Top 5 100% Wool Socks to Keep You Warm & Cozy All Winter

Top 5 100% Wool Socks to Keep You Warm & Cozy All Winter

Öjbro Vantfabrik Wool Socks

Öjbro Vantfabrik Wool Socks

Dachstein Wool Socks

Dachstein Wool Socks

Zimmerli Wool Socks

Do you know where the popularity of woolen products originated? Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many people who really invest in woolen garments to wrap their feet? What’s the reason behind all these?

To those who live in countries where winter is part of the seasons, woolen products are a great option for warmth and comfort. In this article, we are going to present 5 of the best pairs of foot protection which customers really love. We’re also going to explain why they are loved among the other woolen products out there.

Top 5 Best Wool Socks Reviewed

We have spent time researching on the best 100% wool socks that provide comfort and warmth to your feet and these are the five best ones that we found:

1. Dachstein

Spending time outdoors during the bitter cold of winter requires a sock that can keep your feet dry and warm. And for that, you will need something like this 100% woolen socks called Dachstein. It is Australian made and if you get a pair, you are actually buying a piece of history. Over the centuries, the Australians have been boiling their wool so the fibers get tighter creating one of the best fabrics for winter cold and wetness protection. These feet protectors are family made and are probably the best, most durable, and odorless pair of foot protectors you will ever find. They’re also the softest and warmest among all.

The top portion of the sock which is also known as the tongue can be too tight for consumers in the US. The product originates from Europe so be sure that you are ordering the right size.

Aside from being lovely and durable, the socks are unmatched in protecting against wetness, water, ice, and even snow. It also makes a perfect gift for someone who has Reynaud’s Syndrome because it helps ease the pain of the nerve endings that produce pain when exposed to cold.

It is also perfect as an outdoor sports clothing wear. Whether you love skiing, hiking, or doing other outdoor winter activities, the Dachstein socks will insulate your feet protecting it against cold and even moisture with its boiled organic wool material. Your feet will also stay free from bad odor. We advise that you use the European size chart that is provided by the company and not the size charts of other companies so you can be sure that the socks really fit comfortably on your feet. 


  • Well-crafted, soft, and warm
  • Insulates the feet against cold while keeping it dry
  • Made of 100% boiled organic wool
  • Durable and odorless
  • Perfect for people who are suffering from Reynaud’s Syndrome


  • The bridge of the sock may seem tight
  • It’s an expensive pair of garment

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2. Öjbro Vantfabrik

Designed and made by artist Ase Ojbro, this knitted sock features the beautiful tradition and folk art of Scandinavia. It has a rich and colorful design and it is a signature of her and her husband’s Merino wool clothing company. These are the things that have made this Swedish company rise into popularity. All these together with the fact that their products work perfectly in keeping your outer extremities warm and comfortable during the bitter cold of winter. 

This awesome socks extend toward the knee and features a blend of premium materials. They are made of 5% Spandex, 25% Nylon, and 7-% Merino wool which work together to keep your feet warm while providing good fit and support by ensuring that it is properly in place with very minimal movement.

If you are from the US then be sure to pay close attention to the European sizing chart and identify the size that fits you. If your calves are larger, you can get a great fit by ordering a bigger size. These comfortable socks go up to your knee area and stays there comfortably no matter how active you become. They’re not too tight either. The design and construction are just perfect!

For many years now, the Ojbro’s have been weaving 100% Merino wool to give the world guaranteed comfort and warmth with their wide selection of garments. Their products feature different patterns that have been woven delicately to depict the traditional art of Viking and Nordic lifestyle. They are designed beautifully using proprietary weaving techniques to ensure that it provides warmth to the feet up towards the knee. They’re also perfect for people who have Raynaud’s Syndrome. With these socks on, blood circulation towards the feet is ensured which eases away nerve pain caused by the blistering cold of winter.


  • The company provides great customer support
  • Variety of colors and designs available
  • Spandex makes the product stretchable and stays in place
  • Perfect for people who are suffering from Reynaud’s Syndrome
  • Good antimicrobial property to prevent bad odor
  • Soft and warm to the feet


  • One pair is slightly expensive

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3. Possum Down

Ever wondered what clouds feel like? Do you know that you can experience such feeling of heavenly comfort when you wear a pair of Merino wool and Possum on your feet? Yes! This sock originates from New Zealand, the country where Possomdown has discovered that Possum actually has hollow fibers that can provide protection against the cold of winter. When woven together with Merino wool, the result is a blend of fiber which can provide great insulation to the feet protecting them from extreme freezing conditions. 

This pair of foot garment is perfect for people who love to do outdoor activities in the cold of winter. They are mid-calf length and features band ribbings that are widely knitted on the top portion to avoid the slipping of this delightful foot protection during any outdoor or indoor activity that you love. It is created close to perfection and it’s really hard to find faults on it. We suggest that you use the New Zealand size chart that is provided since American size charts are different.

