5 Best Gaming Gloves for Elite Performance – 2024 Buyers Guide!

5 Best Gaming Gloves for Elite Performance – 2024 Buyers Guide!

Elite Performance Generation

Foamy Lizard

IMAK Computer Glove

As you know full well, if you’ve spent any amount of time browsing all of our countless glove reviews, there exists unique specialty gloves for just about any hobby, job, or activity. Gaming is no exception! 

When a lot of us were younger, and even much more recently, gaming wasn’t taken all that seriously as a hobby, let alone a career or a way to earn money. These days, competitive gaming is a cutthroat industry where the people at the top can earn millions of dollars a year.

Parents are sending their kids to Fortnite classes, and it’s safe to say that gaming is about as mainstream as anything can be. 

Save for controllers, consoles, new graphics cards, games, and merch, there aren’t a ton of things you need for gaming. People don’t really think about ways to possibly increase their performance.

Some of this is still due to people who aren’t taking gaming all that seriously, but it’s also a relatively new field so it’s going to take some time for performance innovations to start being taken more seriously…

So, with all of that taken care of, let’s take a look at which gaming gloves are the best to give you ultimate control, comfort, and to push your performance in the right direction.

Here are the Best Gaming Gloves of 2024 for Elite Performance:

1. Elite Performance Generation

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These are some of the more popular gloves that are manufactured and marketed with gaming in mind.

They’re on the pricier side, but still a lot cheaper than most other things you’ll buy relating to gaming, and they come in between you and your controller which is the most important point of contact, so for a lot of people, the cost is a small price to pay.

Whether it’s worth it for you or not will depend on a few things, like what you’re looking for, and how seriously you take your gaming time.

There’s a lot going on with these gloves, they’re a lot more complex than they look at first glance.

For starters, they’re designed to flex comfortably while still offering great moisture-wicking to keep your hands dry, and a strong compression to help alleviate fatigue after a long gaming session.

They help prevent blisters that occur from sweating hand-to-controller direct contact by offering a softer, protective layer in between but they also have incredible grip on them to keep you locked in and ready to go.

The grip is precise, but it doesn’t interfere with the feel at all. 

Key Features

  • The manufacturer will ship you a brand new pair if you have any issues at all, they’re really good about their customer support
  • Available in different color schemes, or in an all-black design
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps your hands dry and comfortable
  • Compression keeps you alert and on-point
  • The grip gives you full control
  • Early prototypes were finger-less, but with the guidance of many gamers and thorough play-testing, they decided that having the fingertips on the gloves was a better option

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2. Foamy Lizard

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Here’s a cheaper pair of gaming gloves that are more comparable to weight-lifting gloves.

They aren’t quite up to par with the first pick on our list, but they still get the job done if you’re looking for something a little different. 

These gamer gloves are fingerless, but they still have a great tactile grip to ensure you have full control over all the action.

The layer of fabric in between your palm and the controller helps to prevent your hands from getting sweaty, clammy, and ultimately from developing blisters and discomfort. It makes a big difference during long marathon gaming sessions on hot days, especially when you’re really getting into the game. 

They come in five different sizes, so give your palm a quick measure before ordering to make sure you’re getting the right pair.

You can get a smaller pair if you prefer a tighter, compression type fit, or a larger pair. These don’t offer nearly the same compression effect as our top ranked gloves, or some of the other ones we’re about to look at, the major benefit with the Foamy Lizard gloves is the grip. 

Many gamers prefer gloves with full fingers for gaming, because they get the benefits of the gloves on their whole hand, but that mostly matters when you’re wearing them for the compression, so in this case, it’s just a matter of what feels best, and if you want fingerless gaming gloves, these are probably your very best option! 

Key Features

  • Offers a great grip in the palm area for console gamers, or for PC gamers to hold their mouse
  • The fabric helps prevent blisters and other minor discomforts to keep you focused on the game
  • A great alternative for people who want fingerless gloves so that they have direct contact with their buttons and keys, while still maintaining the benefits of gloves on their palms 

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3. Imak Computer Glove

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This glove is meant for computer gamers more so than console gamers, it wouldn’t be comfortable at all to try to hold a controller while using it.

