Best Curling Iron for Short Hair to Get You the Perfect Beach Waves in 2024!

Best Curling Iron for Short Hair to Get You the Perfect Beach Waves in 2024!

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron

Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Wand Set

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

Are you dreaming and craving for head-turning curly and bouncy hair?

The kind that will boost your confidence while making you look your best every single time?

If you answered “YES” then you’ll need a curling iron that can help you achieve beautiful curls on those locks.

If you don’t have one then we’ll let you find the best one in this guide.

As its name implies, curling irons are going to help you do the magic trick of turning your straight hair into a beautiful curly and bouncy one.

But as a buyer, you’ll need to ensure that the product which you are going to purchase actually underwent a quality check to avoid the blame game later on especially if something bad happens after using a low-quality product.

That is why it is important that you get yourself familiar with the best curling irons out there before choosing the best one that fits both your needs and your budget.

After all, we only want to get the best value for every dollar we spend right?

But with all the different brands and varieties of curling irons out there which all promise to deliver great results, the danger of falling prey to products that are of low quality becomes easier. Getting confused with which tool to choose for your hair type is also possible.

How do you choose the best curling iron for your type of hair? How can you make sure that the one you’re going to pick would really deliver what it promises? 

You don’t need to get stressed with worrying because, in this guide, we’re going to help you pick the best and as well as show you how to use it so you can achieve the best results.

There are a wrong way and a right way of using curling irons and if you do it right, you’re sure to achieve those elegant curls that look like the serene waves by the beach you’ve always been dreaming of! Read on to discover more about these awesome hair styling gear.

2024‘s Best Curling Irons For Every Type of Hair:

Now that you already know the different things that you need to look for when choosing the best curling iron, it is time to meet the top products that are available in the market at present.

Let’s start with the one that works best for those who have thick hair!

1. Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron – Works Best for Thick Hair

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Hair that is thick can be unruly and because of this, it will also be resistant to styling.

If you have this type of hair, you, don’t need to worry and get stressed about it.

You just need to get this Hot Tools Professional Curling iron and your hair troubles will surely go away!

The iron’s size is perfect for those who have medium to long hair.

It is going to be fully wrapped with hair making it easy to achieve curls that are gentle and voluminous at the same time.

This iron is equipped with great technology making it heat up faster and retain the heat for longer. It’s going to work well in managing thick and coarse-textured hair.

Many users have given this tool the title of being the best curling iron available in the market at present so if you’re in a constant struggle of styling your thick hair, this tool is going to be perfect for you!


  • Heats up fast for quick hair styling
  • Retains heat for longer compared to other brands
  • Capable of creating voluminous curls and large waves
  • Features a unique and well-designed tip that protects your fingers from being burned while styling your hair.


  • No auto shut-off feature
  • There are users who complain about its clamp being too tight which results to creases on the hair

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2. Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Wand Set – Best for Every Hair Type


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The full package contains a complete set! If you’re still confused about the right size of curling iron that your hair needs then you shouldn’t look any further because the Xtava 5-in-1 Curling Wand is the best iron for you!

It features different sizes of iron tips in every set allowing you to achieve different waves, curls, and styles every time.

It’s got a ceramic tourmaline heating surface which helps ensure that your hair stays healthy even with repeated use.

The best thing about it is that it works for virtually every hair type!

Yes! It can style a short, medium, or long length hair with ease and you have the freedom to choose which kind of wave or curl that you want.

The barell/tip is removable so you can replace it with the size that you want. Changing it is as easy as 1-2-3 so you’re sure to achieve every style quickly!

Whether you want a bouncy voluminous curl or just need beachy waves with tight curls in some areas of your head, this tool is going to do it since you can change its barrel to the size that will produce the style that you want.

It also has a wide range of settings for its temperature which makes curling a breeze for every hair texture and thickness.

People who’ve got thin hair are able to use this iron using the low heat settings while those with thicker hair can go for the medium to a high-temperature setting.


  • Best for traveling worldwide because of its dual voltage feature
  • Equipped with a wide range of heat settings for you to choose from
  • Features different sizes of barrels for every one of your styling needs
  • It has an auto shut-off feature which makes it very safe to use even left turned on


  • All of its barrels don’t have cool tips so most users say that it can easily burn the fingers which is why gloves is needed when using it

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3. Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron – Best for Achieving Beach Waves

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The ceramic and tourmaline heating surface on this curling iron is going to work great for ensuring healthy hair while making the curls last longer.

The best part about it is that you can acquire it without having to spend too much.

