Game Of Thrones Chair Replicas – Here Are The Best Ones!

Game Of Thrones Chair Replicas – Here Are The Best Ones!


Secretlab Titan Lannister House Game of Thrones Chair


Secretlab Titan Targaryen Game of Thrones Chair


Secretlab Titan Stark House Game Of Thrones Chair

Not all of us want a completely ordinary life.

While some are contented settling down with the usual things that make them blend in with everyone else in the group, there are others who love being unique and try new things that will help set them apart from the crowd.

And one of the driving force that causes people to deviate from the norm is “fandom”.

Some intentionally do so while others simply fall in love with their favorite character in a particular movie, TV show, and others.

One of the hot trends in the 21st century is the TV series called “Game of Thrones” and through the years, it has gathered a significant amount of fans and followers.

It’s not just the characters that are able to captivate the people’s interest but also the stuff that they use in certain chapters.

One of them is the Game of Thrones chair or the iron chair which, because of its popularity, has now become an item of interest to most fans.

And in this guide, we are going to explore the best available reproductions and replicas on the market so if you’re a fan of the TV show itself who fell in love with the throne, then you might want to read through this article towards the end.

But before giving you the top 3 game of thrones, let me first tell you a little bit about its history.

History of the Game of Thrones Chair

Game of Thrones Chair

In the story, it is said that the iron throne was forged by the breath of the greatest dragon and the swords of those who were vanquished melted together as if they were candles.

The throne is where the King of the Andals, the First Men, and the Rhoynar sat.

Aside from the Monarchs, only their Hand could actually sit on the Iron Throne and the metonym has also been used to refer to the monarchy that is ruling the Seven Kingdoms and the authority that the monarchy had over the domain.

After the Battle of the King’s Landing, the throne was destroyed by Drogon and what used to be the hereditary monarchy has suddenly been transformed into one that is elective.

It is now the Ladies and Lords of Westeros who had the power to elect the new ruler through a Great Council.

The very first elected monarch is King Bran the Broken who only ruled six of the Seven Kingdoms since the North has been given its independence.

Since HBO’s adaptation of the Game of Thrones series which premiered in 2011, the Iron Throne or Game of Thrones chair has had its now popular design which is actually conceived by the production designer Gemma Jackson.

It was then brought to life by prop maker Gavin Jones who is the one who constructed the masterpiece.

The popularity of the show has turned its version of the Iron throne an icon and it is now being used in promotions, merchandising, and has even been parodied in other TV shows and magazines.

Because of the name of the show, many chair manufacturers have incorporated the insignias and other marks/logos coming from the show into different merchandises including gaming chairs.

Now that we know a bit of its history, it’s time to start exploring the top 3 game of thrones chairs that are available on the market.

Top 3 Game of Thrones Chairs on the Market:

Game of Thrones Chair

There are lots of different types of merchandise that bears the Game of Thrones logos, insignias, and concepts at present.

From key chains, mugs, tumblers, mouse pads, and many other items that are aimed toward gamers but, there is one very important thing that most gamers really wish they have and it is the most coveted gaming chair!

There’s not a lot of this in the market and I know that you want to find the best ones in terms of performance and price. So here are the top 3 game of thrones chairs that you can find in the market.

1. Secretlab Titan Lannister House Game of Thrones Chair

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There’s nothing that feels more satisfying than winning a game while seated on a chair that provides comfort and makes your back feel relaxed.

Most Secretlab gaming chairs are capable of doing this but if you’re looking for something that is etched with your favorite Game of Thrones family insignia then this one is going to be a perfect choice.

The upholstery is primarily ruled by a velvet red color which has some elegant black accent along the curved edges of the seat and the backrest.

The rest of the chair is either matte or glossy black which makes it a perfect stage for the insignia that is located on the center portion of the backseat and some patterns along the edge of and the Secretlab logo on the headrest section.

No matter where you are from, this chair shouts awesome from every angle!

Key Features:

  • Secretlab Prime 2.0 PU Leather upholstery material which means that it is 4 times more durable than the regular PU leather that others use. It ensures that the chair remains intact no matter how intense your games get.
  • New and improved upholstery is able to exceed the industry standard for both abrasion resistance and flexing. All of these while retaining its signature plush feel to the skin which its predecessor had – a feature which made the material very popular
  • Equipped with an adjustable lumbar support system which is one of the features that customers love about Titan. The support is embedded into the backrest of the chair and can be adjusted to suit your preference using a turning knob that is located at the side of the backrest. This allows support for the back without the need of a separate cushion system
  • The full length of the backrest can be reclined so you can enjoy ergonomic support but it’s not the only function that the backrest has. In case you feel tired while playing at the desk, you’re free o recline the backrest all the way towards the back which is very much perfect if you want to take a nap or watching some videos while resting in a comfortable position
  • Durable aluminum base which is built to provide a perfect balance for the chair. The base is made of high-quality aluminum which is equipped with wheels to provide stability and overall strength
  • It uses a special aluminum mix that makes the material very strong and immune to damage due to corrosion and even rust. It is reinforced with gussets and ribs so that the strength is amplified without adding more weight
  • Features Class 4 Hydraulics with pistons that are consistent, safe, and stable. It’s the best in the market and works to help the user adjust the chair’s height to the level which brings comfort while playing and relaxing. It also helps ensure that your feet are planted on the floor ensuring that enough blood is flowing towards your lower extremities

Titan is actually the larger cousin of the Secretlab Omega and is known for its ample space along with numerous customization and design which is taken to the highest level of looks and functionality.

