Clawfoot Tubs – Here’s the Best Standing bathtubs you can Buy!

Clawfoot Tubs – Here’s the Best Standing bathtubs you can Buy!

There is nothing more relaxing than ending a stressful day with a long soak in a tub with fancy feet.

Clawfoot tubs add a touch of magic and luxury because of their intricate embellishments and the fantasy of the old-world aesthetic.

When we think about clawfoot tubs we think about class, luxury, elegance, and vintage charm.

Clawfoot tubs have been one of the distinctive statements of Old Hollywood glamour like those of Kim Novak in Pal Joey, Ava Gardner in One Touch of Venus, Greer Garson in Julia Misbehaves, and many more.

Aside from their classic goodness, they are also one of the most versatile types of tubs because they complement various styles and elements.

If you are looking to glam up your bathroom with a clawfoot tub but are having a hard time deciding on a color, finish, size, and shape – this article will give you all the choices to help you pick your dream clawfoot tub that will take your bathroom to the next level of modern or vintage elegance.

Athena Swedish Slipper Clawfoot Tub

The first clawfoot tub we can vouch for is the Athena Swedish Slipper Clawfoot Tub.

It is guaranteed to be of high quality because of its acrylic interior and cast iron feet.

Athena Swedish’s iron-like exterior brings a farmhouse essence while still maintaining the retro charm you’d like for a clawfoot tub.

However, this tub only runs 54 inches long.

This is smaller than the standard bathtub size which is 60 inches long.

So, if you like to just lay back and kick your feet high up like some Hollywood star in a classic movie, this spa-worthy clawfoot tub is perfect for you.

But, if you are looking for a larger tub, keep reading for some more options.

Barclay Picasso Copper Clawfoot Tub

Via Wayfair

The second one on the list is Barclay Picasso Copper Claw Foot Tub.

If you are looking for a more rustic, vintage style for your bathroom, this copper tub might be the one that you’re looking for.

This eye-catching rustic-inspired finish would surely be a signature piece in your space.

And who doesn’t want to end their day submerging their body into a piece of rustic art in their bathroom?

I bet all of us want that experience!

This clawfoot tub is also antiquely hammered, providing a perfect dose of a moody element to your bathroom.

Kallista Freestanding Claw Foot Bathtub




Topped with embellished gargoyles, scrolls, and fleur-de-lis, Kallista Freestanding Claw Foot Bathtub is such a beautiful piece.

This dramatic eagle claw foot cast iron tub runs up to 70 inches in length, making it a great option for those that are looking for larger tubs.

Also, Kallista Freestanding Claw Foot Bathtub is a slip-resistant tub so you wouldn’t have to worry about unfortunate slipping incidents.

This clawfoot tubs got you!

Watermark Fixtures Color Block Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

Via Amazon

If you are someone who is looking to add a more quirky piece to your home, this green-hued tub is a perfect feature to add to your bathroom space!

With its black cast iron feet and white porcelain enamel interior, Watermark Fixtures Color Block Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub gives off that dynamic feel while retaining the gold luxury and fantasy vibes you are dreaming of.

This clawfoot tub is a piece of art that will surely sprinkle some grand Edwardian era accent to your bathroom space.

Rejuvenation 5’ Clawfoot Tub

Via Rejuvenation

If you are looking for clawfoot tubs that suit best for that modern-meets-vintage type of style, the Rejuvenation 5’ Clawfoot Tub is the right one for you.

This 60-inch tub, with durable, semi-gloss black paint and gold feet, adds a luxurious feel to your bathroom space without being overly striking to the eye.

It’s like catching the attention but in a subtle manner.

A refined amount of posh and elegance is the key to achieving the balance between the modern and the vintage style.

Rejuvenation 5’ Clawfoot Tub is surely something to consider, don’t you think?

Pegasus Acrylic Ball and Claw Feet Slipper Tub

Via Home Depot

The Pegasus Acrylic Ball and Claw Feet Slipper Tub is not only affordable but also lightweight since its slipper feet are not made from cast iron.

The clawfoot tub is about 60-inches in length and has Pegasus-looking feet, which is not only a signature piece but also perfect for relaxing and reclining in your little bathroom space.

