Best Shooting Gloves, A Buyers Guide!

Best Shooting Gloves, A Buyers Guide!

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical

Like any activity that requires precision, dexterity, and focus – having the right shooting gloves is crucial to hitting your target. There are a number of different types of gloves for shooting, and have their own unique properties, and they’re tailored towards different needs and wants from their wearers.

We’ve compiled this hand-curated list to help you choose the features and the quality that you need, while also fitting your budget, so that you have a little extra leftover for ammo or other accessories, or so that you have the absolute best shooting gloves available. 

The next time you’re hitting up the shooting range for some target practice, make sure you’ve got a great pair of gloves, it’ll make such a difference. You don’t even know what you’re missing out on until you’ve had the real deal. 

Here is a List of the 5 Best Shooting Gloves on the Market:

1. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical

This is a serious pair of shooting gloves for the serious marksman. They have a cool challenge that really highlights what they’re all about: They want you to try tying your shoes while wearing these gloves. That’s actually a really clever test that we hadn’t thought of before, and it’s something we’re going to try with any new pairs of gloves that we evaluate. It proves that you’ve got full control of your hands, for optimal precision and dexterity, which is obviously very important, whether you’re shooting at the range or in a life and death type of situation where you’re forced to take matters into your own hands to protect your family. 

Speaking of control, it’s not just about life and death, there are other conveniences that you’ll find with some shooting gloves, and you won’t find with others. In this case, these PIG gloves allow you to continue operating your smartphone’s touch screen while wearing them. 

This brand really “gets” the market, they know who their stuff is for and they know what their customers are looking for. They’ve cleared spent plenty of days out on the range themselves, because it would be impossible to make such a perfect pair of shooting gloves without years of first-hand experience. 

Key Features

  • The cream of the crop
  • Dry-hand feel keeps you accurate and ready
  • Comfortable, feels like you aren’t even wearing gloves
  • Incredible control and dexterity

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2. Browning

Here’s a pretty standard pair of shooting gloves from the brand Browning. They don’t have quite the same tactile-feel as the PIG FDT’s, these are far more basic, but sometimes that’s what people want, so we’ve got you covered.

As far as standard gloves go, these offer an amazing grip, a very affordable price, and no frills. Are these the overall best gloves in the world? Nah, but for what they are, they hit the target every time. 

Made from synthetic suede to keep costs down, they’re designed in the USA but parts of them are imported. They offer a 100% guarantee, so if you’re not happy with these gloves at all, you’re covered, which is always a plus (and something most reputable brands offer, especially if you reach out to them with valid concerns.) 

The mesh allows to reach the back of your hands, so in warmer weather it’s nice, but in cooler weather they aren’t going to keep your hands all that warm. These aren’t ideal for cooler temperatures, but that just comes with knowing your surroundings and planning ahead, right? 

Key Features

  • Great for warmer climates due to breathable mesh and thin synthetic suede
  • Simple, classic design with no frills
  • Offers comfort and grip

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3. Beretta

Rounding out our top 3 are these (half-finger) fingerless shooting gloves from Beretta. They look similar to weight-lifting gloves, except the textured palm offers enhanced grip. These are meant for grip, and that’s about it, because they’re not going to keep you warm in colder environments, due to the lack of finger coverage and the wide mesh construction on the back. If grip is your priority and you like the free and open feel of fingerless, these are your best bet.

They’re very solid gloves, but you are paying a bit extra for the brand, too. If you want something that’s in the same ballpark, but less expensive, check out our final recommendation on this list, we’ve got you covered. But if you want the real deal from Beretta, here you go.

They have an easy-pull design, they don’t restrict your movement at all. These gloves are made from 100% polyester, so there’s nothing overly fancy in terms of the materials, but the grip is great, they’re comfortable, and you’ve really just got to try them for yourself. 

Key Features

  • Iconic brand
  • Full control over your equipment
  • Very breathable mesh is perfect for hot days, but not ideal for the cold at all

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4. Hatch

The Specialist gloves from Hatch are fantastic, and unique from any others on this list. The palms have incredible grip, with added patches for even more grip where it matters most, and when it matters most. They’re made using a synthetic leather, with a hook and loop closure to keep them tight, and in place, and ready to go. 

The neoprene fabric is flexible and won’t slow you down or hold you back. It’s worth mentioning the grip one more time, because that’s clearly a huge priority in the design and executing of these gloves for shooting. Poor grip can literally mean the difference between life and death. Of course, most of the time, it doesn’t come to that – but why take any chances at all, when you’re already putting in the work to be prepared for anything? 

Compared to others on this list, these gloves can handle colder weather, but they won’t overheat badly when it’s hotter out. That’s what versatility is all about. 

Key Features

  • Very high quality, great materials
  • Incredible grip
  • Great for all-weather because they’re warm when needed, but also breathable

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5. Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Special Ops

As promised in the description of the Beretta gloves, here’s another pair of semi-finger/fingerless shooting gloves that are less expensive, and bring a little more to the table in some ways. 

These are definitely warmer, thicker, and offer more protection and padding, so they’ll be more suitable in colder climates, even though your fingers are still exposed. It’s a good middle ground, since they’ll still prevent more heat from escaping than the Berettas. What you’re missing out on is a famous brand name, but you’re gaining more of a tactile glove that isn’t just about grip.

So, how is the grip? It’s still fantastic, and these gloves are still comfortable, even though they’re on the bulkier side of the spectrum. These are also used by some for cycling, riding, tactical training, airsoft, and more. The downside to a glove that tries to be too versatile is that it doesn’t fully specialize in any one category, which is why these gloves didn’t score a bit higher on our list. They’re good for a lot of things, but they’re not perfect for any one thing. 

Key Features

  • Affordable, very versatile 
  • Jack of all trades, master of none
  • Worth a shot if you’re looking for something basic or to have a spare pair for a friend, etc

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Shooting Gloves Quick Buyer’s Guide

The big things to keep in mind are how often you’re going shooting (buy better gloves if you go often, but cheaper ones are good enough if you only go once or twice a year.) The material the gloves are made from will have an influence on how warm they are, how grippy they feel, how well they fit, and how long they last.

Every glove that we’ve featured today is solid, they just serve different purposes and different segments of the market. As a quick rule of thumb, the more serious you are about shooting, the closer you should stick to the top of this list, because the first pair are the best shooting gloves, but the rest are still pretty good, too.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what feels best to you. It’s not a bad idea to grab a couple of different pairs, to try them out, shoot off a few hundred rounds in each, and see which gloves you find yourself coming back to. 

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