But if you’re putting in long hours at the keyboard and mouse, then this glove is seriously worth considering.

This computer gaming glove is designed to help alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a serious concern for people who are clocking serious hours at the PC. 

It has cushions for your wrist, which is nice if you’re typing a lot or using a laptop, too.

Basically, this glove keeps your hand in the perfect shape for holding a mouse or using a keyboard for extended periods of time, so it’s definitely worth trying out for PC gamers, even though it’s quite a bit different than the other gaming gloves on this list. 

Key Features

  • Cushioned padding keeps your wrist comfortable on hard surfaces
  • Keeps your hand and fingers in a position for better posture and to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome
  • A “secret-weapon” for some PC gamers, but not ideal for people who play with controllers

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4. ComfyBrace

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These gloves are actually meant for people with arthritis, they are called compression gloves.

Some people like to use these for gaming, though, too. They fit tightly, and some gamers find that this helps keep them in the zone, tuned in and focused.

Others find it to feel a bit restrictive, like it holds back their reflexes that tiny amount that could make a difference. 

In that case, one way to look at it is like running with weights on or with a parachute to slow you down.

Once you take off the weights or parachute, your normal running will feel effortless. We couldn’t find any studies to suggest that using compression gloves for gaming would have the same effect, but it’s something people do from time to time, so it may be worth a shot.

It’s more about personal preference than anything else at this point, so if you want a more solid-feeling, sturdy pair of gaming gloves, these make a great option. 

Key Features

  • These gloves are super sturdy
  • They fit tightly since they’re meant to be used as compression gloves
  • Gives you a sense of tactile control
  • Keeps your mind focused on the game and performing at your best

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5. Vive

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Here’s another pair that are marketed as arthritis gloves rather than gaming gloves, but they have a similar compression to some of the higher-ranked (and priced) gamer gloves we’ve looked at. If you’re not sure if you’d even enjoy wearing gloves while playing games, this is a good way to get a feel for it without spending too much.

If you love it, you can always upgrade, and have a spare pair. If it turns out that you don’t like wearing gloves while playing games, you’re not out all that much.

Eventually, gaming gloves will see more innovation, but for now, some of them are already just re-branded arthritis gloves, so you can save some cash by going right to the source. 

These gloves are fingerless, so you can still hold the controller the same, or hit all of your keyboard keys and mouse clicks easily.

There are two sides here, some people enjoy fingerless because they still want to feel exactly what they’re doing, but some people prefer to have added grip on the fingertips instead – go with the one you prefer, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Key Features

  • Very affordable and a great way to test out if gaming gloves help you or not 
  • Low-risk, high-reward option that isn’t typically used for gaming, but works very similarly 
  • Fingerless to give you direct contact with your controls 

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Choosing a Pair of Gaming Gloves Buyer Guide

Fit is one of the most important traits when buying a pair of gloves for gaming.

They’ve got to fit comfortable.

Some gloves are meant to fit like a second skin, others won’t have the same compression.

Material matters, too.

Finding gloves with a great grip that doesn’t get in the way is crucial.

Some gloves are fingerless, and those usually fit a bit more loosely, whereas full gloves with complete fingers are often of the compression variety, meaning they’ll fit super snugly and they have a whole host of benefits. 

This all comes back to personal preference, and what feels best to you. Not every gamer likes to wear gloves, but they do have a handful of notable benefits, in particular for the most serious gamers that put in hour after hour at a time.

A good pair of gloves can help to alleviate a lot of the things that’ll slow you down, like fatigue, sweat and blisters, cramping.

The best gaming gloves can also help improve your gameplay by giving you a better grip and more control for precise gameplay. 

Is having the best pair of gaming gloves going to improve your performance?

Are you going to rank noticeably higher, score more points, win more? It’s like asking if a pair of basketball shoes is going to suddenly allow you to dunk. The answer is no, BUT…

A great pair of shoes makes it easier and more comfortable to work out and train harder, and gives you the support you need to reach that next level.

It’s not going to automatically make you unstoppable, but it’s going to give you a launchpad.

Gloves for gaming are the same way. If they give you better grip, and make the playing experience feel better, they’re inevitably going to help you play better, too. 

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