Curling Irons for Beach Waves

Curling Irons for Beach Waves


BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler


INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

Professional hairstylists are always looking for the best styling tools on the market to create the best looks.

One of the most popular styles amongst medium-long haired clients is called beachy waves.

It takes the right tools in order to achieve those casual, cool and loose waves.

Beach waves

You too can achieve the same look with the right products and in this article we are going to cover the best curling irons and curling wands on the market to create the beach waves you have always dream of. 

Our team of beauty experts have gathered and researched information to find the top styling products for every budget.

Let’s get started!

Our Choices for the Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves are the following: 

1. BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

2. BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler

3. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

4. Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron

5. Remington Pro Ceramic Curling Wand

6. Bed Head Makin Waves Curler

7. BESTOPE 1.25 inch Curling Iron

8. T3- Single Pass Curl 1.25 inch Professional Curling Iron 

Here’s our Guide to the Best Curling Irons for Beach Waves:

 1. BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron 

Via Ulta

BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron will be your ride-or-die match if you are looking for an all-around hair curler with versatile features.

It also has a perfectly sized barrel for loose curls that could achieve the locks that you desire. 

The key to long-lasting curls is high heat and BaByliss Nano’s 1.25-inch Sol-Gel nano titanium barrel addresses that by having 50, (yes 50!) heat settings that go up to 450ºF, retaining pretty beach curls that last.

You might be thinking that it’s going to be too hot to hold, don’t worry. 

The BaByliss Nano has a ceramic coat that gives out a strong high heat that helps make consistent curls.

This device also has a turbo boost button for lasting curls. 

If you’re ever worried about hair damage and frizz, worry not, because BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron erases that on their list by having ultra-high, far-infrared heat that penetrates hair shafts. 

The BaByliss Nano is not only suitable for a variety of hair types, but it also delivers the best results every time. 

If you have thick, naturally wavy, or even hard-to-manage hair, the curler is a perfect match for you.

However, if you have delicate or fine hair, this device might be too hot for you.

But don’t be alarmed, because applying a heat-protective serum keeps your hair shiny and healthy even if you heat style your hair regularly. 

2. BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler 

Via Sephora

Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler is most compatible for people who want curly or loose wavy hair.

So, if that’s your game, then this is your player. 

Even if you’re a long-haired or short-haired baddie, it doesn’t matter because this device gives a wider range of styling options. 

After all, it is two inches longer compared to ordinary curling irons.

Unlike the other curling irons, Bio Ionic gives you more space to work on especially at the back of your head.

The extra length, like most other things, really makes a huge difference! 

There is also a unique feature of Moisturizing Heat and Nanonioc MX technology which helps lock in and retain moisture.

This advanced technology sustains your hair strands even with the different styles it goes through and still prevents your hair from becoming too frizzy.

This feature helps hold the curls longer by sealing the cuticle and stopping breakage from happening.

This is a great innovation that prevents you from having limp and lifeless hair strands.

It’s a great help, for sure.

Aside from that, another cool feature of Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler is a digital temperature control to let you know what temperature it currently is and to protect your fingers from burning while styling your hair. 

This helps you avoid guessing whether it’s too hot to hold the barrel.

And also, from the temperature reader, you will be able to quickly decide if the temperature is too hot or just right for your hair. 

This device also has an auto shut-off mode.

So if you ever forget to turn off your device, it will do the job for you.

Even if you just simply forgot to turn it off, there is no danger because of the auto shut-off.

Nice to have especially for tools that become really hot.

3. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand 

Via Amazon

Conair’s Infinity Pro makes creating beachy waves so fast and easy.

The 3/4 to 1 1/4-inch tapered barrel allows you utmost control over your curls.

The wand, which has a clamp-less design, looks very simple but this allows the hairstylist to have total control over the curl design.

To achieve your dream beach curls, just wrap a wide section of hair around the thick part of the barrel, for the ideal tousled tresses look, loosen your curls with your fingertips and you’re done! 

To restrict hair damage, the barrel is made of tourmaline-ceramic to assure hair-styling with precision.

Adequate heat is uniformly scattered on each section of the hair making your waves shiny, as well as long-lasting.

The curling wand comes with insulated thermal gloves to protect your fingers from getting burnt during styling.

The Infinity Pro has a fast-heat feature and uniform heat recovery, ensuring accuracy in styling while not having to worry about hair damage by distributing even heat.

