaluation of it because again, it is produced and manufactured in Hong Kong, not exactly a renowned watchmaking location.

It is widely believed that Chinese watch movements are used on most Stuhrling watches, although this has never been proven.

On some online stores, Stuhrling claims that they use only Japanese quartz movements or the more reliable Swiss movements.

But because they don’t label their watches as “Swiss-made”, that claim is also in doubt.

Are Stuhrling watches good for the daily use of a regular working person? Absolutely!

Can they pass a high-end collectors lineup?

Most probably not.

Stuhrling Watch Models

Here are some of the most popular and bestselling models of the Stuhrling brand.

There will be a short review of the specific models but it is always better to do your own due diligence before making a decision.

Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Dive Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Via Amazon


Stuhrling’s Aquadiver Collection has some serious models.

Not the least of which is the Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Dive Watch.

One of the brand’s most popular models, this bad boy is water-resistant up to an amazing 100 meters.

It even has the “screw-down crown” concept that is being used by other professional diver’s watches.

The logic is that once the crown is screwed down, water is unable to enter the watch because of the waterproof seal.

Although called a diver’s watch, this beauty can actually go with you wherever you go.

A premium-looking watch with an adjustable bracelet, a Japanese Miyota movement, and a 42mm-diameter stainless steel case, it is quite affordable for its qualities.



Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Self-Wind Skeleton Wristwatch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Skeleton Gold-Tone Wrist-Watch

Via Amazon

One of the rare Stuhrling models made in the USA, it is a great-looking watch for casual to high-end events.

A skeleton dial is always a marvel to look at and this one has a great design.

This watch will definitely entice some attention. 

An automatic, self-winding mechanical movement, this watch uses your own kinetic movements to give added running power to the watch, therefore you don’t need to worry about replacing the batteries. All you need to do is wear it and move around.

One issue is if you’re looking for the most precise and long-lasting watch, you would probably be better off going for a quartz movement watch.

Also, the price may not be as affordable as some of its comparable quality.



Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Dress + Casual Design

Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Dress + Casual Design

Via Amazon

For those that are financially-strapped, here is a beautiful, simplistic-design from Stuhrling that will be perfect for you.

Minimalist it definitely is and it exudes elegance and class to anyone who wears it.

As the name suggests, this watch can be used for either a casual event or an even more glamorous dress occasion.

Its unique design will complement whatever it is you’re wearing to the affair.

Because of its simple and sleek form, it is very light to wear around. 

Plus combined with the authentic leather strap, it feels like a natural on any wrist.

A bonus is the quick set date for those traveling to different countries and needs frequent adjustments on the dates. This watch is both simple and loud at the same time.



Stuhrling Original Men’s Tourbillon Limited Edition Mechanical Ceramic Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s OB41 Tourbillon Specter Limited Edition Mechanical Ceramic Watch

One thing to note, there are only a limited number of Stuhrling Tourbillon watches made so there is a chance that by the time you search for this model, it could be sold out.

This particular Stuhrling tourbillon is a black polished ceramic that can hold its own underwater for up to 50 meters (165 feet). 

If you are a confirmed watch enthusiast, this is a good watch for you to consider.

As we stated before, tourbillon watches are some of the most expensive watches in the market.

It is not necessarily because tourbillon watches are more precise when it comes to timekeeping, but the artistic complexities that were put into designing these kinds of watches are what makes it precious.

Technically a mechanical watch, tourbillons get their value from the horologic watchmaking ability that goes into making it.

And since tourbillons are one of the most difficult and demanding watches to make, the exorbitant amount it costs to own one is particularly justified.



Stuhrling Original Women’s Swarovski Crystal Bezel Leather Watch

Stuhrling Original Women’s 651.03 Symphony Swiss Quartz Crystal Bezel Watch

Via Amazon

Do Stuhrling design watches for women, as well? Definitely.

This is one of the most popular women’s watches in the Stuhrling lineup.

And it has a Swarovski crystal-accented bezel so you know it’s good design.

It comes in both gold (for the more formal events) and the black tone (for the casual affairs).

It is water-resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet) so you won’t worry about it getting wet or getting accidentally dropped in a pool.

The 34-mm stainless steel case looks amazing with the leather calfskin strap. 

As part of Stuhrling’s Symphony Collection, this watch doesn’t disappoint as it also has Swiss Quartz movement, making it a precise timekeeper as well as a fashion accessory.

You might want to consider adding a few more dollars to purchase this modern classic.



Where To Purchase Stuhrling Watches

If you remember, we mentioned that Sturhling watches are exclusively sold only in the online market.

So the best place to read and review the watch details for every model in their lineup would be the Stuhrling official website.

Just note that the prices might be higher than those in the other online stores.

Another way to purchase Stuhrling watches would be through Amazon, one of the biggest online stores that carry the Stuhrling watches.

You will also be able to see reviews from customers who have actually bought the product you are researching.

Here is the list of all Stuhrling Men’s Watches in Amazon.

And here is the list of the Stuhrling Women’s lineup.

Yet another option to shop online is through eBay

Be careful to make note of the description of the watch you are looking at because there are options to purchase a second-hand watch.

If wearing a used watch is not an issue with you, then this might be a consideration because second-hand watches are much cheaper than brand new ones.

Stuhrling Watch Warranty Policy

All Stuhrling watches come with the industry-standard 2-year limited international warranty.

Be sure to completely fill out the warranty card and have it authorized or stamped as this will be checked whenever you need to have your watch checked, repaired, or even replaced.

The 2-year warranty includes the repair or replacing of the watch movement.

In addition, if you purchased a quartz watch, the battery is covered for one year.

As with most brands, the warranty doesn’t cover the crystals, strap, bracelet, or the case.

Wear and tear from regular use is not included in the warranty. Also, if the watch doesn’t say “water-resistant”, there is no moisture damage warranty for it.

Here is a quirk that has gotten some bad reviews.

As stated, all repairs and replacements that are under the warranty are done at no cost to the customer.

However, you have to pay $20 if you are a US customer or $40 for non-US customers to cover the shipping costs. If your watch only costs $60, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to pay $40 to service your watch.

To get the full details of the Stuhrling Warranty Policy, you can ask for it through their email at [email protected].

Or you can personally call them at (718) 840-5760 or (888) 835-2946.

Final Words

Stuhrling watches have gotten mixed reviews since its inception in 1999.

What is not disputable though is that their watches are artistically designed and beautifully crafted. Just search online for their watches and you’ll know what we mean.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from and they are categorized into Men’s, Women’s, and other filters, as well.

You can get one at an affordable price that will fit your every occasion but if you’re looking for a status-growing premium watch, Stuhrling might not be for you.

But for a mid-level priced, fashion statement timepiece, Stuhrling is the perfect watch for you.

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