Magis Chair One Replica – Best & Cheapest Online

Magis Chair One Replica – Best & Cheapest Online


Luke Modern Aluminium Dining Chair


Design Guild Maddox Transparent Clear Chair


Magis Design Raviolo White

From the completely ordinary chairs to the more unique ones that are designed to take the centerpiece in your home or office, we’ve already talked about many of them in the past guides that I wrote but as I have said in one of my previous articles, there’s really an endless list of chairs that are just waiting to be discovered.

And if your home has a modern concept where lines and smooth curves dominate the overall design, you’ll need some furniture that will compliment every detail and create a cohesive environment that creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

We all want our living spaces to look and feel their best and in order to achieve this, choosing the right accessories and furnishings is important.

So in this guide, we’re going to discuss a chair that really fits modern architecture and design.

The one that’s called the Magis Chair, a masterpiece that has some of the design aspects which perfectly compliments modernism and constructivism because of the intersecting lines that form triangles creating the seat and the backrest sections.

It’s one of my favorite chairs because of its futuristic design and in this guide, I am going to give the top 5 brands that look and work just like the authentic one but does not cost that much so if you’re looking for a Magis Chair to add to your home or office, you’ll need to read through this guide towards the end.

Origin of the Magis Chair

Magis Chair Herman Miller


The term Magis chair actually refers to the chairs that have been designed and produced by or for Magis.

The company has worked with many designers through the years including Jasper Morrison, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Konstantin Grcic, Stefano Giovannoni, Marc Newson, Naoto Fukasawa, Ron Arad, Marcel Wanders, Zaha Hadid, Philippe Starck, and Thomas Heatherwick.

With the help of these designers, they were able to create a wide collection of furniture and home furnishing that each have their own unique story to tell.

The chairs that Magis manufacture are best for both collective spaces and domestic settings.

The company is based in Italy and its customers are located around the world with 85% of their production going to offshore purchases.

All of the products that the company has are 100% “Made in Italy” and guarantees the best quality.

The strict tradition of great craftsmanship can be traced from the company’s cultural roots which have stood the test of time including the most challenging times of industrial growth and evolving designs of the eighties and nineties.

This composes the company’s most valuable assets which others fail to improve in.

The chairs that we’re going to talk about in this guide come from different collections by Magis and they basically feature geometrical volumes that are covered by leather and have painted flat bars or slender rods as serving as its frame.

Others have ergonomic curves but look unique from the chairs that you already know.

If it’s the geometric flavor and simple yet cohesive designs that you’re looking for then you really should go over each of the top 5 Magis Chair reproductions that I have included in the list below:

Top 5 Magis Chair Reproductions on The Market

Now that we’re done knowing more about the Magis chair, it is time to start exploring some of the best reproductions that are currently available on the market so, if you’re looking to purchase something to grace your modern style home, then you surely will find something from the list below:

1. Luke Modern Aluminium Dining Chair

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This white chair is going to be perfect for your modern kitchen and it’s all thanks to the geometric patterns that its seat and backrest have.

Putting all the shapes together creates a cohesive and modernistic design that is not found in other 20th century chairs.

You can trust the Luke Modern Chair’s durability because it is made from tough aluminum material which is guaranteed strong and it can carry most weights because of the proper angles which work together to support the one sitting on it.

Each leg has anti-slip rubber so the chair remains stable no matter what the floor condition is. It also protects the floor from dents, scratches, and other types of damage.

Key Features:

  • Dimension: 55.5 cm x 58.5 cm x 81.5 cm (W x D x H)
  • Durable aluminium material that is cast to its modern geometric pattern design
  • Ergonomic form and shape so it can offer great support for the buttocks, upper back, and lower back
  • Perfect for your dining room, study area, living room, lounge, waiting area, coffee area etc.
  • Designed for both home and office use with durability that can carry most weights
  • Stable angled legs with anti-slip rubber on each end to protect the floor from damage
  • Lightweight yet durable, bring the chair anywhere within your home or office without getting tired of carrying it

If you’re looking for a chair that can serve as an upgrade from your plastic ones in the kitchen or dining area then the Luke Modern Aluminium Dining Chair is going to be a perfect pick.

It is light but sturdy and has the geometric angles and shapes formed by the cast aluminum that makes up the seat and backrest.

And the best thing about it is its price which is perfect if you’re looking for a great-looking chair but your budget is a bit tight.

2. Design Guild Maddox Transparent Clear Chair

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Another chair that is inspired by the designs from Magis but is given a magical (somewhat fairy tale) touch is the Design Guild Maddox Transparent Clear Chair.

Yes! You’ve read it right, it is a transparent chair but don’t worry because it is not as fragile as glass.

In fact, it is as durable as all the plastic chairs that you’ve had in the past because it is made from polycarbonate.

The transparent appearance of the chair makes it perfect for those who need something that will match their “glassy” concept kitchen.

And just like the first chair that I have listed above, it also borrows the geometric patterns that is a characteristic of the designs from Magis.