It effectively keeps the frizz at bay without being too expensive. And it does all that without sacrificing quality. 

The technology used in this iron allows it to release negative ions towards the hair and scalp while you’re curling and the result is a moisturized crowning glory that’s smooth and shiny at the same time. And those great looks will last throughout the day.

Worrying about your hair being damaged after being exposed directly with heat will be a thing of the past because the ceramic and tourmaline surface technology employed in this curling iron will ensure that heat is properly distributed during the process.

This minimizes the time that is needed to have your hair exposed to heat. Moreover, this technology is going to relieve the hair from static electricity which will effectively protect it against any type of damage.

If you want to achieve beachy waves that look really awesome along with some curls that look natural then this tool is going to be the perfect one to use.

I would recommend this curling iron for people who have thin and fine hair and that is because the temperature setting on it starts at 310 degrees which can be a high setting for those who have fragile hair.


  • Highly-Affordable curling iron for those who have a limited budget
  • Helps keep frizz at bay
  • Its tapered shape creates natural curls and beautiful beachy waves
  • Equipped with an auto shut-off feature that makes it safe to use even when you forget to turn it off


  • Offers a limited range of heat settings
  • Not suitable for those who have thin and fragile hair type

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4. Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1″ Automatic Curling Iron – Best Iron for Beginners

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If you’re still far from becoming a pro or you have very limited time for styling, curling, and fixing your hair but you still want to achieve great results, this iron is going to be a perfect choice.

This automatic iron will spare you from unnecessarily spending on traditional ones that will take forever to master.

Unlike its usual, traditional counterparts, this automatic curling iron will not require any tricks and techniques just to achieve elegant curls and beachy waves.

Just position it close enough to your hair allowing it to touch the surface that you want to style then it will do the rolling and curling for you in an automatic fashion. It’s that simple!

This iron is going to work perfectly for those who have medium to long hair. With its perfect size barrel that accommodates medium to long hair, styling will surely become a breeze.

Burning your fingers will also be out of the picture because once the hair gets fully wrapped on it, the iron will beep letting you know that it is time to release your finger.

It will also beep when full heat setting is reached during the heating up process.

And the ceramic technology that this curling iron has ensures that your hair is going to be shiny and smooth every time.


  • The perfect curling iron for learners and beginners
  • Ensures that the user is safe during the curling process with its beeping feature which is a type of alert that the tool is heating up and it’s time to release the fingers


  • It has a very limited heat setting

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5. BabyBlissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron – Best Iron for Short Hair

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Creating some long-lasting and more defined curls is going to be easy using this BabyBlissRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron.

With its wide range of heat settings available, you’ll have the freedom to use a low, medium, or high-temperature settings depending on how soft or coarse your hair is.

It is equipped with technology that lets it heat up quickly and retain the heat for longer to make the task of curling thick and coarse hair a lot easier to accomplish. 

The ceramic and titanium heating surface that it has ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout in order to minimize your hair’s exposure to heat and prevent further damage.

Moreover, the technology also ensures that frizz remains at bay by releasing ions which your hair needs to be smoother and shinier right after the process.

The advanced technology used in this curling iron is designed to work effectively without being too harsh so you won’t feel any pulling or snagging effect while you’re curling your hair.

This tool’s ability to keep the heat and heat up quickly makes creating more defined ang longer lasting curls to form on your hair.


  • Equipped with a wide range of heat settings to allow users to choose the right temperature that works perfectly on their type of hair
  • Helps create long lasting curls


  • Users report about their finger being burned because of the small tip at the handle part of this curling iron
  • It has the tendency to get extremely hot so we advise testing the heat first before starting to use it on your hair and start with the lowest heat settings

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Useful Tips in Using Your Curling Iron

Unlike the straigthening iron, curling irons involve rolling your hair around its heating tip.

Here are two ways in doing it using any brand of curling iron:

First Method

  1. Widen the clip so your hair can sit in between the wand and the clip then place the middle length of your hair in between them.
  2. Wrap your hair around the wand then close the clip.

Second Method

  1. Widen the clip so your hair can sit in between the wand and the clip then place the end of your hair in between them.
  2. Clost the clip and wrap the length of the hair around the wand.

