Best Running Shoes for Underpronation + Supination – 2024 Buyers Guide!

Best Running Shoes for Underpronation + Supination – 2024 Buyers Guide!

Brooks Ghost 11

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

Hoka One Clifton 5

Are your arches higher than normal? Is it causing you to run on the outer edges of your feet? Do you have problems with plantar fasciitis or shin splints?

If your answer is YES to any or all of these questions then it is highly possible that you supinate. And if this condition causes you pain then there’s a very high probability that you are using the wrong shoe whenever you go for a run.

Did you know that 85% of runners are actually using the wrong shoe?

That can be a pretty scary number but wait, there’s more!

There are 65% to 85% who get injured every single year. See the similarity in these stats? That couldn’t be just mere coincidence.

But the good news is it can be prevented simply by choosing the right pair of shoes. 

All the injury and pain can be avoided allowing you to run further and faster without any problem.

But what exactly is supination? In this article, we’re going to learn more about this condition but first let’s review the best running shoes for this issue.

Here’s the Best Rated Running Shoes for Supination of 2024:

On the list below, you will find reviews for the top 5 best running shoes in 2019 which can help people with supination.

Find the perfect shoe for you by going through each one, read their pros and cons and see which one fits your running style and support or even correct your supination.

1. Best Shoes for High Arches – Brooks Ghost 11

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This shoe is the number one choice for runners who experience supination (underpronation). It has everything that a runner needs to support and correct this condition.

Many users commend it for being a comfortable shoe and love the cushion which seems to explode with the BuoMoGoDNA and DNA LOFT technology that Brooks actually own.

With its bilateral cushion system design, the shoe becomes very absorbent to shock while maintaining great responsiveness.

This means that you’ll feel like running on the spring floor used in gymnastic instead of getting the feeling of running on comfy and soft pillows.

The latter is truly soft but does not offer any bounce back reaction. It is also super stable and is designed to fit runner with arches that are medium to high.

Since these type of runners often underpronate, the shoe will help in terms of correcting or supporting the condition. Many users love how it fits securely while providing soft and comfortable insoles.


  • Offers better forefoot flexibility with its efficient shock distribution and ankle mobility. It then results in better in relieving pain and other problems that underpronators usually experience
  • Features superior quality cushioning which offers relief to runners who have high arches and as well as those who experience heel strikes.
  • Equipped with a vented mesh on the upper material giving the best breathability for those hot summer days.
  • The crash pad provides a soft and smooth ride. It also helps prevent injuries that are related to poor shock absorption such as shin splints.


  • Quite pricey but it’s a fair price for high-quality shoes for running
  • There are users who like the Ghost 10 version than the 11’s

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2. Most Durable One – New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

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New Balance is known for making shoes that are durable and efficient – they get the job done every time! In fact, it’s one of my favorite brands.

Yes! I get what I really pay for. And their New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7 isn’t any exemption to that rule!

It is highly-durable and just gets the right results for runners who have mid-arch feet.

The cushioned ride and reliability is brought by its fresh midsole and the flex groove outsole that it has.

It is available in x-wide, wide, narrow, and standard versions to fit a variety of foot sizes and shapes. Users praise it for its great fit and really long lifespan.


  • Provides a super snug fit with its New-Sew bootie design. This also helps eliminate heel slips.
  • Remains as one of the best-cushioned shoes in the market because of its Fresh Foam Technology.
  • Upper Mesh is designed to be highly-breathable to provide better foot ventilation during runs.
  • Lasts long so it’s perfect for long-distance runners. Thanks to its Blown Rubber Outsole.


  • A shoe that is designed for mid-arches. If you have high arches then I recommend you pick another shoe on this list.

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3. Perfect for Speed – Hoka One One Clifton 5

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A cushioned ride that is designed to be fast and light, that’s what the Hoka One One Clifton 5 is best known for.

They’re one of the very few companies who produce shoes that are light and fast but still provides great cushioning and stability.

