Battery Heated Jacket – Here’s the Best Outerwear with Built-in Heaters of 2024!

Battery Heated Jacket – Here’s the Best Outerwear with Built-in Heaters of 2024!


Ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket


Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket


DeWalt DCHJ061C1 Heated Jacket

Heated jackets are an essential piece of outer garment especially if you are spending time outdoors for long periods during the cold, winter months.

Depending on what you actually do outdoors, wearing layers of thick winter clothing simply isn’t ideal.

Heated jackets are designed so you won’t need to do such a thing as they keep the temperature high no matter how cold the environment is.

They’re the best option not just for those who work outside during the cold winter days but also for cyclists, hikers, and people who are into winter sports.

Best heated jackets are those that are capable of keeping you warm and comfortable over long periods enabling you to do anything that you need to get done. 

I did research on the best brands of thermal jackets identifying the ones that got great reviews from customers and found these 8 awesome pieces of heated jackets which you can try on the cold winter days ahead.

Here’s the Best Battery Heated Jackets of 2024:

1. Ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

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A jacket that is neatly tailored and flawlessly designed to ensure that it looks good and works good every single time.

Those are part of the reasons why the Ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket was able to earn the top spot of this list.

The softshell fabric used for its outer material is lined with thick fleece to ensure that you’re not losing valuable body heat so you can keep warm even when it’s cold outside.

The jacket also features a detachable hood giving you control on your looks while also providing more weather protection whenever you need it.

Adding to the overall appeal is the fact that it is wind and waterproof giving you the ability to move and do whatever you want no matter what the weather is like.

In order to provide the warmth that you need, this jacket uses 3 heating elements that are made out of carbon fiber which is strategically located in different areas of the body – one on the lower back and the other two on the chest.

The heat is adjustable using three different heat settings which can be done by a simple push of a button.

The carbon fiber material is going to heat up in just a few seconds and they can stay heated for up to 10 hours with one single charge.

Moreover, the jacket also features a USB port that allows charging of devices like mobile phones and others while you are on the go.


  • Neatly tailored design
  • Detachable hood
  • Thick lining made of fleece
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • 3 strategically positioned carbon fiber elements
  • On-the-go USB charging feature
  • Provides product warranty

Material: Fleece, Shell Fabric

Available Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Warranty: Yes

I love its overall build and the fact that the carbon fiber heating elements heat up quickly to provide warmth almost in an instant.

The USB port which can be used for charging different devices also adds to its overall appeal making it one of my favorite heated jackets so far.

I actually have one and I wear it during the winter months!

2. DeWalt DCHJ061C1 Heated Jacket

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The three heated zones that the DeWalt heated Jacket has is one of its top advantage over the other competitors.

And it’s there not just to complete the list of specifications but also to provide real warmth whenever it’s cold!

The heat levels are designed to be adjustable using the LED remote and it can even be set with your desired temperature so you won’t need to do it whenever you’re outdoors 

I personally love its durability and good water resistance on the outside layer making it perfect for different types of climate.

And since it is a fitted jacket, it is perfect outer clothing for those who indulge in winter sports.

The jacket also features a hood that helps in keeping water, debris, and cold from every entering the inside part of the jacket making it perfect for providing warmth.

You can carry the things that you need while you’re doing some outdoor activities because of the three sizable pockets that it has.

And charging your gadgets will also be easy with its USB port so you can be sure that your technology works on the go.

Its heated panels work continuously for 7.5 hours on a single charge and it features three heat settings for you to choose from. 

It is heated using battery power so it’s easy to recharge it anytime so you can use the jacket when you need to.

It’s definitely a good investment which you can surely use for the long term especially if you need to face the cold often.


  • Overall warmth provided by its three heating zones
  • LED controls are easy to use
  • The outer shell material is durable and water-resistant
  • Features an adjustable hood
  • Equipped with a USB charging port

Material: Twill Polyester

Available Sizes: Small

Warranty: No

If it’s a small fitted warm jacket that you’re looking for then this one is perfect for you.

