Mid-Century Modern Computer Desks! The Best Quality Desks for the Money!

Mid-Century Modern Computer Desks! The Best Quality Desks for the Money!

Carson Carrington Takt Writing Desk

Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Desk

Morrisville Desk

Mid-century modern design desks burst onto the scene in the middle of the twentieth century, redefining what the world believed it knew about form and function.

From 1933 until 1964, the style dominated art, architecture, interior design, and product design.

It’s still a popular genre today, thanks to its use of clean lines, geometric shapes, and unusual materials.

The combination of slim, pegged legs and organic curves produces aesthetic harmony without clutter for individuals who love mid-century contemporary furniture.

This is the sole reason why a lot of individuals like mid-century contemporary desks.

Only the best mid-century modern desks will suffice for those looking for a workspace that is both clean and trim.

The best mid-century modern writing desks and modern computer desks are far more than the aesthetic relics of the past; they provide the space and ergonomic attributes needed for work and study.

However, they add a level of quality and artistry to a room that many “utility” work desks lack.

But it can get a little overwhelming and confusing out of all the products available in the market today.

Hence, if you’re looking for a desk that suits your mid-century modern preference, this article is the right post to read. 

Before diving deeper, let’s start with a question that almost all of you wonder:

What is the best work desk from the mid-century modern era?

This blog post has done immense research and has read reviews to give you eight of the most outstanding mid-century modern desks you can get on the market today.

This article vouches for the Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing, Computer, or Laptop Desk Cubby to narrow the list down to one.

With open storage, the Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing, Computer, or Laptop Desk Cubby is the best mid-century modern desk you can get right now on the internet.

When all considerations are considered, the desk wins for giving a classic mid-century modern style that is adaptable to any home.

Take a look at a list of eight of the top mid-century modern desks for your consideration if you’re looking for a work desk that makes a striking architectural statement.

All of these options give you the look and feel of historic furniture without the trouble of caring for a priceless piece of history at your high-traffic workstation.

Carson Carrington Takt Writing Desk

Via Overstock

This desk has a flared profile that highlights its clean lines and grained stain, making it a great conversation piece.

This design features two open cubbies and two full-extension doors, making it one of the best mid-century modern writing desks for storage.

A particleboard frame with stunning walnut wood veneer is supported by splayed legs in this retro desk.

The attractiveness and durability of this desk have been praised by reviewers.

When it was put together in people’s homes, it appeared to be a costly piece of furniture.

Some individuals did complain about the lack of a knee room so if you are really tall, you will want to double check the measurements and make sure it will be comfortable for you.

To give you a summary of the desk’s cool features, the Carson Carrington Takt Writing Desk has a walnut finish and weighs around 58 lbs.

This 23 x 39.5 x 33.5 inches desk also has space for drawers which can be used to store all of your stuff and other knick-knacks. 

Nathan James Parker Modern Home Office Writing, Computer, or Laptop Desk Cubby

Via Amazon

This mid-century modern design is made of solid wood and is about as traditional as it gets.

This is a truly minimalist design that fits neatly into a small space.

Enjoy the crisp lines of a rectangle table supported by round, tapered legs.

The surface of the desk is large enough to accommodate a laptop, a table lamp, and some decorative accents.

This desk’s open cubby is ideal for storing your laptop while you’re not using it.

A practical slide door is suitable for storing everything from minor office supplies to sweets.

Floor guards are also provided, ensuring that the desk’s legs are gentle on your wood flooring.

This 15-minute-to-assemble desk with screw-on legs is the quickest way to give a space a mid-century makeover!

The essential elegance of this desk has been praised by reviewers.

While most reviews are delighted with the desk, several admit that it is not the most durable design.

The key features of the Nathan James Parker modern desk include a 42 x 24 x 30 inches dimension walnut finish desk with a drawer and a cubby.

It weighs around 51 pounds and gives you enough legroom because of its open design. 

Morrisville Desk

Via Wayfair

This desk is composed of bamboo and wooden board and is cheerful, fun, and quirky.

Its white wood and natural bamboo mix enhance every environment.

If you’re attempting a genre mix of mid-century modern and farmhouse, the light tones make it a great choice.

This desk gets bonus points for having a ton of storage and cubbies!

It has a drawer and shelf structure that allows you to tuck away office items without taking up valuable work station.

