5 Best Wishbone Chair Replica and Reproductions that are Super Affordable & Cheap!

Carson Carrington wishbone

Carson Carrington Akaa Brown Wood

Rove Concepts

Poly and Bark Weave

Poly and Bark Weave Chair in Natural

Danish designer Hans Wegner first introduced the beloved Wishbone Chair in 1949 in collaboration with Carl Hansen.

Hans Wegner was a world-renowned Danish furniture designer who designed and produced high quality and thoughtful work. He was one of the major contributors to what we now call “Danish Design.”

His style is often described as Organic and Functional, a modernist.

Though he started his career as a cabinet maker, in his lifetime he designed over 500 different chairs, 100 of which were put into mass production, including the Wishbone chair.

Comprising a steam-bent solid wood frame and a seat handwoven from paper cord, the sculptural Wishbone is made to last for generations and offers outstanding sitting comfort, with or without this optional leather seat cushion.

This chair quickly became Wegner’s best selling piece and still remains just as popular to this day.

The natural tones and curves of this chair has made it an easy item to decorate with and a timeless classic.

The constant demand for this chair has kept it in production since its original release in 1949.

An authentic Wishbown Chair will cost you anywhere from $655 – $1,205 but there are some really great reproductions out there nowadays for those that can’t or don’t want to spend $655+ for one chair.

Some things to look for when choosing a reproduction of the wishbone chair are the beech wood and the weaved seating. You want to choose chairs that are made out of solid wood and a strong weave so that they last you a long time.

Here are the 5 Best Wishbone Chair Reproductions on the Market:

Carson Carrington Akaa Brown Wood Dining Chair

Via Overstock

This reproduction caught our attention because of it’s numerous positive reviews.

Reviewers boast about the solid wood frame, close match to the original, and amazing price of $251 for TWO chairs.

We would rate this our Best Overall Value because it is not only priced fairly, but the quality exceeds the price tag.

Even better, it can be found on Overstock.com with free shipping!

*Note that this chair only comes in the natural color pictured here. If you want different color options, read our next top picks.

Key Features:

  • Consumer popular choice
  • No assembly required
  • Made of beech wood and hemp
  • Natural finish
  • Sturdy hemp seat
  • 200 pound weight capacity


$251 for TWO Chairs

Buy Here:

Via Overstock


Rove Concepts Wishbone Chair

Via Rove Concepts


If you are looking for a premium reproduction that is going to not only look very much like the original, but offer several different color options, this Rove Concepts replica might be the one for you.

Rove Concepts is knows for reproducing many famous and highly sought after pieces from this era.

Many reproductions only offer one color, but Rove Concepts offers every color option available from white to walnut to the black combo.

Although the price isn’t as good as the Carson Carrington version, it does give you the options for different colors if that is what you want.

We would also say that Rove Concepts is an expert in reproducing furniture, so their products won’t disappoint.

Key Features:

  • FAS Grade Wood
  • Available in Solid Ash wood, ebony or walnut finish, or solid beech wood and painted lacquer finish
  • Wood treated with wood-wax oil, VOC free
  • Solid wood backrest/armrest without finger joints



Buy Here:

Via Rove Concepts


Poly and Bark Weave Chair in Natural

Via Walmart

Another great option is the Poly and Bark Weave Chair in Natural and this is for the “weary” buyer.

This chair doesn’t have a lot of reviews and is fairly new on the market but it comes from WalMart which means if you aren’t satisfied or you don’t like how it fits your space, you can easily return it to any WalMart location.

If you have been eyeballing this chair but aren’t 100% sure, this is a risk free way to “try it before you buy it.”

If you don’t like it, you can forgo the shipping hassles and return in store.

The reviews are positive and we are convinced this chair will be a great option.

Key Features:

  • Solid Wood Frame
  • Rope Woven Seat
  • Arrives Fully Assembled



Buy Here:

Via Walmart

Modway Amish Dining Wood Armchair

Via Home Depot

Another notable reproduction is the Modway Amish Natural Dining Wood Armchair.

Modway has many great reproductions of furniture from this specific era and they are known for great quality and customer service.

This reproduction also makes the list for all of our eco-friendly consumers.

It comes in a variety of color options and is made of solid beech wood. If you are conscious about where and how items are made, then this is a great option for you at still, a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Four color options: natural, walnut, black, and white
  • Durable paper rope seat
  • Solid beech wood frame
  • Fully assembled
  • Eco-friendly



Buy Here:

Via Home Depot

by BESPOKE Wishbone Chair

Via by Bespoek

This premium reproduction by BESPOEK is a handmade designer chair inspired by the original.

The price is very favorable and this chair is handmade out of solid beech wood. It is manually assembled by a team of expert craftsmen ensuring quality and durability.

If you want different color options, this is a great place to buy! They offer the wishbone chair in multiple color options including; american ash, white, beech, beech+black seat, all black, walnut, and more.

Key Features:

  • Made with Beech Wood
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Inspired by Hans Wegner
  • Handmade premium quality
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • 1 year warranty



Buy Here:

Via by Bespoek




The Wishbone Chair is perhaps Wegner’s most celebrated work.

The design became a near-instant success and while Wegner would go on to create many more classic pieces, the Wishbone Chair remains his most recognizable.

The chair is an icon of the high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and construction, generous proportions, comfort, and textually pleasing materials.

Thanks to the original design and great reproductions, you can now bring this iconic chair into your own home and for a reasonable price!

Any of the above options will provide the sleek and timeless design of the original Wishbone Chair.

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