Though the battery runs for a shorter time, it still can last for a relatively good duration.

The USB port feature is also a welcome addition especially if you’re going out with a half-empty battery on your gear.

All in all, it’s a high-quality heated jacket that’s definitely worth every buck!

3. Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

Via Walmart

Another piece from the top brand on this list is this slim fit heated jacket that is specially designed for women.

The stylish looks and practical design of this outerwear work together to ensure that you get the warmth that you need every time.

The jacket itself is lined with fleece that serves as a barrier so that the cold cannot enter the body.

It is already warm enough even if the heating panels are not yet activated but in case the cold gets even worse, turning it on would help.

It also has a detachable hood which gives additional protection against the elements when it is put on.

The heating element is made of three panels that are made of carbon fiber and are located in three different key areas of the body providing much-needed warmth.

Since the jacket is contoured and slim fit, you don’t need to worry about looking bulky or carrying extra weight whenever you’re doing some winter sports or when you’re out hiking during cold days.

A full charge of this model has enough power to provide warmth for up to 10 hours.

Now that’s a good amount of time to keep you heated in the whole duration of your outdoor adventure.

Moreover, it’s designed to be safe and secure and is even equipped with a USB port so you can have an emergency power source for your mobile devices even when you’re out on the road.


  • A practical heated jacket that is stylish and functional
  • The Fleece lining blocks cold from entering and features a detachable hood for more comfort and style
  • Features three carbon fiber panels that are strategically located in key heating areas
  • Wind and water-resistant outer material
  • Provides much-needed warmth for up to 10 hours

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Warranty: Yes

The incredibly stylish looks and the overall form of this jacket make it perfect for women who want to stay in style even in the cold winter months.

The heated panels also work great in providing extra warmth and the detachable hood gives additional protection against the elements.

4. Bosch Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Via Amazon

The high-quality construction of the Bosch Men’s Sot Shell Heated Jacket makes it a popular choice among those who are looking to keep warm while enjoying protection against wind and water.

It is tough enough to take on different outdoor activities like sports, chores, and jobs that need to be done even during the cold months. 

It is equipped with three warming panels that heat up in just a few seconds to provide adequate warmth.

The panels are located on the back and chest areas to ensure that your body is heated all the time. 

The heat is capable of being controlled using three different levels of setting so you can choose how hot it gets.

The batteries can power the heating panels for up to 6 hours which is more than enough for a day’s work, hike, or doing some sports activities.

Just like the other models, this one also has a USB charging port to keep your devices powered up.

With it, you’ll be sure that you’re connected to a network just in case an emergency happens while you’re doing some activities outdoors.

That’s the reason why the Bosch Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket is an incredibly safe piece of outerwear for warmth, comfort, and connection.


  • Durable build and high-quality materials used
  • Water and wind-resistant material
  • Equipped with three warming panels for guaranteed warmth and comfort
  • Three heat level settings that are easy to use
  • Features a USB charging port so you can stay connected and safe

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Warranty: No

Overall, this jacket is one that is built with comfort, protection, and durability in mind.

It is capable of surviving even the toughest of conditions during the winter months so you can still do your thing outdoors.

5. DeWalt DCHJ062C1 Camo Heated Jacket

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If you’re into hunting or doing some tough chores during the winter, the thick camo heated jacket from DeWalt is going to be your perfect partner.

Unlike the other jackets that I have already listed above, this one has four heating panels that are sure to warm your entire body with its battery capable of providing power to it for up to seven (7) hours. 

The heating panels are located on the collar, chest, and the middle back so you can have guaranteed warmth even in the harshest conditions of winter.

The camo design that this lined and warm jacket has makes it perfect for hunting and doing some other outdoor activities that you’re fond of doing.

What’s special about it is that it has three pre-sets for the heating levels so you keep yourself warm without any hassle.

A USB charging port is also available and it can be accessed in the inner left chest area of the jacket.

With it, you can charge your mobile phone or any other device that you have so you can be sure that you have communication on the go no matter where the adventure takes you.