When it comes to heat, this device also has light indicators so you could check the current temperature and 5 heat settings that go all the way up to 400ºF. 

The only thing I could think of to make this product better is if there is a built-in clamp to make the curling even more convenient and fast, but that’s a very small complaint.

Generally speaking, Infinity Pro is a friendly curler, with an auto-shutoff feature and fast-heat feature, this device makes achieving beachy waves so easy-peasy. 

4. Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron 


Via Amazon

Coming from the name itself – “hot” and “gold”, this hair styling tool will be the most luxurious device to ever land in your vanity kit.

This curling iron has cutting-edge technology that’s all wrapped in 24-karat gold (yes, hun, 24-karat!!).

With this tool, creating romantic curls and unique twists will not be too hard to create. 

This amazing product comes with a golden barrel that distributes heat evenly throughout all the hair sections.

This is the reason for the Hot Tool’s extraordinary performance.

Your hair is spoiled with the perfect heat so your curls stay shinier for a longer period of time.

This device has 10 heat settings that reach up to 430ºF, to cater to different hair types and hair textures.

The Hot Tools, however, might be slower to heat up but once the desired temperature is reached, you can create the curls you have always dream of. 

The only thing I wished this product had is a dedicated “on and off” switch so that it would be easy to turn it off and shut down.

Also, the reader on the temperature dial might be hard to read especially during the styling process.

But again, that’s a very minor issue.

Talking about cool features, Hot Tools has a Pulse Technology to prevent temperature drops while also ensuring that the heat is evenly and efficiently distributed.

Hence, your curls will sure stay non-frizzy, and long-lasting. 

5. Remington Pro Ceramic Curling Wand

Via Target

This curling iron features a patent-pending ceramic pearl technology.

This feature reduces the dryness and frizz while helping increase the brilliance of your hair.

Crushed pearl is popular in Asia for its ability to maximize hair brilliance without dryness or frizziness. 

The process has been proven in many countries around the world and this method comes in the form of this curler.

Once the curler starts heating up, the crushed pearl activates its nutrients which produces lively, glossy waves that don’t disappear easily.

If you are into medium curls, this device is right for you.

A tapered 1-1 1/2 barrel of Remington Pro allows you to achieve this!

This device also comes with 10 heat settings that heat up to 410ºF.

Remington Pro has a large digital display that allows you to clearly see the temperature while styling your hair. 

This product has a ceramic-coated barrel that gives equal heat for professional-looking hairstyles.

Not only that, this curling device makes you choose between a 1-inch barrel or a 1 1/2-inch barrel to achieve your desired curls.

If you want luxurious beachy waves, better opt for the bigger barrel. 

Remington Pro has practical features such as a swivel cord, Auto Shut Off (which is very useful for people who are often on the run), and temperature lock.

This last feature allows you to set the perfect temperature depending on your hair type so the next time you use it, the heat is already set for you. 

However, this device might get too hot while using it so to protect yourself, wear some heat-protecting gloves.

Thankfully, this set comes with heat-protecting gloves to protect your hands from extreme heat.

6. Bed Head Makin Waves Curler 

Via Target

If you desire to achieve your dream beach curls quickly and safely, then the Bed Head Makin Waves Curler is the right one for you.

This device allows heat to be evenly distributed throughout its combined tourmaline and ceramic plates while ensuring your wavy hair is shiny and luxurious at the same time. 

This curling iron also has a 6 feet tangle-free cord so you can move around freely and tangle-free.

You won’t worry about getting trapped while curling your hair.

This device also has several heat settings that go up all the way to 400ºF, enough for you to achieve your desired curls. 

For those with thicker hair, the Bead Head can totally provide the temperature that you need to find the perfect curl.

To avoid burning your strands, always be mindful to choose the right heat settings for your hair.

You begin by clamping the curler at the roots of your hair and then hold it in place for a few seconds.

Start moving down a section of your hair to sustain that uniform wave.

Do this with the rest of the other hair sections until you get the perfect style for you.

And to top it all off, this unit comes with an Instant Heat Recovery feature that secures your hairstyle for hours at a time.

7. BESTOPE 1.25 inch Curling Iron 

Via Amazon

BESTOPE Curling Iron is one of the curling irons we can vouch for achieving soft beach waves and natural-looking curls.

It has a very simple design yet is quite useful for what you need to do with your hair.

For easy styling, this device has a built-in clamp and a whopping 1.25-inch barrel for creating loose, romantic curls.