Important Reminders:

  • Always be sure that your hair is totally dry. You can use either a blow dryer or an air dryer.
  • One of the quickest methods to get curls is by having your hair pulled into a ponytail style on your head’s center part. You can also divide your hair into two or three parts. Make sure that the ponytail or the parts which you have created are secured using an elastic band or a clip. If you chose the ponytail way, you will need to divide your hair into four parts/sections then start the process by curling away from your head.
  • Be sure to give your hair time to cool. After it cools down, you can untie/undo the ponytail which you made then gently brush your hair. Be sure to get your hair sprayed with a hairspray so the curls will last longer.
  • If you want loose curls, you can achieve it by holding your iron in a vertical position.
  • If it’s the bouncy and tight curls that you want, you can achieve it by holding your iron horizontally.
  • For curls that are the medium type, you can achieve it y holding the iron diagonally.
  • To make curls last longer than usual, you will need to start curling starting from the roots toward the ends. If its your first time doing it, you can start by curling your hair with the iron pointing downward to make the process a lot easier.
  • Avoid using cold water in an effort to quickly cool down your iron as it will damage its spring mechanisms.

Three Important Features You’ll Need to Look For in a Curling Iron

Not all curling irons are the same. While most of them would look identical, there are some vital features that you need to look for if you really want to get the most value for the dollars that you’re going to spend.

You will need to make sure that these features are present in the iron that you’re going to purchase so you can get the best results every time you use it!

Let’s discuss the first essential feature:

1. The Material Used

Your curling iron’s surface is made of either tourmaline, ceramic or titanium material.

If you want to purchase one, you will first need to know which one will perform the best for your kind of hair.

Picking a curling iron that is going to work gently with your hair while effectively creating the waves on it will also ensure that your hair is kept healthy all the time.

Ceramic surface curling iron will ensure that heat is distributed evenly and it’s also capable of discharging negative ions into the hair and scalp which in turn prevents frizz.

The best thing about ceramic technology is that it helps you avoid the snagging and pulling experience whenever you curl your hair.

Titanium iron, on the other hand, is known for its quick heat-up property so if your hair is coarse which is mostly resistant to heat, you need to consider a curling iron that has this material on the surface.

Lastly, tourmaline iron is able to emit more negative ions compared to the other technologies described above.

That’s the reason why it stands out among the rest and it gives your hair shiny and smooth looks every time.

We recommend that you use curling irons that have ceramic and tourmaline technology, especially if your hair is one that is damaged or if you want to keep your hair healthy at all times.

2. The Size of the Iron

First and foremost, you will need to get familiar with the different sizes of curling irons that are available in the market at present.

Each of these sizes delivers different results depending on what you want to achieve. Picking the wrong size will produce results but it will not be the one that you’re looking for.

That’s the reason why it is important to pick the right size of a curling iron, the one that you really need to produce the perfect waves on your hair.

Available sizes range from 3/8 (the smallest) to 2 sized curling iron (the largest).

You’ll need to pick the one that truly serves best for your hair’s length as well as the looks that you’re wanting to achieve. The most commonly used iron is the 1-inch size as well as the 3/8 and 5/8 size.

If you want to achieve larger curls that are loose especially if you have long hair, you should go and try the 1.25 or 1.50 and above size curling irons. 2-inch size curling irons are designed to make those perfect round shape curls at the end of the hair.

3. Heat Setting

Always choose a curling iron that features a variable temperature setting.

This allows adjusting the heat that it releases to match your type of hair. Thick hair will need high-temperature settings while thin hair can be damaged when exposed to such high temperatures. 

If your hair is thin and fragile, you will need to ensure that that the curling iron which you’re going to purchase actually has an adjustment for its temperature so you can easily put it to the setting that is best for your hair.

To achieve the best results without having to deal with any type of damage.

A curling iron that features different heat setting is going to work the best for different hair types.

A heat level of 150 degrees is best for those who have fragile, thin, and damaged hair while 170 degrees will be great for straight and fine hair.

The 200 degrees heat level, on the other hand, works great for hair that is of the medium texture while 240 degrees and above is going to style the otherwise styling resistant thick hair.


Curling your hair using the right curling iron can sometimes be confusing and oftentimes, it is challenging especially for newbies.

But it is my hope that after reading this guide, you will now be able to choose the right curling iron which will serve your hairstyling needs.

It doesn’t take an expert to master the tricks we’ve shared above, with enough confidence and courage to do it by yourself, you will surely be able to master the art of curling in not time.

Take time to weigh in your decision, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each of the products that we’ve shared above and finally make your decision.

Have your tried curling your hair before?

How did it feel?

Were you able to do it right?

What brand of curling iron are you using now?

Please feel free to share your hair curling and styling experiences and as well as your product recommendations by joining the discussion in the comments section below.

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