It’s also designed to be water-resistant so you can use it for any type of weather condition.


  • Overall warmth provided by its four heating zones
  • Made to help you endure even the harshest conditions of the winter month
  • Water and wind-resistant which is best for hunting and other outdoor activities
  • Equipped with a LED control panel
  • Features a USB Charging in the chest pocket

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: Small

Warranty: Yes

With the incredible comfort and durability that this camo jacket is equipped with especially because of the four heating panels that it has, achieving overall warmth is going to be easier even in the harshest of cold in the winter months.

6. Milwaukee Jacket Kit M12

Via Home Depot

In order to achieve the highest quality, this jacket is constructed using ToughShell Stretch Polyester Fabric which is capable of providing durability that lasts more than five times longer compared to others.

The fabric is also water and wind-resistant which brings comfort and mobility to the next level even when it is cold.

The high-level of insulation which the fabric is equipped with keeps the heat inside all the time so that a high-level of comfort is achieved.

The LED panel also offers great control over the different heat levels that are available for the user to choose from.

There are three different heat levels to choose from so you can choose the one that is able to fight the level of cold that you’re experiencing. 

This means that you can move from one warmer area to a colder one and still enjoy adequate heat by choosing and setting it to the right level.

There are four different designs that are available which include red, grey, black, and camo and you can pick the one that best suits the winter activity that you’re planning to do.

The wide range of sizes that this heated jacket has also means that there’s going to be a perfect fit for everyone.

Along with the tough fabric that is used on its outside layer, you’re sure to have the protection that you’ll need for every type of winter environment.


  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Outer materials are high-quality and durable
  • Equipped with individual heat pads in every insulated panel
  • The heat is controllable via a LED panel
  • Available in four different colors: Black, Grey, Camo, and Red

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL

Warranty: Yes

I love the overall toughness and durability that this jacket offers.

These features make it suitable for different winter conditions as they can provide overall warmth and maximum comfort.

7. DeWalt DCHJ063C1 Camo Heated Jacket

Via Amazon

The four heating zones that this camo jacket from DeWalt is equipped with are sure to make you feel warm and comfortable in every type and level of cold during the winter season.

It has heating panels that are capable of being controlled through the LED panel and it offers an advantage as it makes the use more convenient.

You also have the option of pre-heating the jacket before putting it on. The panels are able to provide heat for up to seven hours in one single charge.

The jacket is really comfortable and it offers more than enough storage with seven pockets all-in-all.

You’ll be confident of your safety as the jacket also ensures that you’re connected to an existing network through your mobile device. Yes! there’s a USB port that you can use to charge your gadgets on-the-go.

And no matter what the weather is like, you will enjoy additional protection through the hood that it has which works with the neck and faceguard that it’s equipped with.

The outer material is made of wind and water-resistant fabric so it can ward-off any element. Overall, it’s a stylish and durable heated jacket that is perfect for hunting or doing some other outdoor winter activities.


  • Easy and convenient LED controls
  • Full-body comfort with the four heating zones that it is equipped with
  • Three available temperature settings
  • Features a removable faceguard and hood
  • USB charging port and seven pockets for adequate storage and mobile power

Material: Shell fabric

Available Sizes: Large, XL, XXL

Warranty: Yes

This heated jacket is one that is practical and comfortable at the same time.

It is designed to withstand tough winter weather conditions and is perfect for different outdoor activities in the cold winter months.

8. Smarkey Cordless Heated Jacket

Via Amazon

The three heating zones that this jacket has are located at the back and in front to ensure that the wearer enjoys overall comfort and warmth.

It’s also equipped with awesome anti-high temperature control so you can be warm and safe all the time.

The outer material is constructed using wind and water-resistant fabric making it perfect for every type of weather condition especially during the winter season without causing any damage or discomfort

A lithium battery powers the heating system of the jacket which lasts longer compared to the other brands and it ensures that the system works even with repeated wear.

