Best Heated Pants of 2021 to Keep You Warm Even in the Coldest Conditions

Best Heated Pants of 2021 to Keep You Warm Even in the Coldest Conditions

Firstgear Heated Pants

Firstgear Heated Pants

Mobile Warming Heated Pants

Mobile Warming Heated Pants

Tour Master Heated Pants

Tour Master Heated Pants

The cold season isn’t a friend to anyone and this is why we think investing in the Best Heated pants on the Market will keep you warm.

When the weather gets to the extreme levels, it brings a lot of danger and even exposes one to a variety of risky medical conditions and we want to keep you safe from them.

Technology makes things a lot easier especially with the invention of what is called ‘heated apparels’.

Such clothing is integrated with the needed features to make it perfect for the bitter cold of winter.

To help you find the best ones in the market, we’ve decided to create this article to serve as your guide.

Here’s the Best Heated Pants of 2021:

We’ve done research of the top 5 best-heated pants out there that can help you survive extreme winter temperatures and these are thing ones we’ve found to perform the best.

1. Firstgear

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This awesome piece of apparel is designed to give your body the much-needed heat when you’re out in the bitter cold of winter.

It perfectly fits your body without causing any restriction in your movement.

It’s a comfortable pair of pants to wear for any kind of weather because of its neutral temperature properties.

It’s a valuable piece of garment especially for riders who are going to hit the road on a cold day.

But there have been concerns revolving around its effectiveness.

Some users complained about how the pants failing in providing its promise of giving protection against cold towards the end of the leg.

The flex panels and integrated wire connections for the socks together with its temperature neutral properties make it appealing to most in some sense.

A dual-zone heating system is also available with liner set to tune to 110 watts on 12.8 volts.

Though it works well for certain weather conditions, the FirstGear heated pants isn’t a piece that would work well in cases of extremely low temperature.

It will also be appreciated if the manufacturer would find a way of fixing the issues that are related to its functionality so the price would be justified.

It needs more functionalities and features for its price.


  • Flex panels which give the user the freedom to move.
  • Socks can be connected with integrated connections
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Heat settings can be adjusted


  • Does not have enough features to justify its price

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2. Mobile Warming

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Next, another pair of pants that are heated to keep your lower body warm during the frosty temperatures of winter.

It is able to do so through the heating panels that it has which all work excellently doing their supposed job.

It’s a comfortable piece of apparel that is designed to be fine on the skin because of the combination of polyester and spandex material that is blended together for comfort and style.

The pair has an issue though with customers saying that it is too small or maybe it’s too fit for them.

It’s more of a subjective issue though and not one that is general. There are also complaints that the pants are not as effective as it should be.

Aside from its heating panels that are ultra-fine, the pants are also equipped with a rechargeable battery that is 12V 5.2AH Li-ion battery.

Another advantage that it has is its tri-zone heating elements that work by heating the thighs and as well as the lower back.

This heated pants offer great value for money.

It is also an affordable option but we wish it has more features such as a USB port for charging so it can be perfect heated pants that we surely would root for.


  • Equipped with a Tri-zone heating element
  • Spandex and Polyester materials improve its overall breathability
  • Power buttons are available with four different settings


  • None as of writing this review

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3. Tour Master

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If you’re a biker or a motorcyclist, you will surely love the TourMaster Synergy 2.0 pants.

It appears to have been designed for use by bikers. It is powered by a 12V electrical system which is common on motorcycles.

The pants also feature a stretchable cloth material so riding a bike would be a lot easier. 

It is an attractive apparel that most users wish that it could have been rechargeable using AC power and not by having it connected to the electric system of a vehicle.

Synergy 2.0 is an upgraded version of an earlier version of the pants. The heating elements are made of flexible stainless steel fibers making it warm quickly.

There’s also a single and dual thermostat which is equipped with 5 different settings for heating.

There’s no doubt that the TourMaster Synergy 2.0 pants and its electric pant liner really keeps the user warm but there is a need to work out even more features in version 3.0 including a means for charging the gear via AC power source.


  • Easy controls for heating
  • Lightweight, stretchable, and convenient
  • 5 different heat settings available
  • Heating elements are made of flexible steel fiber


  • Only works when wired into a vehicle’s electrical system

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4. Venture Heat

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This pants from VentureHeat features a heated base layer and is another winter clothing to try when especially if you are residing or traveling to a frigid zone.

It is made from a combination of Polyester and Spandex making the pants more breathable and cozy.

It’s great for keeping your knees and lower back warm during the bitter cold of winter.

The pants have a good number of positive reviews but there are others who are not satisfied with the heating that it provides.

The complaints circle around the battery running out of power too easily and how the pants are not capable of providing enough heat to the region that it protects.

And talking about the features that it has, it is equipped with a tri-zone heating element system, a rechargeable 12V Li-ion battery, and three heat settings and these three work together in providing warmth to the knees and the lower back.

The base layer at the bottom works well for some users but it’s still far from becoming a perfect layer of protection against cold. There is, therefore, a need for the VentureHeat pants to have an improved version. Something that will correct the current flaws that are present in it.


  • Cozy and comfortable to wear
  • Equipped with Tri-zone heating elements
  • Features 3 heat settings adjustment


  • Quite pricey for the features that it has
  • Battery drains quickly
  • The battery makes the pants look bulky
  • Poor quality

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5. Gyde

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We have saved this pants for last but it does not mean that it is the worst one in this list.

In fact, the Gyde heated pants have a heating liner that is loaded with elements and features that are sure to keep you warm. One unique feature that it has is the Gerbing Core Heat 12 thermovelocity heating system.

It is powered with 12 volts electrical system that can be wired to a motorcycle. It can also be plugged to a car, ATV or any other vehicle that has a 12-volt electrical system.

There is much to anticipate in this pants especially the fact that it has an integrated Gerbing Microwire Technology allowing it to provide the much-needed heat quickly (in split seconds) after it is activated. Moreover, it also has connections for insoles and socks.

Gyde employs a heating technology that makes it a heated pant that is worthy of your attention.

It is attractive and functional making it a great choice for those who want to be protected from cold on the cold of winter. 


  • Features the Gerbing Microwire technology for better distribution of heat
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • Contains 4 heat zones for the leg and hip
  • Wind resistant and water-repellant


  • It cannot be powered via AC power sources

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Buyers Guide for Heated Pants

Now that you have an idea of the top 5 heated pants available in the market at present, it is time to learn some points to remember before purchasing one.

First, you’ll need to know what functions it is that you need.

Are you going to wear it when you ride on your bike or is it something that you’d want to wear for a casual occasion?

These pants are designed to provide warmth and comfort to your legs but they look different from one another.

So be sure to choose the one that best serves the purpose and function that you want to use the pants for.

Next, you need to be familiar with the features that the pants have. Most of these pants have heating systems and are powered by a 12V battery or power source.

Others have connections for the socks and insoles of the shoes and others don’t. Also, be sure that you are getting the right size of the pants and it must be fit for your gender.

There are heated pants that are stretchable and others are not. Getting one that really fits is important to ensure that the heat which it produces is not wasted and just escapes outside your body. 

Finally, it all boils down to your budget. Price does not always mean that it is of high quality or it has all the features that you’re looking for.

Do your homework and research about the best one according to the users who already tried it.

The last thing you want to do is purchase an expensive pair and not get the value of what you paid for.

Once you make a decision, the heated pants will keep you warm time and time again in even the coldest conditions.

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