It’s a balance of classic “fairy tale” looks and modern design perfect for a matching concept in your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 20.1 inches x 19.3 inches x 30.7 inches (W x D x H)
  • Item Weight: 12 pounds
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Modern geometric patterns and shapes on the backseat
  • Glassy looks all over with its transparent but durable material. The chair can actually carry most weights
  • Each leg is ended with a rubber floor protectors that make it stable even when the floor is slippery
  • Easy cleaning using a damp cloth – the maintenance that this chair requires is very minimal
  • Perfect for classic and glassy concept kitchen or living room
  • Beautiful chair to place in a fairy tale concept bedroom

With its beautiful transparent looks but durable overall build, this chair becomes a perfect furniture for those who are tired of the opaque plastic or metal material chairs that looks almost identical to one another.

I personally love that it looks like glass but performs like any other sturdy material that’s used in creating chairs.

If you’re looking for a unique chair that shouts elegance from every angle then this one is going to be a perfect choice!

3. Magis Design Raviolo White


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Get out from the old and in with the new design chairs that are the best in terms of uniqueness and overall functionality.

If you’re looking for a chair that isn’t like any of the usual chairs that you already have at home then the Magis Design Raviolo Chair is going to be a perfect pick.

It’s a lounge chair that can be used as a centerpiece in your family room, living area, or you can also place it in your bedroom.

It’s an armchair that’s been designed by Ron Arad and features a continuous shape that forms the backrest and seat to create an unusual but functional shape where you can relax and lounge on during your free time.

It provides a very comfortable space for reading, enjoying a coffee, or while watching your favorite TV show.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 27.4 inches x 22.2 inches x 30.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 57.3 pounds
  • Unique form and overall shape that is perfect for houses that feature unconventional architecture and design
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use because of its weatherproof design and material
  • Made of high-quality Polyethylene material that is durable so the chair can last longer than your usual outdoor chairs
  • Perfect for lounge areas, pool areas, patio, living room, bedroom, and almost anywhere place in your home
  • Also available in other color variants to match your stying and design needs

The Magis Design Raviolo chair is truly a masterpiece that isn’t like any of the chairs that you have already owned in the past.

It’s a large size chair though so be sure that the place where you want to place it has enough space to accommodate it.

It’s a perfect chair for your lounge area, living room, family room, pool area, and any other place where you need a chair to relax while doing your thing.

4. Whiteline Contemporary Modern Magi Chair

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Chrome finish square side frames that’s connected to an angled base for the seat and backrest, that’s what the Whiteline Contemporary Modern Magi Chair is all about.

It’s given a generous cushion too in order to ensure comfort and relaxation which other chairs can’t provide.

It is perfect for those who are looking for a chair that’s soft and perfectly angled for relaxation and even short naps.

Place it in your living room, family room, or even your study area and voila!

You will have a chair that’s designed to accommodate your weary legs and back after a long day’s work.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions: 28 inches x 32 inches x 31 inches (W x D x H)
  • Product Weight: 44 pounds
  • The chair needs to be assembled but there are easy-to-follow instructions that are provided so assembly becomes a breeze
  • Durable leather material that can stand pressure and repeated use
  • High-quality foam cushion which gets back to its original shape to ensure long term comfort and ergonomic support
  • Angled seat and backrest design to provide relaxation and rest for your weary body especially after a long day’s work
  • Perfect for living rooms, lounge areas, family rooms, multimedia rooms and even in your bedroom

With its great ergonomic shape and angled seat and backrest design, this chair is truly one that can provide comfort and relaxation whenever you need it.

It is available in other color variants so you can pick one that matches the concept and theme that you have at home.

If you’re looking for a large size Magis chair that can serve as a centerpiece in certain areas of your home then this one is going to be perfect!

5. Magis Desi gn 360-Degrees Chair

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A simple chair that resembles the office chairs which you already have but it’s like the mini version of those large ones.

This Magis Design Swivel chair is something that’s made for those who love to stay unique and preserve a peculiar theme in their homes.

It mimics the original design by Konstantin Grcic and has 5 wheels on its base that makes it easy to move around when you need to.

Its height is adjustable from 21.16 inches to 30.71 inches using a gas piston system that is made to withstand most weights.

The Magis 360-Degree swivel chair is made for indoor use and works great for your office, study, and reading area.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 24.8 inches x 24.8 inches x 30.7 inches
  • Weight: 28.7 pounds
  • Made of durable steel with high-quality wheels at the base
  • Designed to be used indoors and is strong enough to carry most weights
  • Unconventional design that is perfect for those who want to place a chair that looks unique in a particular section in their homes

The unique design of this chair makes it perfect for those who are looking for a piece of furniture to grace their study room, reading area, or office at home.

It’s built using the highest-quality materials and formed to provide comfort while preserving functionality and overall performance.

It’s the perfect chair for those who want to incorporate a uniqueness into the overall design in their home.

Unique Chairs At Affordable Prices

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to get the awesome designer chairs that you’ve been coveting all these years.

There are actually some reproductions and replicas like some of which I have listed above which performs almost the same as the authentic ones but costs just a fraction of the original’s price.

You just need to invest time looking for them over the Internet which I already did for you in this guide and voila! Your dream chair will be delivered right at your doorstep!

Which Magis chair is your favorite? Have you found it on the list?

Feel free to ask questions from us by posting them in the comments section below.

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