Note that the BESTOPE Curling Iron works best with medium length to long hairstyles; still, it can work will basically all lengths of hair as long as it can clamp down on the section wanting to be curled.

If you want this device, expect long-lasting and shiny curls because its barrel is coated with a combination of ceramic and tourmaline.

BESTOPE Curling Iron is gentle to your hair so you don’t have to worry about hair brittleness and dryness.

If you have medium-length, fine hair, or colored hair, this device is a perfect match for you. 

The 4 heat settings that this device has to allow you to choose which temperature is most desirable for your hair.

If you have colored or delicate hair, choose the lowest setting which is between 320ºF-355ºF. If you have fairly normal and regular hair, the medium setting of 355ºF-395ºF is ideal, and if you have thick hair, opt for the highest settings which is 430ºF. 

This product is easy to handle because it is lightweight and it also comes with a non-slip handle which is also ergonomic – meaning it won’t give you any trouble even when the curling process is quite long.

BESTOPE is not only lightweight to use, but it is also safe to use with its 60 -minute auto shut-off feature.

The barrel is quite big compared to the others on this list so there is a chance that it will not work for all types and all lengths of hair.

8. T3- Single Pass Curl 1.25 inch Professional Curling Iron 

Via Ulta

From the name itself “single pass,” the Single Pass Curl allows you to achieve beautiful-looking curls without having to run your curling iron on each section over and over again.

This device features a microchip that retains heat to make sure that your hair is getting and evenly-distributed heat throughout the curling session.

This allows the process to be easy and painless because your hair strands are getting the best treatment possible.

This curling iron also has the ceramic-tourmaline combination that protects your hair from having split-ends and from being frizzy.

Not only that, T3 Single Pass has 5 heat settings which give you options to choose the desired temperature suitable for your hair type. 

Aside from the 60-minute auto shut-off feature, this curling device also has a SmartTwist dial that allows you to quickly turn off and turn on the equipment.

This is very handy during the curling process and you need to quickly turn it off or put it down.

Guide to Curling Iron Size 

If you are ever curious about what size of curling iron or curling wand you should use in order to achieve your dream beach waves, then this article is here to answer your curiosity. 

According to research, expert hairstylists recommending you use a curling iron that has a barrel size of 1-2 inches in diameter.

Smaller barrels are available but they are almost always being used for ringlets, and not for curls.

The 1-inch barrel works best for short to medium-length hair while the 2-inch barrel gives you the loose and voluminous waves or curls because of its diameter. 

Depending on your hair length and the curls that you want, you can also check out the following sizes to see what size of curling iron wand is best suitable to make magic for your dream fantasy waves. 

Here is a handy little breakdown of the different sizes and what type of curl you will achieve:

  • Barrel Size – 3/4-inch | Creates – Corkscrew curls | Best for – Short hair
  • Barrel Size – 1-inch | Creates – Classic waves, defined curls | Best for – Short – medium hair
  • Barrel Size – 1 1/2-inch  | Creates – Loose curls, fuller curls  | Best for –  Long hair 

3⁄4 Barrel Size 

If you have short-hair or simply want some tight and defined waves, this barrel size is perfect for you.

If you want to create corkscrew curls and vintage waves, this barrel size is also suitable for you. 

1-inch Barrel Size 

This barrel size is the most popular size because of its versatility.

It is perfect for making defined waves and classic curls.

The 1-inch barrel works magic for short to medium-length tresses. 

1 1⁄2-inch Barrel Size 

If you desire loose waves, some tousled curls, and perfectly defined voluminous curls, this is the suitable barrel size for you.

The chunky size is perfect for thick-haired and long-haired individuals.

When compared to the 2-inch barrel curler, the 1-inch has a much more defined wave.

2-inch Barrel Size 

This barrel size is created for individuals that dream of making large curls and perfect beach waves.

The size of the barrel is large enough to make your curls look voluminous and luxurious.

However, if you have short hair, this barrel size might be too big for you to work with.

This specific size is designed for long-haired and thick-haired individuals. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that you have reached the end of this review, our best bet on this list is BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.

The key to a perfect curl is getting the temperature right and BaByliss Nano creates 50 heat settings that allow you to choose and create the dream curls you desire. 

The most important factor to consider when looking for the perfect curl hair is getting the perfect temperature for the hairstyle of your desire.

And the 50 heat settings give you the ultimate hair buffet.

Hence, this device is not only practical, but it also is versatile with amazing features.  

At the end of the day, any of the above styling tools will give you a solid curl and are great products!

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