The foot garment is lightweight considering the amount of cold protection that it provides. It’s also amazing in terms of water resistance. This New Zealand find is just incredible and is perfectly made to be used for outdoor activities during the winter. They feature a loop piled sole which provides extra cushioning and comfort while being durable at the same time. It also provides warmth promoting healthy blood circulation towards the feet. This special foot garment is also breathable and prevents bad odor and moisture from ever forming within.


  • Features a cushioned sole
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Effectively provides warmth and comfort to the feet
  • Efficient water resistance and quick drying
  • Durable


  • A pair is on the medium expensive level

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4. Zimmerli

Zimmerli is known as the finest underwear company since 1871. Based in Switzerland, this company has continually observed quality and excellence in its products which have earned them a very good reputation. Made from 100% extra fine, super 120 Merino wool, the company is proud to bring you this delicately made foot garment which will make them feel warm during the holiday season. It also makes a perfect gift for your gentleman friends who love high fashion. It is mid-calf in length and features wool that looks luxurious promising complete protection all the way towards the toes.

With its stitching that is hand-linked, the sock is able to relieve pressure in certain points that are found within the foot. And thanks to its reinforced spots in the toes and heels, you will surely feel comfortable even through a long day. It is able to keep the feet feel warm, dry and odor-free because of the Swiss woolen fibers which are known to have these properties.

 Zimmerli has over a century of experience in providing excellent undergarments so the only thing that will stay in question here is how well would you adapt to the level of luxury that they provide. Male customers who are looking for fine and elegant accessories and garments will surely love the addition of three available color choices in each pair.

Wool is a natural material and is equipped with inherent breathability that makes the vaporization of moisture faster. It is also antimicrobial so it is able to eliminate bacteria that causes odor. Wool is a material that has been made perfect with these properties together with softness and strength to make premium quality foot covering. Furthermore, Merino wool is known around the world because of its quality. These reasons have led Zimmerli of Switzerland to produce mid-calves that are guaranteed to please men who love high fashion.


  • Made of 100% Merino Wool
  • Crafted by a company that has almost 150 years of experience
  • Features a reinforced heel and toe support
  • Extra-fine weave to provide comfort, luxury, and fit
  • Mid-calf length with flat seams
  • Guaranteed durability and strength


  • It is expensive

5. Icewear Landinn

Finally, we come to Icewear, a clothing, and fabric company that is based in Iceland. They have an entire collection of garments that are made for those who love exploring the great outdoors regardless of the weather or season. The Icelandic wool clothing line that they have is made from the fibers taken from Iceland sheep. And these foot protectors that they made features the ideal wool which is lightweight, natural, water-resistant, breathable, and antibacterial. It’s a foot covering that will make anyone happy in the holiday season. They are available in 3 colors.

Well renowned in the entirety of Europe because of their excellence in the products that they make, Icewear is rising to popularity and is already making a name for itself because of the beautiful clothing designs and styles that they create all having the great outdoors into consideration.

We’re sure that consumers will love the thrill that this Icelandic pair of foot protectors will give because of the warmth and comfort that is capable of providing. It is also fashionable and cozy at the same time.

The Landinn Icelandic wool socks are exceptional in terms of providing warmth, comfort, and resilience to cold. Originating and imported from Iceland and made from the famous Icelandic lamb’s wool, this foot accessory is sure to make you feel comfortable even in the bitter cold of winter. It is made of 80% Icelandic wool and 20% Polyamide to make it pliable and durable at the same time. Its overall style, weight, and length make this footwear perfect for everyday wear. It provides real comfort that your feet will want them on every single day!


  • Made from the famous Icelandic sheep’s wool
  • Unisex design
  • Water resistant and lightweight
  • Features odor-fighting antibacterial properties
  • Comfortable to wear and durable enough for everyday wear
  • Less expensive than other brands


  • Customers must pay close attention to its sizing chart

How To Choose the Right Woolen Socks?

There are plenty of reasons why woolen socks perform better than normal socks. Wool has a moisture-absorbing property and they insulate your outward extremities really well even when it’s wet. Aside from that, they also have antibacterial properties that naturally eliminate the germ which causes odor. For this reason, they can be worn several times without being washed.

Still, some would ask what the differences are in each of the product we’ve listed above but it all comes down to your preference and budget. If you want the best then you need to be ready to invest money on it. There are others who prefer choosing cheaper ones which perform close to the more expensive ones.

No matter what your case is, be sure to choose the right weight, construction, and size of woolen socks and make sure that the size fits you. If there are guarantees and other perks then that would be good since it will give more value to your money. Above all, choose one that is durable so you can enjoy wearing it for longer. Winter is coming but before it starts, be sure to arm yourself with the right garments that will keep you warm all day no matter where you go or what activities you do. And if you’re looking for a perfect gift this holiday season, a pair of warm and comfortable wool socks would be a great choice!

Do you know of a woolen sock brand that has made your feet warm and comfortable during the winter season? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.


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