It offers great comfort, support, personalization and reliability in one and the new 2020 series is equipped with even more improvements that are sure to exceed your expectations.

It’s the perfect chair for those who are looking for uncompromising gaming and relaxation experience even for extended periods.

It’s one of the elite and award-winning chairs which definitely meets the gold standard that you have!

2. Secretlab Titan Targaryen Game of Thrones Chair

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This second chair is still from the same manufacturer but its overall color and design are definitely different from the first one above at least in terms of the color and insignia that’s been used on its backrest.

It’s got the same quality and durability that other Secretlab chairs are known for but for added appeal, it’s also got some added features that are meant to make gaming a fulfilling and relaxing experience.

The upholstery is primarily black in color all over with both matte and glossy parts which creates a sleek and elegant look that is ready to captivate every gamer’s imagination.

But that’s not just what you will find in the aesthetics and design of this chair because its backrest is printed with the Targaryen House insignia which is perfect if you’re rooting for this family in the Game of Thrones show itself.

  • The backrest features a lumbar support system that is adjustable so users can get the chair working according to their preferred position. The support is embedded into the backrest and is capable of being adjusted in just a simple turn of a knob that is on the chair’s side portion. This allows the chair to offer a good support system without the need for any additional cushioning. This along with other awesome features are what users love about the Titan
  • The upholstery is primarily made of Secretlab’s Prime 2.0 PU Leather which is known to be 4 times more durable than the normal leather that is used in other chairs. This makes the Titan intact no matter how intense the action gets during every game that you play
  • This improved upholstery material exceeds the industry’s standard for flexing and resistance against abrasion. Prime 2.0 Leather also has an improved plush feel which is a feature that customers really love about the material. It’s also the reason why Titan chairs by Secretlab are very popular
  • The backrest’s entire length is capable of being reclined to provide ergonomic support for whatever activity it is that you want to do while sitting on the chair. But the long list of features is far from done at this point because the backrest can also be reclined so you can relax your back while watching some videos or taking a rest from a long day’s gaming or work
  • The aluminum base that the chair has is durable and can handle any weight that the user might have. It has wheels so you can move around without having to stand up from your totally relaxing chair
  • Utilizes a special mix of aluminum which makes the material sturdy and immune to rust and corrosion. Each section is reinforced by ribs and gussets to amplify its strength without adding too much weight
  • The adjustable height that this chair has is powered by the Class 4 Hydraulics which has some durable pistons making it stable, safe, and consistent. It’s actually the best one in the market and is guaranteed to assist users in the smooth adjustment of the chair’s height so it can be perfect for both gaming and relaxation. It also ensures that the user’s feet are planted on the solid ground allowing better flow of blood towards to feet

If it’s a black Game of Thrones-inspired gaming chair that you’re on the lookout for then the Secretlab Titan Targaryen Game of Thrones Chair is going to be a perfect choice.

It’s an awesome combination of elegance, sophistication, quality, durability, and overall functionality which isn’t found in other gaming chair brands.

The simple looks that it has also make it blend well with the modern theme that you have in your gaming room or study area.

You’ll also love the technology that is employed in each chair which is all meant to make gaming and relaxation a more meaningful experience.

3. Secretlab Titan Stark House Game Of Thrones Chair

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Finally, we come to the third and last Game of Thrones-inspired chair on this list which is also made by the same manufacturer, Secretlab.

It’s the Stark House gaming chair that has the same technology and adjustable lumbar support system which the above-listed chairs have but looks totally different from those first two.

It’s got an awesome contrasting color of black and white Secretlab PRIME 2.0 leather that’s ready to impress not just with its looks but also with its overall performance.

  • Uses high-quality leather upholstery material called Secretlab PRIME 2.0. It’s a PU leather that’s 4 times more durable than the normal ones that you’ll find being used in normal chairs
  • Features an upholstery that greatly exceeds the standards of the industry making it abrasion and flexing-resistant while preserving the soft plush feel which it is primarily known for
  • The backrest is equipped with an integrated lumbar support system which can actually be adjusted using a knob that is located at the side of the backrest. This helps the user relax and feel comfortable while playing games even for extended periods
  • The backrest system also allows the chair to recline so users can stretch their backs while enjoying their favorite videos or doing some online gaming
  • The sturdy aluminum base that is made from a special mix of aluminum is immune to corrosion and rust. The legs are also supported by gussets and ribs for added durability without bringing in more weight. Every leg also has wheels so moving while seated on the chair will be a lot easier
  • The adjustable height mechanism is powered using Class 4 hydraulics making it consistent, stable, and safe. Users can adjust the chair according to their height which is why it has become a favorite. 

The combination of durability, awesome design and the Game of Thrones insignia that is on the backrest itself makes this chair really special but if that’s not yet enough for you then you can try each one of its features so you can start seeing the difference.

This is the perfect Game of Thrones chair for those who really love the show and also because of its contrasting color.

Play In Comfort and Style With These Awesome Chairs

Online Gaming may sound like an easy activity but the truth is, it’s something that’s challenging especially if you don’t find the perfect chair that really delivers.

But now that you learned about these three awesome Game of Thrones chairs, you better need to start saving so you can get one which you can enjoy for many years and many victories to come.

Do you own a gaming chair now?

What theme does it have and which brand did you end up getting?

What can you say about its performance?

If you have any experience using such a chair before then please feel free to share it with us by posting it in the comments section below.

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