This shoe does those things so well that it has even won an award. The adaptive forefoot which works with the overload of midsole foam that it has makes it perform great in absorbing shock. That’s what people with supination actually needs! Its users praise the high-quality design of its improved upper mesh.

Others even say that they feel like running on clouds when they run with a Hoka One One. Now that’s something that’s worth noting about this pair of shoe!


  • Definitely a machine for shock absorption. Amazingly comfortable and users love it most for this benefit.
  • Guided gait cycle that produces a natural feeling while the rocker system gives the feeling like both feet is riding on a rocking chair.
  • Extra cushioning makes it best for heavy runners.
  • Improved breathability with its new upper mesh design.


  • You’ll need more time to get used to it because of its larger size.

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4. Best Choice for High Arches – Asics Gel Nimbus 20

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In my opinion, this is ASICS’ best supination running shoe that is out in the market at present. ASICS is known as one of the best running shoe company and the Gel Nimbus 20 is the best one for those runners who experience supination.

It is designed for people who have high arches and provides a host of benefits to those who experience this underpronation.

The Flytefoam midsole technology works hand in hand with its rearfoot and forefoot gel and external heel clutching system that are all attached to the fluidfit upper design.

It means that this shoe provides perfect support starting from the heels and forward towards the toes.

That makes this shoe a very popular one for running enthusiasts. It also features an improved fit compared to its previous version.


  • Relieves pain from the outer edges of the foot in an incredible manner.
  • Provides better comfort while preventing injuries from happening.
  • Helps treat plantar fasciitis according to user testimonies.
  • True to its fit because of the sizing improvements since the last version.
  • Provides superior support for a better, smoother ride.


  • Higher price compared to other running shoes in this list

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5. Best Cushioned Ride – Mizuno Wave Rider 22

This shoe is SUPER soft and it’s one of the crowd favorites especially to those who underpronate.

Thanks to Mizuno’s cloudwave technology, this shoe is one of the most comfortable running pair in the market. The wave technology disperses energy equally from the point of impact to areas that are broader so that stability is improved thereby producing a smooth front ride.

The shoe is also liked because of the superior guidance that it provides. It’s also known to provide a springy underfoot. Adding to its overall design and performance is the U4ic heels and midsole which makes it light but durable. The wave technology is often praised by its users saying that it’s really one of a kind.


  • Running becomes easier with its superior guidance.
  • Supports and corrects heel strikes with its extra cushioned heel
  • Breathable and snug fit brought by its premium sockliner
  • Excellent all-around cushion which prevents runner’s knee and shin splints
  • Wave technology provides excellent shock absorption making the shoe ideal for longer runs.


  • Few color choices are available.
  • Less to box room compared to other shoes.

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What Exactly is Supination?

Supination is a condition where the foot rolls outwards when running. It is also known as underpronation. It is the direct opposite of overpronation where the foot runs inwards when running.

Supination will not be a problem if you’re not into running. Runners who have this condition can experience different problems that can range from mild to severe since running on the outer edges of the foot can have detrimental effects on the legs. If this uneven wear and tear continue, it can spell injury to the runner which starts with runners knee, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

Understanding that supination isn’t a magical curse or a plague is very important. This condition can actually be corrected, if not supported. Thankfully, the injury and pain that it results in can be prevented and can even be reversed by choosing and using the right kind of running shoes.

But how will you know that you actually supinate? Knowing the signs behind this condition will help you know if you have a supination problem. Let’s explore some of the common signs of this condition.

10 Common Signs of Supination


Knowing if you actually supinate or not is important. That’s why we’ve listed the most common signs that a runner actually underpronates through his/her gait cycle. Just remember that even if you have such a condition, you will not experience every symptom listed below. These items are ways when your body raises a red flag and tells you that you are doing something wrong. The signs of supination are as follows:

  1. Constant Achilles Tendonitis (Achilles Pain)
  2. Ankle pain
  3. Constant shin splints (Shin Pain)
  4. Frequent ankle sprains
  5. Blisters or calluses on your feet
  6. Throbbing lower legs along with the feet
  7. Stabbing pain at the bottom of the heel or feet (Plantar fasciitis)
  8. Swelling ankle, heel, or foot
  9. IT Band Syndrome or constant pain in the outer knee
  10. Premature wear on the outer edges of the shoe

And if you have HIGH ARCHES, you have a very high chance of supination. Pain from supination can be very evident and ignoring it can make the problem worse. That’s why finding the right shoe is important. So what are the benefits of choosing the right running shoe? We’re going to talk about it next so just keep reading to find out even more!