Your laptop will have its own surface, which is separate from the rest of the desk by drawers at the top and bottom.

If you don’t need a workstation, this design also works well as a gift-wrapping station.

The trapezoidal form of this desk, which is supported by bamboo legs, makes it quite durable.

This desk, with its smooth, curved sides, is ideal for a family with young children.

The manner this ultra-stylish desk offered plenty of area for laptops and monitors was praised by reviewers.

This 62.1 lbs, mid-century, modern desk features 47 x 22.2 x 6.6 (in inches) dimensions with aesthetically pleasing details such as stylish draw pulls and rounded edges.

The bamboo legs are also something that adds value to the desk because it provides more strength. 

Christopher Knight Home Peninah Mid-Century Rubberwood Writing Desk

Via Amazon

This desk, which is made of rubberwood with a faux wood overlay, is a great choice if you want a streamlined profile with plenty of built-in storage.

The spacious middle drawer on this rectangular desk can contain anything from a small laptop to a stack of charges.

If you’re searching for a little mid-century modern desk with storage, this is a great option.

The style and craftsmanship of this desk have been praised by reviewers.

Many people commented that it looked like a real solid-wood desk.

Many reviewers praised the mix of high-quality craftsmanship and simple assembly.

The Christopher Knight Home Writing Desk (Peninah Mid-Century Rubberwood) is a 40.25 x 23.75 x 30 inches mid-century modern desk that weighs 50.7 lbs.

Not only that, this desk can be easily assembled and also has a center drawer enough to store anything that you need to reach easily.

Aside from the fact that this desk has a very stylish and vintage-looking design, you can easily tuck away power strips and cords.

This surely adds attractiveness and functionality to the desk. 

Roundhill Furniture Roskilde Storage Wood Office

Via Amazon

This two-toned desk mixes a boxy shape with rounded, angled legs for a highly rich aesthetic.

It has three open “pigeonholes” for storage.

The open storage with an extra “ledge” adds convenience without taking up any space on your work surface.

If you’re looking for a “command station” where you can do anything from paying bills to wrapping gifts, this is a great desk for a living room or den.

One reviewer appreciated this workstation for striking the right balance between being large enough to support two monitors and without taking up too much space.

It was lauded by other reviewers for being strong and solid.

Several people have expressed surprise at how expensive this low-cost desk seems in their houses.

The majority of reviewers agree that assembling is simple.

The key features of Roundhill Furniture Roskilde Storage Wood Office include very sturdy and flared legs that are tapered and are also very stylish.

This desk weighs about 41 lbs with dimensions that run at 23.6 x 43 x 34.4 inches.

Aside from that, this desk is also very simple and easy to assemble and has also pigeonhole storage which adds a mid-century modern vibe to the desk.

Tangkula Computer Desk With Drawers, Modern Home Office Desk Writing Desk

Via Amazon

This desk, made from engineered oak, strikes the perfect blend of openness and storage.

This desk may look like an antique piece of furniture, this desk is built to ergonomic specifications to ensure an appropriate height for avoiding back pain.

This is a moderately wide desk that provides a very good amount of surface area for work or play.

This desk has a highly robust build and is designed with such iconic mid-century modern splayed legs.

It also has two large drawers and an open cubby in the middle.

Many critics describe this desk as a beautiful, functional, and sturdy piece of equipment.

To provide you a brief summary of this desk’s amazing features, the Tangkula Computer Desk With Drawers, Modern Home Office Desk Writing Desk weighs around 41 lbs, with dimensions of 23.6 x 43 x 34.4 in inches.

Since this mid-century styled desk is made of engineered wood, it is surely sturdy.

Aside from that, this desk also has a good balance of functionality since it has enough working space and has also an ample amount of space for storage. 

GreenForest Vanity Desk (Glossy White Tabletop)

Via Amazon

This desk has a glossy white tabletop and wood-style legs, making it a wonderful alternative for anyone looking for something other than a dark mid-century modern desk.

This tabletop is made of metal that has been painted in a woodgrain pattern.

The desk’s top is supported by ultra-thick legs that give it a solid feel.

Two slide-out drawers provide hidden storage in this basic design.

Because of the desk’s understated color scheme, it can be used in any room.