If you’re looking for a heated jacket which you can use for outdoor activities or winter sports then this one is really perfect. 

Its heating panels are tested to get warm in just a few seconds making it perfect even for the coldest days of winter. 

The overall design brings warmth while physically increasing core body temperature in a gradual manner.

  • Safe and easy to wear
  • Features three heating zones which provide overall warmth
  • Provides heating in just a few seconds
  • Wind and water-resistant fabric used
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: Medium

Warranty: No

All-in-all, this heated jacket is one that truly increases your body temperature.

This means that you’re going to have the freedom to do every type of winter activity or job that you need to perform.

9. Milwaukee M12HHGREY Heated Hoody

Via Amazon

Created with the purpose of being a flexible outerwear, this heated jacket is one that is incredibly comfortable and provides adequate warmth whenever you need it.

It has heating panels both at the front and back portions so you can enjoy the much-needed heat when you’re working, hiking, or enjoying some winter sports in the harsh winter conditions.

It’s got a durable waistband that is capable of supporting a variety of body sizes making it the perfect heated jacket for different people.

What’s great about this jacket is that its heating panels can actually be powered using a motorcycle battery and that alone makes it perfect for riders who love hitting the road even in the cold months.

The rechargeable battery that it comes with lasts for a long time so you can be sure that you get a reusable piece of outerwear this winter.

This model is available in grey and black variants letting you pick the best one for your overall style. 

With the hood that it has, you will also enjoy additional protection against wind, water, and other elements.

And though it has heating panels in it, this jacket still isn’t a bulky and heavy one so you’re sure to move more freely no matter what activity it is that you do this winter season.


  • Equipped with a hoody for additional protection from the elements
  • Features a rechargeable battery so you can use it for a long time
  • Heating panels are located on the front and back portion for total body warmth
  • Durable fabric material used to ensure that it endures any outdoor activity during the winter
  • Flexible and comfortable style

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, 5XL

Warranty: No

10. VentureHeat MC-38 Heated Motorcycle Jacket

Via Amazon

This heated jacket is made for riders who love hitting the road in the winter. The sleek and durable construction that it has is able to protect riders who use small bikes.

The heating element is made to be powered using the motorcycle’s battery so you can enjoy warmth and comfort while riding your bike.

It is compatible with almost every model and brand of vehicle and motorcycle making it suitable for every type of customer looking for a heated jacket that works with 12V battery systems.

And the really awesome feature that it has is its 7 heating panels that deliver soft infrared heat to the body.

The heat itself is able to penetrate to the depths of your body so you can keep warm for longer.

It also features a self-contained pocket which can serve as adequate storage whenever it’s not in use.

The three heat settings that these panels have are controllable using its waterproof panel.

Once it gets activated, the heat will be available within a few seconds.

The jacket is designed to be worn under a motorcycle jacket that you have but it also is wind and water-resistant which means that you can wear it alone as well.

That’s one of the reasons why this jacket is one of the most outerwear in the market.


  • Warms and provides heat within seconds
  • Can be worn alone or with your current motorcycle jacket
  • Features seven heating panels for guaranteed warmth
  • Can be powered using the batteries of a vehicle
  • Designed for motorcycling during the winter months

Material: Polyester

Available Sizes: XXS – XXXL

Warranty: No

This durable jacket is designed to work with versatility and it’s specially designed for motorcycling as well as for sports and other winter activities.

It can also be worn under your existing jacket for added comfort.

Which One Should You Choose?

There could be plenty of heated jackets out there that can work perfectly based on their features but it is important to note that the one you should choose should be based on your needs.

If it’s a heated jacket that you are planning to use for hunting then definitely go for the camo heated jacket.

If it’s for motorcycling then get the one which is designed to be powered via your vehicle’s batteries.

Of course, the budget will come into play as well but when choosing the best heated jacket, be sure to choose one that costs less but still features durable materials and build.

Heat controls should also be considered and as well as the length of usage.

In the end, there’s nothing that truly works better than a heated jacket that matches your style and intended purpose.

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