Benefits of Choosing the Right Shoe for Running

Finding and using the right shoe when you have supination can prevent many problems when you are running. Choosing the wrong shoe can spell destruction but choosing the right one will save you. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing shoes that are right for your feet.

  • A shoe that fits well will wear evenly which prevents the problem of it wearing prematurely. That means that you’re getting more miles for every pair that you wear and more savings (money) in your pocket
  • It helps loosen up the calves and Achilles. When the lower leg is more flexible, injuries will less likely to occur and the result is you’ll be able to run for longer.
  • Ankle fractures and sprains are prevented since the outside portion of your feet is no longer experiencing uneven pressure.
  • Shin splints that are caused by having high arches are significantly decreased. A higher arch means that shock absorption is on a lower level and thereby results in shin splints. Getting the right pair of shoes helps bring the right support to your arches and gives better shock absorption.
  • Pain in the plantar fascia or the ligament that is under the foot is prevented. Supination strains this ligament which connects the toes to the heel. When the pain on this area is gone, you’ll be able to run faster and further!

As you can see, the benefits that can be derived from choosing the right shoe for your supination isn’t lacking. It’s true that it takes extra time and effort but wearing the right shoe spells a big difference! Now that you know of these benefits, let’s get into the list of the best shoes that can help support or even correct supination.

What You Should Look For in Running Shoes if You Underpronate

Finding the best shoe for your condition isn’t always an easy task.

There’s a host of options from different companies out there that are all promising great features and results.

Going through each one can easily get you to lose yourself.

This guide is designed to help you make the best choice and pick the one that will support your underpronation problem.

So let’s go over each one of the items below and I will explain how each one should influence your choice.


There surely are customers out there who share the same problem with underpronation that you have.

Look into what these people can say about the shoes that they tried for high arches and supination (underpronation).

Read about their experience on using a certain shoe brand and check the rating of the product that you are eyeing to purchase.

This information is priceless and will definitely help you make a better decision.

Amazon is one of the best places where you can find honest reviews from users and customers.


It is always a good practice to get a quality shoe from a renowned company.

They’re a valuable investment that can make or break your running career so you need a pair of shoe that can do the job!

You don’t want to cut corners on this so be sure to invest in the best one.

I became a real distance runner when I started focusing on the best shoes for me instead of those that are on the SALE rack.

I ran my first marathon on a pair of shoes that helped with my supination problem.

You deserve the best so quit limiting yourself by getting shoes which actually produce resistance that prevent you from running the distance.

Getting the right running shoe from the right company is really important. Consider brands like ASICS, Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Saucony, Adidas, and Hoka One One and stick to the one that has made your best running and support shoe.


Support, Flexibility, and Cushion

These three work hand in hand to offer the best support and correction to your supination problem.

Support is more on choosing the right shoe that will fit your problem with supination, overpronation, or if you have neutral feet.

Cushioning, on the other hand, focuses on the insole material and technology which make the underside of the foot comfortable depending on the condition that you have.

Different brands have different cushioning technologies and techniques so it is best to read reviews and even try fitting one if you are going to purchase from a physical store.

Lastly, flexibility ensures that shock is evenly distributed to different parts of your feet instead of just staying on the outer edges in case you have supination.

Support and cushion will be useless without the shoe being flexible.

These factors are important considerations if you are looking to purchase the best shoe for you!

Have you tried a different shoe brand that has worked perfectly in helping you run distances even with your supination problem?

Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section below.

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