While this desk is capable of supporting up to 200 pounds of computer equipment, it also serves as a lovely beauty vanity.

One reviewer remarked on how well it accommodated her laptop, notebook, and coffee in the morning, creating an ideal “work triangle.”

Online reviewers and critics, as well as in-store customers, remarked on how easily the drawers open and close.

To give you a brief summary, this desk features a metal tabletop that has legs that are extra-thick.

This glossy-finish, 51.4 lbs., mid-century style desk runs at 39.4 x 19.7 x 30.7 inches and has drawers that are concealed to achieve a minimalist yet modern mid-century appearance. 

Bonny Wood Desk 

Via Amazon

This desk is composed of gorgeous acacia wood with a mahogany finish and offers high-end craftsmanship.

It has an unusual single-drawer design with a drawer that runs the length of the desk.

Despite its small size, this is a solid piece of furniture that might easily be mistaken for a prize you brought home from an auction.

The complexity of this desk has been praised by reviewers.

Many people looking for high-quality work-from-home desks were ecstatic to find a fashionable, small desk that met their requirements.

The desk’s drawer has optional partitions, which many people loved.

The Bonny Wood Desk is a 46 lbs. wood-constructed desk with dimensions that run at 30 x 35.5 x 20 inches.

This desk also features a single drawer, but you have the option to add dividers to make room for more storage areas. 

Guide to Buying the Best Mid-Century Modern Desks

It’s critical to shop for a mid-century modern desk based on how you plan to utilize it in your home.

While these desks are by their very nature creative, you may need to think about how to combine the antique mid-century modern aesthetic with the modern realities of wires, cords, and screens.

Take a look at this quick shopping guide to help you choose a desk style from a bygone age that is both elegant and robust enough for today.


Early in the shopping process, it’s critical to know where you stand on drawers.

There are many mid-century modern writing tables available without drawers or alcoves.

If you want a minimalist, open design that retains the trademark rectangular aspect of mid-century modern designs, this is an excellent alternative.

However, if you’re looking for a mid-century contemporary computer desk, this may not be feasible because you’ll need a place to store cables, charging cords, pencils, notepads, and other office items.

It’s also crucial to select whether you want to store your belongings in drawers or cubbies.


There are styles made of real wood, manufactured wood, and metal, as we discussed in our assessments of the top mid-century modern desks.

Additionally, a few different methods can be chosen to approach this. Most of the time, manufactured wood will be the cheapest alternative if you’re purchasing on a budget.

This is the lightest choice as well. Real wood is a good choice if you want to buy something that can be passed down through the generations.

A desk made of real wood, on the other hand, will cost you more. Finally, if you want some glitz and glam, metal is a viable option.


If you’re looking for a mid-century modern desk, you’re probably looking for a small workstation that can fit into your home without taking up a lot of space.

Many customers seeking this type of desk want something that can be placed in a living room or family room without sucking the style out of the space like a cumbersome work desk might.

If you’re looking for a proper work desk in a mid-century modern desk, pay attention to the length and width.

A desk that can accommodate a laptop is the bare minimum. If you need to utilize numerous laptops, screens, or other pieces of equipment, you may need to use the measuring tape to guarantee that your desk can take much more.


A walnut finish is typically found on mid-century contemporary desks.

However, with regards to what type of color one must wear to be authentic, there are no certain rules.

A dark mid-century modern desk with a mahogany finish, for example, is very much in keeping with the authentic mid-century modern aesthetic.

White accents are the same way. However, you should have a general notion of the mood you want to create with your new desk before committing to a wood hue, as the darker woods utilized for these desks can absorb light.

Mid-Century Modern Desks FAQs

What is a mid-century modern desk?

It’s tough to define, yet the design and style are reminiscent of the period. In comparison to what you see now, the style and polish of these desks are much different.

Are mid-century modern desks still a trendy design?

Yes, without a doubt.

Yes, these are what you might refer to as “immortal” designs. They don’t die off, and they always stay; it’s not just a trend; it’s more a way of living.

Can I inspect the condition of the desk before purchasing it?

If you want to examine the stock, you can visit the reviews and testimonial section on Amazon or any other online store that sells the product you are looking at.

Many reviewers and critics contribute their experiences with the product (both good and bad).

This can undoubtedly help you choose the optimal one for you.

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