Watermark Fixtures Pastel Pink Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub

Via Watermark Fixtures

Are you in need of a clawfoot tub that screams an Instagram-ready pink vibe?

This tub is a perfect choice.

The silver feet and the pastel pink exterior exudes this posh and feminine essence to it.

Bathing in this clawfoot tub will surely make you feel like that badass Elle in the movie Legally Blonde.

Just a quick tip– if you want to add an accent shade in your bathroom space, take a look at your tiles and decors because most likely, the accent shade is already in there.

If you are thinking of adding a clawfoot tub with a pop of color, the color of the tub should also be cohesive with the color and design of your space in order to achieve that perfect balance of bold and subtle look that you’re looking for.

Signature Hardware McQuire Copper Slipper Clawfoot Tub

Via Build

If you want to soak your body in a bathtub that is oozing with quirkiness, Signature Hardware McQuire Copper Slipper Clawfoot Tub is the perfect tub for you.

This clawfoot tub has reptilian-like claw feet that gives plenty of personaly while remaining unique at the same time.

Remember the movie Beauty and the Beast?

This clawfoot tub surely gives off this vibe.

It’s like one of those magical pieces that bring life to your space.

This tub is also 72 inches in length which gives you more room to soak.

Adding this clawfoot tub in your bathroom will surely be an eye-catching piece in your space.

Signature Hardware Double-Ended Tub With Gothic Feet

Via Build

This cast iron model made by Signature Hardware is the perfect freestanding tub for your modern bathroom.

The gothic-inspired feet piece of art adds a unique charm to your bathroom while the white exterior of this tub sprinkles a vintage touch.

This combination is perfect for featuring in any space.

With black drape curtains on? Magnifico.

It’s like coming from a bath in some sort of a vampire movie. 

Penhaglion Cathryn French Bateau Clawfoot Tub

Via Home Depot

Looking for a tub that strikes a solid pop of color?

The French Bateau clawfoot tub might be the one you’re looking for.

Adding this to your bathroom will give your space more personality and drama because of its blue-green exterior.

If you also love soaking your entire body then this 68-inches clawfoot tub is your holy grail.

So what are you waiting for?

Rejuvenation Double-Ended Navy Tub With Claw Feet

Via Rejuvenation

This clawfoot tub doesn’t only feature a classic antique charm to it, but also gives this modern interpretation with its cast-iron, navy blue exterior, and cohesive color of feet and porcelain interior.

If you also love to fully submerge your body, this tub is the perfect option.

Rejuvenation Double-Ended Navy Tub With Claw Feet is not only aesthetic, but it is also functional– this clawfoot tub makes room for more water because its mount is on the rim instead of the inner wall.

WaterMark Fixtures Mint Green Porcelain Clawfoot Tub


Via Watermark Fixtures

To give your bathroom a cheerful and dynamic tropical vibe while remaining simple and grown-up at the same time, this pale mint-green color claw tub is a perfect choice.

With the embellished cast-iron feet, WaterMark Fixtures Mint Green Porcelain Clawfoot Tub still manages to look subtle despite its playful color.

This piece, with its earth-toned color, gives your bathroom a fresh look. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss this out!

Barclay Cast Iron Tub With Wooden Block Feet

Via Barclay

If you are bold enough to try new styles but are also too worried to risk your choice, add Barclay Cast Iron Tub With Wooden Block Feet to your cart.

This cast iron clawfoot tub with wooden feet grabs the attention while also remaining minimalistic at the same time.

If your home is looking for modern features with a touch of uniqueness, this tub is surely worth its purchase.

Watermark Fixtures Clawfoot Bathtub Trompe L’Oeil Antiqued Lagniappe

Watermark Fixtures Clawfoot Bathtub Trompe L’Oeil Antiqued Lagniappe is layered and handcrafted by a single artisan so it is guaranteed durable and long-lasting.

It has textures and colors that took inspiration from the antique patinas found on vintage pieces that are popular from generation to generation.

This clawfoot tub will give your bathroom that vintage elegance vibe without giving up the earthy and homey feels especially when it is paired with sheer curtains hung in large windows.

Surely, a blissful experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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